Clear The Air With Rosemary!



Rosemary is purifying and energizing.  It is an herb that is not just fabulous to cook with, it also is thought to create a sense of protection in your home.  The scent of rosemary is uplifting and can even improve your memory.  The folklore of rosemary is will protect you against demon spirits and will energetically purify the air.  It has been burned in Europe to clean the air (even in hospitals!), and even used as incense.  While I don’t recommend burning rosemary unless you are skilled with it (I am wary of setting anything on fire indoors!) a rosemary wreath is a gorgeous, symbolic “purity” wring that smells fantastic, even dried. I found this awesome rosemary wreath DIY on Alabama Chernin’s blog– its fabulous and easy to do!  At the very least, consider a few bushes of rosemary on your patio or in your landscaping.  Feng shui gardening at its best!  xoxo Dana

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