Sensory Stress Relief!


Stress.  Its this insidious beast that we will all do anything to avoid, yet we all dance with daily.  When you are stressed, its easy to reach for a cocktail or a , for some, a sleeping pill at night… But you aren’t dealing with the problem, you are just creating new ones.

There are lots of ways to manage stress: exercise, a balanced diet, mindful meditation and enough sleep being top on that list.  The problem? We are often TOO STRESSED to do any of those things!

Here are a few sensory ways to stop the vicious stress cycle and reinforce a sense of calm.  Hopefully with these cues in your environment, you will find that exercise, a balanced diet,  mindful meditation and enough sleep are more possible.


(Christian Marclay)

1. Music- Did you know that there is music that is thought to balance your brain & boost seratonin levels? THIS is an interesting collection of music for different mind-body needs.

2. Ground- Go outside and sit on the ground somewhere, preferably on a lawn or a beach.  If you can”t actually go barefoot, try just getting more time around trees as you try to exercise more!


3. Blue- The color blue in any form…art, a wall, curtains…calming, cooling and self-reflective.  Blue is a good sensory cue for calm confidence.


4. Natural Calm- this magnesium powder drink is a must for my tea and will alleviate cramps, muscle aches and PMS as well as insomnia.  Go slow if you try it– it can upset your stomach if you take too much at once…but its amazing!

5. Flower Remedies- For me, flower remedies are the BEST! They aren’t flowers, they are the energetic essence of flowers.  They are powerful.  They are harmless, even to babies. You can find the best flower remedy mixes I’ve ever found from Alexis Smart for all types of stress right HERE.


6. Sandalwood Essential Oil-  Some sandalwood oil in a bath, on your wrists, mixed in your body lotion…all divine! Calming, grounding and warm, sandalwood is an ideal stress-defense bit of aromatherapy.


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