How Open-Hearted Are You?


(Kathy Klein flower mandalas)

Running down the center of your body, from above the top of your head through to the bottom of your tailbone- are 7 main “energy centers” that correlate with your emotional, physicalk and even material wellness.  I recently stumbled upon some writing about these energy centers – otherwise known as chakras-  that made me realize- much to my surprise- that opening my hear was my first priority right now!  What I read were a list of physical symptoms of a “heart charkra” blockage and, given the fact that I lost a family member to a heart problem a bit over a year ago, my eyes grew wide and I kept digging and asking questions.  How do you know if your heart might not be “open” enough energetically? And… what do you do about it?!

damala_03Let’s start with the seemingly simple notion that any area of your body’s energy can either be balanced or can be over or under-active.  If you heart is under-active (closed) you are thought to be hard to connect to, a bit isolated and find it hard to connect to others emotionally.  Over-active heart energy describes the love addict, the co-dependent and the wildly dramatic emotional maelstrom of toxic love.

If your heart energy (located in the center of your chest) is out of whack you might have problems with allergies (set off my alarm bells!), frequent colds, high blood pressure or lung issues.  My allergies have never, ever been as bad as after me heart was broken.  In fact, I never had allergies before that.  (the “ah-ah! moments” kept rolling!!!)

Also, a clear sign that your heart energy is out of whack is the state of your relationships.  Either people are a burden and a nuisance to be avoided or, on the flip side,  relationships can consume you in a vitriolic and unhealthy way.  Both imbalances run counter to our survival and ability to thrive.

So… how do you fix a “closed” heart?  I collected a spectrum of ideas that are all sorts of fun.


1. Surround yourself with more emerald green (its the color of the year 2013!!!) or wear more green.


2. Wear emeralds or other green gemstones like green kyanite. 

3.  Burn rose incense or use rose or chamomile essential oils both on the center of your chest and on the soles of your feet at night.


4. Start keeping a journal!

5. Do some yoga poses that open up your heart chakra like back bends and bridge pose…or just do yoga in general to get all your energy balanced and flowing! 



6.  Green smoothies- emphasis on “green”- are balancing to your heart energy and full body!

7. Forgiving people (!) is another way to really launch into real life “making things right” with your heart!


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