Everything Looks Better In Gold Leaf!

(A Beautiful Mess)

If my whole world were blanked in gold, I would not complain, not once!  Gold is forever rich and mesmerizing, filled with radiance.  Some believe gold is resonant with our highest form of personal energy, a sort of metaphysical blanket of love and truth.  Gold can help you to focus, as it refines your sensibilities per its feng shui definition.  Plus: gold is gorgeous.

Here are some gold leafing projects that I have fallen in love with like the honey bear vase  above  from the always great blog A Beautiful Mess… 

Stripes and Sequins reminds me its not too late to decorate with gold holiday pumpkins.

House of Fifty’s DIY gold leaf tray is utter elegance.

Style Me Pretty’s gold leaf coasters look precious.

And, what a radical transformation of an inexpensive frame by Little Green Notebook.

Love!!!  My favorite art supply online in the US is Blick (and I’m not being paid to say that!); they have gold leaf kits aplenty.  Beware that this is not edible gold leaf unless specifically noted, so don’t get crazy ideas of gold-leafing your dinner (you can with edible gold!) until you score some of the food-grade metal.

I have such a fabulous gold leaf project to share… soon!


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