Things Go Grey When We Forget How To Play!

This little ditty from Imeus Design rings so true to me!  Not to be morbid, but when my mom died about a year ago, my sister’s best friend and I had the same “visit” from her, in which she said that everything would happen in my life the way I wanted it to, as long as I didn’t neglect LIVING my life.  It was a bit spookier, because she used very admonishing words and we both (my sister’s friend and I ) had the same dream visit on the same night.  This dream visit from my mother was a game-changer. She knew me well enough to know that I woudn’t neglect such an obvious lack of coincidence as her popping up with the message in both places in one evening. 

After my mother died, I hid in work. Creative, exciting, brilliant work.  But its still work. I needed to have fun as much as I was driven to accomplish things.  It made a world of difference to get this dream-state mandate.  Don’t forget how to have fun ( as in daytime fun, too, not just rowdy-party fun!) and things become more energetic, more alive… and even easier!  xoxo Dana