The Intense Power Of Your Thoughts, Words & Environments!

(Teagan White)

What a gorgeous reminder that we are mainly water and electricity, of all things!, supernaturally mixed together.  Water has immense power to create and destroy.  Water always brings in the start of a new cycle, even if its one that was not desired.

“The life you life and the world you live in are up to you.”

That is the underlying idea in the book  The Hidden Messages in Water.  Having now read extensively  about Masaru Emoto’s frozen water crystal research, I am 100% convinced that human intention can change the world. Since we are biologically made up of over 70% water, our bodies react to intention (both from ourselves and others) in a scientifically proven manner.

(water exposed to various influences and suggestions then frozen!)

Masaru Emoto studied the crystalline structure of various samples of frozen water.  Some water was labeled dirty even though it was pure…and was “spoken at” in a negative manner…ultimately the frozen results were “rough” crystals of ice.  Some water was showered with love and labeled with beautiful affirmation, even if it was dirty pond water in actual fact, and gorgeous crystals would freeze. An incomplete water crystal will form from negative programming, yet sending love and gratitude to the same water crystal will transform it into something beautiful.

Give good words and thoughts to yourself and others and you will be more beautiful, radiant and energized, as will the world.

There are tons of scientists that deem the science behind Masaru Emoto’s work is total garbage.  Of course they do, though, because they lack the capacity or desire to give true love energy to water to replicate his experiments.  Even if the “science” can be disputed, the message is clear… We are mainly water and we are emotionally affected by our thoughts, our words and the intentions of others as well as ourselves.

Read an excerpt HERE or get the book HERE.

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