Thoreau On Happiness!

Happiness.  We all want it, all the time.  Perhaps its the fact that we now have access to so much information and the world moves so fast that we feel like there’s pressure to “chase” happiness so vigilantly.  My grandma never chased happiness, and she was always content while paying close attention and taking pride in her cooking, her embroidery, her card games…and her realtionships. Others chase happiness in pills, drugs, serial dating, hyper-partying, gambling….a fix of exhileration might come, but its followed by lots of time spend chasing that elusive happiness dragon.  I have decided to follow my grandma’s example and just get really focused on taking pride in my day, every day.  You know, paying attention and staying present in life makes things so much more happy on a level I never imagined possible.  Have an amazing day! xoxo Dana

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