Break Your Worry Habit!

worry dolls

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Worry is- by far- the most useless and destructive habit I have encountered in my own life.

How about you?

Have you worried yourself into new problems and all kinds of headaches?

Worry mixes fear and a sense of doom (a negative prophesy) and then, all that thinking in circles fuels the negative imagery with lots of adrenaline and cortisol and more energy-draining stress hormones  that build as you think and think until you might as well be in the horrible situation you fear so deeply in your mind.

The things we worry intensely about usually don’t happen anyway, you know?!

A beautiful ritual to end your worries can be a life-changing wellness-supercharging habit.

Worry sucks, plain and simple.

Worry is so personal, you can’t begin to sort it out in rational ways that are standardized as a one-size-fits-all solution.

worry dolls
What I love: these Guatemalan worry dolls.

According to legend, if you tell your worries to one of these dolls before bed and sleep with it under your pillow, the doll will release you of your worries while you sleep.

Obviously, this was mainly a children’s thing to do, and some health care practitioners still use this treatment to help children deal with illness and other troubles.

What a beautiful story with wonderful life-lightning effects!

This is also an adult thing to do:

Tell your worries to a worry doll, or to your journal, or to a tape recorder, or in a personal blog post, or…anywhere you feel that they are being “recieved” before bed, out of your head.

Recognize that you have the ability to let things go, or even just work them out to get a new perspective that is much less troubling. 

Now, sleep soundly, free of the worry loop,  knowing that tomorrow is a fresh, new day.

I’m buying these dolls for everyone I know!!!  (…and for me, too!)

How do you stop yourself from worrying until you are spun in circles?   Please share all your wisdom.  There are never enough ways to stop worrying!

xoxo Dana

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