Break Your Worry Habit!

Worry is- by far- the most useless and destructive habit I have encountered in my own life.  You might know what I mean. Worry mixes fear and a sense of doom (a negative prophesy) and then fuels it with lots of adrenaline and repetition of thought until you might as well be in the horrible situation you fear so deeply which usually does not happen anyway. What did you gain from all that panic? Nothing, except, perhaps, hives, tension, insomnia, headaches and/or actual illness.  Worry sucks, plain and simple.  

Today I assembled a mass of advice for dealing with worry from excellent therapists, self-help gurus and  healers and pretty much crumbled it in a ball and tossed it in the trash.  Worry is so personal, you can’t begin to sort it out in rational ways that are standardized as a one-size-fits-all solution. 

What I love are these Guatemalan worry dolls.  According to legend, if you tell your worries to one of these dolls before bed and sleep with it under your pillow, the doll will relieve you of your worries while you sleep.  Obviously, this was mainly a children’s thing to do, and some health care practitioners still use this treatment to help children dreal with illness and other troubles.  What a beautiful bit of lore with wonderful effects!

What I am going to suggest is that this is also an adult thing to do: tell your worries to a doll, or to your journal, or to a tape recorder, or in a personal blog post, or…anywhere you feel that they are being “recieved” before bed.  Recognize that you have the ability to let things go, or even just work them out to get a new perspective that is less troublesome.  Now sleep as soundly as you can, knowing that tomorrow is a fresh, new day.

I’m buying these dolls for everyone I know!!!  (and me too!) How do you stop yourself from worrying until you are spun in circles? Please share!!! 


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