Kim Anami & How A Sexless Life Is A Life Half-Lived!

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Ah…Now, if you are not familiar with Kim Anami’s work, not only does she write for Playboy and MindBodyGreen amongst other incredible places, she coaches internationally and leads couples retreats where she helps people unlock the essential medium of sexual energy to teach life transformation.  She is not a “sex teacher”, though she does teach some mechanics.  In my mind she is the most unique and necessary form of energy healer in the world. Not only am I about to explain the picture above, we are going to hear straight from Kim what sex actual IS beyond great pleasure and hopefully an expression of love.  You will really dig this! It can change your life. 

About a month ago sex and intimacy expert and coach Kim Anami came to my pool to have a dinner and chat.  She whipped a small pouch out of her purse and said, ” I have a gift for you Dana.  Here you go!”  I was so excited and bemused that I undid the pouch-strings immediately and out popped a jade egg.  ” Wow Kim, its very cool looking, ” I said, gazing at the egg thinking it must be some gemstone talisman,  “What is it for?” Very clearly and without hesitation she said, “Your vagina. Its a jade weight training egg for your vagina.”

(Helmut Newton)

That was my first moment of personal breakthrough on Kim’s sex philosophy and practice, as she explained to me how the egg worked.  The jade is a stone thought to stimulate fertility.  When you use the egg you focus on deeply breathing and trying to move it deliberately, or you hold it in one place.  When you weight it, you exercise all of those muscles which basically atrophy without exercise.  She has a series of exercises and breathing patterns and techniques to use.  Apparently, when you do this “egg work” you activate your sexual energy and become sexually magnetic.

Sound good?  I thought so, too!

(Helmut Newton)

I sat down with Kim as she prepared for her next salon online and asked her a few more questions that shine a big light on why a sexless life is a life lacking dearly. After all, not all of us can rush out and just have sex with a stranger if we are single, and some of us are having tons of sex but do not feel it is transforming our world.

Me: Married, single, very sexually active, totally in a drout— can all of these people qualify as undersexed?

Kim: Yes! I talk a lot about “gourmet sex” versus “junk food sex”.  You can be having tons of sex and you can still be enormously unfulfilled.  The key is to tap into your sexual energy, harness it and infuse your entire life with that energy.  Our society at large is in a collective disconnect with their sexuality.  We are not using our innate sexual energy as a creative life force; most people don;t have a clue that that is an option.  They could even be having decent sex, but it can actually be life changing.

Me: What do you say to the ladies out there that feel their “ship has sailed” or that they can’t “manifest” the right man, or whatever else our popular culture is telling them when they have not found a life partner yet?

Kim: Internal Feng Shui is what I do! If you have been scarred or hurt by someone in the past you might have developed a habit of thinking that sex and vulnerability is not safe.  When I work with people in this place in their mind, I look at what those beliefs really are and then start to create a higher vibration and higher caliber of what is possible.  We clear out the negative ideas and self-fulfilling prophecies like “All men are assholes.”  That is classic feng shui!

Me: Yes it is!  Now, here’s a question for people who don’t know your work. You teach in intimate online salons as well as one-on-one.  I want to dispel the idea that you are sitting naked on a chair and/or/ doing live demonstrations of sex positions!

Kim:  Ha, ha.  The explicitness of what I do takes place in discussion.  The heart of the discussion of junk food sex versus life-changing sex is vulnerability.  I teach people to be vulnerable, to pull down their walls and to communicate.  It is not all about mechanics, though I do teach some mechanics too, to help people in certain areas.

The key is to find your own natural, innate lover.  Its not about cookie-cutter sex techniques.  I remove what’s blocking you to let out what is dying to come out!

Me: One of the coolest things you have taught me is that sex should not be tiring, but, rather, energizing and inspiring.  Why is that?

Kim: If sex makes you tired, you are doing it wrong.  Either you are conscious or unconscious.  Gourmet sex should nourish your for days.  Sexual energy is life force energy.  If you are not making babies with that energy you can infuse it into your life.  There are simple practices, like the vaginal weightlifting egg amongst others, that open up your energy.  It changes your finances, your health, your art and everything else in life!

Needless to say, every woman should own a jade egg, and every woman should have an experience of learning from Kim Anami.

Here is the introductory PSA she filmed for one of her salons designed to rehabilitate undersexed women (it rocks!):

You can also find her intro video series HERE .  To be personally guided to your own renewed sexual life and all that it brings you in creativity, prosperity and transcendence check out Kim’s latest salon to cure the undersexed among us right HERE.  I am so excited for you to go on a truly powerful journey with Kim & her genius wisdom!  xoxo Dana

Alex February 28, 2015 at 9:25 am

Where can I buy jade egg to practise? And how weigh do the egg?

danaclaudat February 28, 2015 at 4:55 pm

kim anami only distributes them with her courses ( as there is a method to doing it right 🙂

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