Some Feng Shui Reasons Why You Should Not Store Things Under Your Bed!

Readers have been asking feng shui questions about storing things under their beds for quite some time now.  When I work with clients I can specifically pinpoint what is happening with the storage under their beds and how it is affecting them, though I can safely state that in general its a bad idea to use the space under your mattress as “extra storage space”.   I thought I would explain a little about what it means in my feng shui terms to sleep atop your stored stuff, and I will let you make the decision as to what to do! 

 We are electrical and energetic beings.  When a heart is out of rhythm, an electronic pacemaker is used to get it back on track.  When we drag our feet on carpet we can actually shock people with the static electricity what w can conduct.  That said, as energetic beings, we need to have a rejuvenating rest that involves lots of circulation flowing around us as we sleep. If you have your mattress directly on the floor, you miss a sense of total circulation. 

What is worse is if you have your bed raised on a frame and you have other material goods stashed under that bed.  Often, people use this space as seasonal storage.  That means while it is summer you are sleeping atop the winter season, etc, etc.  Storing old items  under your bed is like sleeping on memories.  Storing your music collection or books under bed is like sleeping on that information, always active even in its resting state.

While we might think that we don’t care or won’t really notice, when you clear that space and properly appoint your bed as a space for renewal, the difference is immediately noticeable.  So, you may think things are fine this way….but they can be so much more than “fine”… Plus, think of how un-sexy it is to have your bed rest atop your old clothes, having sex on that foundation?

Have I convinced you yet to clear out the space under your bed?!  xoxo Dana

(image via Apartment Therapy)  


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