Feng Shui To Get Rid Of The Excuses That Are Wrecking Your Life

Excuses are a very good way of ruining your life.  Excuses, along with their evil cousin named Regrets, can pretty much destroy your chances for happiness, peace, success, love, money or health.  If you are a fan of making excuses, please read on.  “It’s just the way it is….” is not valid if you want to survive and thrive.  Here is some feng shui (and a few hard-won tactics) to get out of your own way and start finding solutions instead of excuses.

Commonly from clients I hear a version of this story: ” I can’t do ……….. because of ……”  and “I am too (old, tired, poor, young, stupid, smart, under or overqualified, etc)  to do ……..” and   each and every time I hear it I take a deep breath before I say: “OK, well if that’s what you think, that’s what it is.”  These people either snap into the reality that they are destroying themselves with their attitude and thought patterns or they don’t— its up to them.

Feng Shui To Get Past Your Excuses:

1.  Get rid of all physical obstacles in your home:  The impossible to open doorway, the impossible to find front door, the broken steps to the doorway or other impediments to enter & exit your home.  And purge immense amounts of clutter, if not in the physical environment in terms of paper and furnishing clutter, also clutter electronically and administratively.

2. Make a really extensive list of all of the ways you can solve your problem.  Don’t stop at two or three, keep writing and writing until your list covers pages and pages. Write that list until it is apparent to you that you can get over the hump of your problem and you have many tactics to do that! Circle at least five if not ten that you can do immediately, or plan to do in the coming days.  If some are long term, break them down into steps and work on each step starting now.

3. Get clear on the idea that worst case scenarios are only real if you start preparing for them.  Now, I don’t mean to suggest that you shouldn’t keep an earthquake kit or a first aid box or a savings account for a rainy day. What I am very strongly suggesting is that if you spend half your day in excitement to find a life partner and the other half preparing and daydreaming about your future with ten adopted cats while you sit alone in an apartment watching TV all day and night, you are really not doing all you can to find a mate and if you wind up alone I would not be surprised.

4. Raise your energy.  Physically, eat well.  Exercise to get your body & life moving. Mentally, play some classical music to calm yourself and brighten your thoughts.  Emotionally, stop spewing your negative crap on others and start affirming your good. (more on this below)

5. Affirmations are everything, if you can feel them.  Yep, sometimes you have to fake it till you make it.  If you are truly affirming your good, over and over, and even in a mirror, you will start feeling it.  Other people will feel it.  Things will come easier to you.  “I am (whatever it is you need to be: physically fit, totally healthy, financially solvent, etc, etc)” over and again is not enough.  All the big goal-getters focus on the feeling you have inside along with the affirmation.  When you are in a heavy pattern of damning yourself with your negativity, be ruthless in your affirmations.  Complaining is a luxury you can not afford!

In fact, none of us can afford the luxury of dwelling in the past and damning our future with limitations.  Clear the decks, get the energy moving and get going right now!

If you need extra help, clear your clutter.  The Catalyst Camp happens twice a year to declutter your home and life… and it starts soon! You can sign on HERE to watch the FREE clutter clearing feng shui video series and get started! 

xoxo Dana

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