7 Little Ways To Lead A Much More Feng Shui’d Life!

I call it “New Years Resolution Syndrome”, the feeling you get that you are going to wildly revolutionize every aspect of your life overnight when you decide to become heathier, happier or more successful.  You have a plan for everything- intensive yoga, business prowess, artistic breakthroughs, perfect eating, and then…three or four days in, it implodes.  You decide to start…”later” and “later” never comes…

Overwhelming change is very difficult for anyone to implement.  So, today I thought I’d give you 7 small (but very big) ideas to start living a more balanced life, and you only have to pick one to see a positive change!

1. Take a 30 minute walk, preferably outside, every day.  I know, its so simple.  It can start a revolution in your mindset.  Incidentally, if my puppy Bob doesn’t walk enough, even he gets really moody and cranky.  Living organisms need circulation and motion.  Walking also gives you a visual backdrop to project yourself out into the world and out of your head.

2.  Try some creative visualization exercises before bed or when you first wake up…or any convenient time you can fit them in.  THIS grounding exercise is one of my favorites early in the day; it is really energizing.

3. Get a shower filter.  Even a cheaper shower filter ($20 can get you a basic model, and I use this one often) is a lot better than no shower filter.  Your skin doesn’t need to bathe in chlorine every morning, never mind the other pollutants.  Your skin, hair and even digestive system might thank you for this one!

4. Decide to start deliberately breathing every day.  Deliberate breath, deep breath, mindful breathing— whatever you call it, practice some time breathing every day to really check in with yourself.  You can find some more about breathing well right HERE

5. Even if you aren’t ready to drop all processed food, try starting the day with green smoothies!  A quart of green stuff in the morning will make that bag of Cheetos way less appealing.

6. Supercharge your creativity!  Paint, draw, sing, act, sculpt, film, write, knit… Do it! And if you are really blocked, grab yourself a copy of The Artist’s Way and get started with your process of create unblocking!

7. Start cleaning with vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda and essential oils.  Recipes abound, but I’ve had great success with THESE recipes I have collected on Pinterest

And… let yourself be balanced, which means plenty of time to be imperfect, to sleep in and goof off.  That’s part of it, too!  xoxo Dana

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