Quick Feng Shui Tip Du Jour For Mental Clarity…!

James Turrell

We all need help seeing things clearly sometimes, and feng shui can help a great deal to re-focus on the big picture. It may seem overly simplistic, but washing your windows can alter your life dramatically.  If you are struggling to find clarity, a clean sweep of your windows will freshen the “eyes” of your home and give you a more crisp view of things. 

**Bonus points for mixing up your own cleaner from some vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

 ***Super-bonus points for using a recycled rag or three to clean vs. a ton of paper towels! 

***& If you want to really get super-eco-happy in your home: while your stir up your own window-washing solution, check out this  fabulous site filled with 1001 uses for white vinegar to really clean up your home without pollutants! 

Happy clean, clear thoughts to you! 


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