Trendy Color Blocking Is Super-Cool Feng Shui Energy!

Garrison Hullinger's how-to's for color blocking are fabulous! (these images are from Elle Decor)

I found these color blocked rooms from Elle Decor at Garrison Hullinger's site. Divine!

Color blocking is the uber-trendy solid-color-on-solid-color with geometric edges elegant flashback to the 80’s that is all the rage.  While you may know me and know that  I’m not one to get crazy with trends where your life design is concerned, this little trend brings up a bigger and better way to think about adding energy to your home.  Color blocking, if the colors are not crazy-offensive in their clash and surprise, can be timeless and absolutely elevating.   Here are a few fresh ways to bring nice big blocks of color into your life.  I LOVE THIS….(enough that I am about to reupholster my furniture!)

Glamour featured Tommy Hilfiger, Tracey Reese and Marc by Marc Jacobs in its color block presentation.

In fashion for Spring 2012, color blocking has  high spot on trendspotting lists.  While I already ran through my pink & violet pants phase in the early 2000’s, I am loving the swimsuits and intricately blocked dresses.  Oh, and personally, color blocking shoes with clothes is something I feel can absolutely never go out of style. 

These curtains are well-blocked, and against the table the full color story emerges.

If you are just getting started with the notion of color in general, never mind color blocking big groups of bold color, the image above may be scary.  I include it for the aesthetic of really rich color in a room, and how it takes on an emotional life of its own. 

Now in real life, color blocking succeeds when used upon neutral bases.  This kitchen is a pristine and fabulous example of color blocking at work, as the cabinets add rhythm, energy and totally stunning light to an otherwise simplistic space.

If you are avant garde, you can re-uphloster a favorite chair in pre-color-blocked fabrics, or buy one like the one above, which I think can hold up for decades if placed carefully and well-loved.

Some old furniture can get a second life with a coat or two of spray paint and serve as the fodder for color blocking.

The easy-breezy way to try out color blocking with little risk is to do thrift store makeovers of furniture with spray paint in bright, splashy hues.

Marth Stewart's color blocked shower curtain incorporates the trend with playfulness and elegance.

And if you are more timid in making the big moves, try some colorblocked shower curtains to bring a bathroom to life.  Total success on every level. 

I don’t know about you… but this all makes me very excited!  xoxo Dana

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