Feng Shui Q & A : Why Is It Bad If A Mirror Faces My Bed?

A reader asked the question: ” You have said that mirrors in the bedroom are bad and my bedroom closets are mirrored.  Why is it bad if a mirror faces my bed?”

My answer: 

Mirrors are powerful. Lets start with that fact.  Mirrors double everything they see, they add tremendous amounts of energy to a room and they direct the way that energy and attention flows through a space.

Now, here’s the thing about bedrooms: they are meant  primarily for sleep and rejuvenation. If you start propping mirrors up and hanging them around your bedroom, you run into tricky territories.  A mirror over a bed can repel people from the bed.  A mirror facing the bed can be shocking when you first wake up, it can reflect just pieces of a bed which fragments your bed symbolically, it can create a ton of energy that makes it difficult to sleep, and on and on.  There are theories that mirrors break up your “dream body” in a bedroom.  Some people say they cause headaches.  But primarily and overall they are problematic.  There are exceptions to every rule, but in general… its a tough one!

Hope that helps!!!  xoxo Dana


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