Feng Shui Q & A: Is It Bad To Have A Bookshelf In My “Wealth Corner”?

A reader asked the question: “I am wondering, is it bad to have a bookshelf in my wealth corner in my house?”

My Answer: 

Nothing is right or wrong, as your personal feng shui depends upon you.  But, generally speaking, a bookshelf is not a bad thing for symbolizing and building empowering wealth energy.  Its pretty great actually, in general.


Line up the bottom of this grid with the wall that contains your front entrance door in a room or your home overall.

For those of you who don’t know what the “wealth corner” of a home is, check out THIS POST on how to use the bagua map (above) in your home.  The wealth corner is the far left corner from your main entrance door to a room or to a home overall.  It is the area of the home in feng shui that correlates with your self-empowerment and it is generally positive to keep lots of WOOD & FIRE energy in this area.  Books have elemental WOOD energy.  Their messages often contain lots of catalyzing FIRE ideas.  All very good things!

Watch out for books or other stuff stored on this bookshelf that are dusty, that never move (you want motion in this area on your life!) that have negative messages (i.e., “HOW TO MANIPULATE PEOPLE” books, etc !) and try not to STORE books (i.e., your first semester college books you will never ever open again!) in this area.  One other thing to look out for- a high bookshelf (over three feet) not fastened to a wall.  No matter where you live, a shelf full of books = a hazard if it is tall.  You don;t want INSTABILITY in your money area!


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