Feng Shui Q&A: What Is The Right Way To Use The Bagua Map?

Carol Olmstead's bagua map, sent to me by a reader.

Readers ask questions about the bagua map- the map in feng shui that helps you to see what areas of a space correspond to certain areas of a business or a life- constantly.  Today we have a great question sent in by a reader about how to actually line up the bagua map in a home properly.  I included this specific bagua map sent in by the reader.  If you look on the Internet, there are many different maps and it can get very confusing; Carol Olmstead‘s map above is “Dana-Approved”, meaning if you read my blog and understand my approach, this map is easy to read and understand. Ok, now to answer this awesome question & get you using the bagua map correctly today!!!   

Your Question: This time I have a “feng-shui” question about the bagua map! Two of my feng shui books give two very different descriptions of how to use it. One says I always have to put the #1 “water” sector on the place at my home’s map where the front door is, the other book says the “fame” or “fire” always has to be in the south and the placement of bagua above your house’s plan doesn’t depend on the placement of the front door. Which use of the bagua is correct? Thanks in advance!

My Answer: To start off, worth noting that the bagua map is not a major tool of Pyramid School feng shui as to use it as a primary tool takes the individual nature of each person’s needs in a place out of the equation, leaving a “template” to do all of the work for you. That being said, the bagua map is both a very good diagnostic tool and a good jumping off point for detecting what is the actual ”problem area” in a space as it correlates to what you are working on manifesting in your life.

Feng shui books out there, for the large part, strongly emphasize the bagua or assign it to other purposes (numbers/numerology, chinese astrology, etc) that I don’t use in Pyramid School Feng Shui.  I work with connected people to places directly rather than through other, more trancendental means. If you want to use a bagua to get a sense of what’s happening in your home, align the bottom row of the bagua to the wall where your front door is located. Everything else will fall into place. 

If you are “missing” areas, (in other words, your floor plan may be U shaped, L-shaped or another irregular geometric shape),  then you have to know a bit more about both your home and your personal feng shui to see where the missing areas are and how they can “fold into” the main part of your floorplan. Nothing is ever truly “missing”, but, rather, you will experince it differenty as it will double back upon the area beside it.  I know that may sound confusing. I studied baguas for many years. If you find you have a problem using it on your entire home, try looking at your home room by room to apply the bagua to each room to start, as that is how you experience spaces most directly unless you live in a loft!  This can be a good jumping off point to get a look at your space bagua-style.


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