Feng Shui Q&A: Why Is It Bad To Have Your Bed Up Against A Wall?

A reader asked the question, “Why is it bad to have your bed up against a wall?”

My answer:  

There are MANY reasons to not have your bed up against a wall.  First off, “chi” or, for lack of lengthy definition, “energy” can’t circulate around the bed if its smooshed up against a wall.  We are electrical organisms.  Our bodies are electrically charged. We need free-flowing energy around us to “rejeuvenate” properly.

Also, from the standpoint of survival, if you were attacked (symbolically or actually) in a bed smooshed up against a wall, you have nowhere to go. You are, in essence, defenseless.

This bed configuiration also pulls the point of gravity in a room to a strange place where the room can be lopsided, which is very bad imagery for a balanced life. If one side of the room is heavily furnished and the other is empty, it can be physically unsettling to be in the room.  I would recommend very cautiously starting a relationship with someone whose bedroom is set up in this way.  And, please let me point out that I am talking about an extreme, not the typical bedroom with a bed and nightstands.

Plus, if you are looking for a relationship, you are leaving no room for another with the bed pushed up against a wall. It’s not supportive of “space” for two people.  One person will always feel “trapped” and may have difficulty entering in the first place.  And those are just a few of the reasons. I could practically write a book about it- (a long and boring book!- but I hope this gets the question cleared up!


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