Foyer Decorating Ideas To Create Feng Shui Fortune!

House Beautiful

Now, I am well aware that not everyone has a foyer. We all, however, have one wall in front of us- or a room in front of us- that we see first as we enter our home.  The color, visual interest and pure chi (energy!) of this entranceway “welcome” will inform the amount of welcome your home exudes, and the degree to which you are welcoming great things into your life! Compelling concept? Yep, we’re just getting started!

Luxurious Interior Designs

In classical feng shui, there are several types of non-optimum entranceways (entering facing a wall, entering to a stairway, etc, etc ) and though perhaps one day I’ll talk you through those, I would rather focus on solutions! And the first big solution to a blah entranceway is nature.  In a home, a big plant is much easier to maintain than a giant mountain of fresh flowers, but I say dream big.  See how nature really brings this space above to life?

House Beautiful

Now, this next one is a little cluttered for my taste, but the awesome mix of glass orbs and plants “magnifies” the impact of the plants.  The mirror magnifies the plant energy further and makes this a fresh, alluring entrance to a New York apartment.

Inspired Mrs. Stevens

Neon green registers with the visual punch of fire without being too overwhelming.  In a small space with little free area in the foyer, a statement-making mirror and bright colors can take things to a new level with simplicity and style.

Elle Decor

I don’t know about you, but I would definitively lose the tiny side chair, keep the pink bench and revel in the awesomeness of a giant painting and gleaming marble floor to greet me when I arrive home.  This is a perfect way to utilize seating (minus weird side chair) to create a sense of invitation in a foyer that is more natural and intuitive than a random chair or two floating along the wall.

Chinoiserie rocks!

A glamorous but rather efficient way to give you & your guests a dose of opulence at the entrance to your house is with luscious wallpaper, and here, chinoiserie makes a massive statement in my favorite foyer color for creating good vibes…lemony yellow!

What is your entranceway like? Can a little art, splash of paint, roll of wallpaper, mirror, plants or ALL OF THE ABOVE make a statement change? I think so!  xoxo Dana

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