Yangyang Pan & The Energy Of Abstract Art!

Canadian artist Yangyang Pan is delightful.  Drippy, constructed, loose, colorful, restrained, bright, muted… so much yin(quiet) and yang(loud) in each canvas! Her artwork illustrates the fact that art can be sold in “commercial” ways (her paintings are at Anthropologie) without sucking!  She even sells archival quality images of her large, glowing canvases on Etsy for under $50 a pop.  And these images just make me happy, happy, happy… so lets get a little abstraction and color flowing right now!!!

These are a couple of Yangyang Pan paintings from Anthropologie:

Yangyang Pan at Anthropologie

Here are a  few paintings from her website…love these!


Spring Garden

And…these are some of the prints (which I edited) that you can grab on Etsy (10X10″ images) and frame in grids on a wall that needs waking up:

An abstract green painting can bring as much "growth and " creative wood energy" to your life as a houseplant, and pink abstraction can be radiant in a kids room, office or anywhere that high energy but low stress are a premium.

Strong colors and diffuse, loose composition help your eye to softly focus yet maintain energetic delight.

Enjoy! xoxo Dana