Houseplants & Feng Shui : 5 Great Reasons To Get Growing

Houseplants can turn your home or office into a sanctuary with very little effort or expense.  As Spring creeps closer, what better time to talk about why plants can better your feng shui, your health and your life overall!

1. Plants bring nature inside and connect us with the universal flow of energy that we thrive on.Plants are alive and when thriving, they help your finances and your self overall to thrive. When I see a home with dead plants everywhere I immediately ask my client how they have been feeling, if they are sleeping and how they have been eating… and the answer… 100% of the time… is poorly.  Get those plants in shape and watch the good vibes grow!!!

2. There are a whole list of plants compiled by NASA that actually clean your air of toxic chemicals.

3. Plants may protect you from electromagnetic smog from appliances, computers and power lines that can aggravate autoimmune illnesses, allergies and general malaise…and that’s a big deal.  Stick a thriving tree beside your TV, a fern near your computer, or a  spider plant over your refrigerator and calm your home down!

4. Plants in your bathroom or kitchen near the sink or toilet can energetically reduce the “draining” water energy in a feng shui elemental sense. If you were looking for a place for your bamboo or orchids, you found it! Orchids thrive in steamy shower environments and they are, as a bonus, beautiful.

5. You can eat them!  Well, not all of them, but a little patch of herbs in your kitchen can entice you to cook even more, which generates good fortune energy of nourishment!

Happy planting! xoxo Dana


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Jeanne July 1, 2014 at 7:34 pm

What a great post! As I have been looking around my flat, I realized what is missing…plants! Besides my one, small orange tree/shrub (oranges still taste gross…lol), I just purchased some palms for my patio as well as two other tropical plants (great view from my living room!). I loved them so much I bought one for my dining room (fame gua). Immediately, this area of my home feels energized, alive, invigorating!!!

I was wondering what I could add to my kitchen and your post about herbs is just perfect!!! Thank you for the amazing insight! Back to the garden store tomorrow 🙂

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