How To Focus Your Mind With Art!

(Damien Hirst)

Art & Focus. Sometimes you can’t renovate, paint, move furniture or re-decorate.   But you can still dramatically improve your feng shui and get super-focused in an empowered home.

Here are a few ways to use art to improve your focus and pull your energy where you want it to be in your home or office…!

(Jasper Johns “Target”)

A great piece of art will focus attention where you want it to go.

1. Targets and circles are almost hypnotically engaging. Just look for a moment at the Jasper Johns drawing above. You may have noticed its hard to look away.  The circle is the geometric figure that correlates with metal elemental energy in feng shui.  Metal is the element of mental focus.  Here, concentric circles really amplify their visual and psychological pull on your attention.

2. Red will always get notice.  Do you think its a coincidence that most of the fast food companies in the US use the color red predominately in their logos? Of course it’s not a coincidence!

In your home, use a bit of red art- perhaps a tabletop sculpture or a tapestry, a fabulous drawing…anything red that you love… to pull your attention toward where action needs to take place.  For example, red artwork in a gathering room will pull you toward the sofas where everyone should be having fun and socializing, a red lithograph in a gym will move you toward the key equipment you need to use, an artists studio can use predominantly red artworks near the active work space to drive the attention toward productive action.

(C. Jere Metal Pom-Pom sculpture.)

3. Mental focus is stimulated by metal.Whereas red creates a rush of activity, the metal element will get your brain going.  If you are teetering on the brink of scattered and dispersed, clear your counters, dust and vacuum your home, and amp up the metal energy. Incidentally, a metal desktop fountain on the desk of a person who is faltering in their focus can work wonders. A mirror or super-shiny metal  work of art can be great on top of a desk.

(Matthew Moore)

4. Triangles are uber-powerful, great for office art. Think about it, triangles are so powerful that they are featured prominently on US Currency.  Triangles exhibit power, strength and fire.  A pyramid sculpture on your desk near your often-untouched inbox or your computer will direct our energy toward where it needs to go.  Art featuring triangles will create a very active energy of extreme focus.  Be careful that the tension of triangles, though, doesn’t flow toward aggression!

Now you have a few ways to hang a bit of art that will make a feng shui difference in how you use your space and your mind.  Also, making art is amazing!  If you have art DIY tips, please share below! xoxo Dana


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