Innovative Feng Shui for Insomnia: The Dreamstate Sleep Mask

One of the most common life problems I hear about from my feng shui clients is INSOMNIA.  The inability to fall asleep and stay asleep can wear down your immunity, mess with your sanity and cast a dark cloud on your disposition.  I may be a tiny bit late to the party on this one, but I HAD to make sure to tell you about the Dreamstate sleep mask!  

Blocking out the Light: There are a zillion things we can do to feng shui your bedroom to help you to sleep better, from moving your bed to adding earth toned sheets to sprinkling your pillows with lavender.  For many, these suggestions provide support to a great night’s sleep.  The factor that is often hardest to control in your sleep environment? Light streaming in your bedroom windows at dawn, street lights and other ambient light can interfere with your ability to get and stay in your dream state.  I am not a fan of black-out curtains; they darken a room during the day, they are as heavy as lead and can create more of a “prison” than a “nest” in your bedroom.  

How Sleep Masks Work: If you are having trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep, a sleep mask can do the trick.  The problems with most masks are ill-fitting designs, scratchy material, eye-squashing design or poor washability.  Dreamstate is so genius because it is soft neoprene – a wetsuit!- mask that fits perfectly and doesn’t get stuck in your hair or crinkle your eyelashes while it blocks out light beautifully.  Plus, the unisex colors mean that sleep masks are not just for ladies!

Here’s what Dr.Oz has to say about these little gems:

This mask fights exhaustion by helping you produce melatonin and get your eight hours of z’s. All while looking cool, I might add.” ~ Dr. Oz


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