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your focus determines your reality

What are you thinking about right now?

Seriously… what are you thinking about?

Chances are, whatever emotions you’re feeling will tell you what you’ve been thinking about.  Whatever you’re experiencing right now can illuminate what you’ve been dwelling on in the recent-or-distant past that’s now coming to fruition.  What you feel right now is a reflection of where your energy and focus is headed today and what you focus on… that’s what will grow.

We’ve grown accustomed to being realistic about things… “figuring things out” mentally and deciding what we can have and what makes sense and even what we deserve.

Realistic is a tricky word because it’s US who create our own unique reality.

Even scientists, philosophers and psychologists agree: we all experience life through our own unique vantage point.

We may all see the same apple sitting on a table, but:  one of us sees opportunity, another sees red, another hates apples and looks away, another is bored by it, one might feel compelled to eat it…

Everything in our wold is uniquely designed by us and experienced by us in our own special way.

Moreover, what you believe is possible creates what it possible.  There’s an interesting phenemenon that happens, discussed surrounding the recent Olympics: once someone creates a new possibility by breaking a world record, suddenly the world cracks open and more people catch up to that record. Once it becoms possible… it becomes possible for many more people to imagine it can happen… so it does happen!!!

What you choose to see as possible and how you choose to design your days: this is what makes more of what you want come to be.  Today’s feng shui is all about welcoming what you want into your world in cosmically awesome ways!!!

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golden sofas and floral rugs (ikea malaysia)

Today we’re diving into the decor that can ramp up your sense of personal power and “gut feelings”… some intuitive design for the Third Chakra!

For those of you who are new to the Chakras, you can start here to get an understanding of this energy system that moves through our bodies in beautiful ways.

The Power Center of the Third Chakra is dynamic because, well, it’s the center of our lives. The gut affects our health profoundly, there’s a second “brain” in the stomach and we are deeply affected by things that we sense “in our gut”.  Imagine a spinning wheel of light and color emenating from your belly button and you’re seeing the energy of the Third Chakra in action.

We all know so much, but lots of us have a harder time in a world full of noise actually hearing the inner wisdom we have.  It is so vauable to tap in and listen- trusting your gut-  and this feng shui’d interior design is meant to help you to get there right now! Continue Reading…

succulents from @sacredelements

I experienced something incredible and rejuvenating in the biggest way in the realm of energy.

I had something called “soul fragments” restored to me.

I know this immediately may sound so far out that it’s impossible to imagine what I’m talking about. It sounded as foreign and strange to me, until I learned, on many different levels, what it meant. And… beyond  knowing what it meant… I felt it happen.

I felt myself more whole, more shining, more strong where I was actually, physically feeling weak.  I felt my whole mind light up.  I felt nothing was “missing.”

And I still feel that way.  Full.  Complete.  Totally present.

Now that I understand what was “missing” for myself, I realize we can all recover a whole lot of what we feel terrible experiences, or heartbreak, or shock, or loss, or deep frustration, or vampire people have seemed to have taken from us.

Today’s feng shui is all about gathering up your energetic magic- the infinite, awesome, powerful, potent magic that you feel when you’re 100%- and living with that restored sense of greatness!  Continue Reading…

turquoise from @esmeraldaturquoise


We’re all capable of being a revolution in the world.

We’re all able to revolutionize our lives right now.

Lots of people try to complicate things, but really, Nature makes it very simple.

We are energy.  We are all meant to be here, connected, as higher (creative) energy that lifts up the lower (destructive) forces.

The more you can lift up your life, the more you can lift up the world.

Some researchers like David Hawkins have said that living in a state of perpetual love can raise 750,000 up from lower to higher states of being.

If you want to solve your own problems, have a giant impact on world-sized solutions and see abundance as the energy that prevails everywhere… the environment can help you to get there faster than you may have ever imagined! Continue Reading…

boho house from HGTV


Today’s feng shui is all about creative activation to create abundance and a more luscious life!   The chakra series of design tips continues, and we’re tapping into the energy center that corresponds to money, sex, creativity and overall glowing magnetism.

If you don’t know what they are yet: chakras are the spinning wheels of energy centers located at points through your body that correspond to various emotions and states of being. When balanced, our chakras spin harmoniusly and we feel fantastic.  When they’re out of balance, we feed out life similarly wobbly. You can learn more HERE.

Today we’re designing with the spinning center between the tailbone and belly button- the SACRAL chakra that helps us to feel the energies of creativity, sexuality and magnetic abundance- in mind. Continue Reading…

nothing is impossible

Living in Los Angeles, I’ve seen a lot of ultra-talented people living lives where they’re pulled in so many directions, their talent never seems to take hold in ways that they want to express it as artists, as change-makers or as creators.  They know they have talent, they struggle to get that talent to manifest, they feel unlucky and – the worst part- they watch people who haven’t really worked that hard come to town seem to excel in huge ways.

Today’s feng shui is for the ultra-talented (i.e.: everyone.  everyone is ultra-talented in some ways!) who struggle to bring that talent to the world.  Continue Reading…

Indoor Plant Displays from Lobster & Swan

(Lobster + Swan)

Today’s feng shui is all about getting grounded.  It’s the start of a chakra series of design tips to help you pull what you need into your home to feel more balance and alive!

Chakras are the spinning wheels of energy centers located at points through your body that correspond to various emotions and states of being. Our personal chakras contain information from our life and they hold emotions and they help create our vibrant, prosperous life of wellbeing when in balance.  Out of balance, we feed out life similarly wobbly.  You can learn more HERE. 

Today we’re starting with the spinning center at the base of the tailbone- the ROOT chakra that helps us to feel our feet firmly planted on the ground, a sense of safety flowing, financial stability and wellbeing on a deep, profound, self-loving level

Let’s get started with some simple design tips that can help you feel more rooted in your life and grounded in your home!  Continue Reading…

Spirit Quartz from Alicia Coral

(Alicia Coral Jewels)

It’s a season of prosperity!

In my mind, it’s always a season of prosperity!

This season, specificially, it’s both an astrologically-charged time of harvesting prosperity and it’s The Cash Camp season of immersion in prosperity in the most gorgeous and fun ways.

All round, the abundance is flowing…and I have one thing on my mind: multiplying all the luck-feelings, love-feelings, opportunities and actual wealth, too!!!

Mutiplying the greatness in your life is the feng shui of the day!!! Continue Reading…