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If you want more of anything, it’s great to be prepared for it.

And when it comes to receiving more money, there are so many ways to prepare.

There’s a saying from Abraham Hicks, “Getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready…” because, there’s always something and, then, the next thing and the next thing to be ready for!

Let’s look at one way you can get ready today to receive way more abundance!

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Things are always uncertain to some degree, but when our foundations are rocked in some way –(like they have been for most of 2020, it seems, for so many of us)– the feeling of uncertainty can become amplified.

What if… What next… What… How… I just don’t know…?!

I know. It’s not hard to find a conversation or a news item that sets you into a down-spiral. They are everywhere.

Strangely, and likely due to my own personal history of constant turmoil, I feel I’m sometimes at my best in great uncertainty. I don’t want to say that as an affirmation because I no longer “thrive” exclusively in chaos!

But, I have found a matrix of opportunity and freedom in these wild times.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today!

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I’ve been talking about commitment a whole lot lately because it’s been riveting and illuminating to see just how committed I am to certain things and I’m really not at all when it comes to others.

I’ve been either on the fence or barely even approaching the fence of several big projects and goals of 2020.

I didn’t realize that at all until I looked at the short list of things I would love to create in 2020 and realized that in this extraordinary year, several of these goals have been nothing more than a “talking point” for me.

I haven’t taken action. I haven’t showed up. I haven’t even made a plan to start.

Yet, I have complained on several occasions about “When is this going to happen?”

So, I decided to edit my list down to several big things to really master– in action– by the end of 2020. The idea was to eliminate a lot of extras and get totally focused, 100,000%.

This new focus took some time to sort and decide. And, it was one of my best moves this year– a total energy shift that’s nothing short of a revolution.

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Too much. Too many words. Too much data. News. Information.

Total overload can happen so quickly.

I feel it coming on with a slight dizziness or light-headedness. Some people feel it tensing up their shoulders and neck. It stops me in my creative tracks. I get bored, tired, frustrated and/or deeply unfocused.

It messes with my manifesting power.

It’s not always negative information, I should note, that causes overwhelm for many people. Too much data in general can be an overwhelm, especially when you can’t use or apply that information.

There are a few things that I do– in addition to keeping my phone off more often, taking breaks and staying off internet searches– to revitalize myself after taking in too much information at once.

I can tell you after becoming more of aware of this pattern and stopping in my tracks before I hit total information overload: it brings back creative sparks, interest and passion to get fully out of your head and completely embody your days!

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What do you do when you’re feeling energetically attacked, drained or otherwise pulled down?

A question was asked on Instagram recently about this, and, given it was about the tenth time I was asked about this in a short span of time, it was time for this post!

The answer isn’t clear cut because there are so many reasons this energy might be entering your home and your life, but the underlying theme is the same:

You don’t need to fear or “protect” your energy from bad vibes vigilantly, because that can breed more fear. Strengthen your energy instead, so those vibes can’t get near your glowing self!

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You know when you make a big decision, a huge commitment…and it’s so exciting.

It may even be exciting for a few days or a week to show up and stay on track doing what you’ve committed to doing. After all, it feels great, you’re loving it. So much is being accomplished. It’s exciting and so much momentum is building.

Now, the day comes where you slept too late, got too busy, got distracted… and, well, it’s reasonable to skip a day. But, by tomorrow, again, even more stuff creeps into the calendar that makes it just “impossible.”

And when I ask people months later why they stopped doing something they’ll say, ” I was so committed and then it just… I don’t know what happened!”

I get it. I’ve done it thousands of times. You may be doing it too.

It’s a myth that a hero makes just one big decision and that decision turns life around. We see it in movies, read about it in books… This one big commitment is a mystical moment and it kicks off a series of events that come together brilliantly to support the hero all the way to his or her pot of gold.

But, in real life, the hero makes a commitment and keeps on re-committing every day, sometimes multiple times a day, to getting things done. Especially with so many distractions. It’s messy at times, uncomfortable at others and incredibly exciting, always.

And that’s what today’s energy shifting is all about– the practice of making a commitment. It really is a practice.

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Have you been feeling like you’re always behind, stressed by your schedule, overwhelmed by how much there is to do or otherwise just not feeling the freedom and possibility that you want?

If you’ve been trying really hard to create a schedule and stick to it, that’s very awesome.

But, it may not be the schedule for you if it’s been a struggle to stick with that schedule.

While you may not be able to change your job structure and many aspects of that part of your day dramatically, how we design the rest of our time is something we do have control over.

Today, let’s look at a few ways you can expand the abundance in your life by creating a flow in our days that’s much more aligned with who we are and how we feel.

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Ultimately, your life is unique and the skills you things you need to know in order to thrive are very specific to you.

That said, today I wanted to share a few life skills that I struggled to master (or resisted fiercely!) that have each make every day more magnetic!

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