Is Your Home Attracting What You Want?!

Use Red Envelopes In Feng Shui To Multiply Your Good Fortune!

The Awesome Feng Shui For Building Wealth That You Haven’t Heard!

I have heard, seen and done something incredibly perplexing.  It keeps life small, keeps life-squashing patterns in place and makes the idea of a glass ceiling that looms over head and stops us from rising too high very real.

Holding yourself back is a real thing.  Luckily, it doesn’t need to be your thing!  Continue Reading…


Energy clearing is everything we do to shake out the negative and create the most positive vibes around us.  I know it has a mystical sound—  “clearing energy”— and it can definitely be done on mystical levels, but you are, actually, even if you don’t realize it yet, quite mystical!

As I get ready to do Home+ Life Feng Shui workshop in San Diego this weekend with my Energy Healing friend Julie Hovsepian leading everyone in an energy boosting meditation (!!!) to bring in the light of love and abundance, I have been deeply diving into the practical ways that space and life can get cleared every day.   That said, if you’re in San Diego this weekend, I hope you can come see us at the magical Four Moons Spa (tix are here under Feng Shui)!

Now,  for the magic-making of energy clearing that you can start at home today! Continue Reading…

This is sort of the bottom line of all creation, manifestation, all the stuff we do every day—

What we focus on will grow.

Pay attention to what you pay attention to and your life will change for the very best.

It’s not just a “mental” focus.  It’s a full-self focus.  Body awake to the day.  Energy humming.  Emotions on a high.  And, of course, thoughts, words and actions in a line that expands great fortune!

This can be utterly overwhelming, especially if you have a “racing mind” at the moment, or things have not been ging as planned at all lately, so today’s feng shui is full of ways to keep your attention easily leaning into what you want…!  Continue Reading…


As much as I’d love to call this a “weekend routine” I have found myself doing it just about any day of the week that I’m ready for a serious energy boost.

Mind, Body, Spirit + Home on a fresh track.

It’s basic, it’s something I do regularly (even if it’s not on the weekend!) and it’s key to keeping my days on track.

It’s simple, organizing and refreshing.

And, as will all things, this is meant to be customized. If you don’t love what you’re doing to improve your life, you’ll likely NOT do it, plus, it’s not going to work because— its not your high vibes!!!

Pick what you love— and set up incredible days ahead!!! Continue Reading…

(love this shelf from etsy)

Everything that raises the vibes in your home is excellent feng shui.

Everything that makes you feel more at home is excellent feng shui.

And if you aren’t ready for a total remodel, it takes just a few small adjustments to feel more of the high vibes that can be like a home makeover in themselves!

Today I’m sharing seven of my most favorite ultra-high-vibe home goodies of the moment.  None are particularly expensive, all are customizable— and this may actually spark tons of ideas of your own.

High vibes make you happier, lighter, more focused, more magnetic and overall more radiant.

On that note, let’s get to it!  Continue Reading…


Many of us will spend many endless thousands of hours of our lives at work.  Ideally, all that work time shuld be awesome time! And if it’s not, today let’s get things closer to ideal.

If you’re stressed, overwhelmed, cluttered and otherwise challenged, that work can be enough to manage.

If you add in the many common toxins that run rampant in even our home offices, this time at work can come along with a big price to pay with our energy and wellness.

Feng shui for your workspace can be the game-changer, turning your office space into a well-tuned sanctuary at a fundamental level that makes a huge shift in your days.

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When we get into trying to control things we aren’t present.

Today’s feng shui is all about a way to live that is so much lighter and so much more impactful in terms of actually “manifesting” amazing things.   Continue Reading…

In homes and in lives and in my own days more and more I’m starting to see that “mysterious blocks” that won’t go away no matter what is done (space clearing, spiritual immersion, incredible amounts of work, cutting edge healing) can actually be self-created in a non-mysterious way.

A facinating dynamic that is super common is this:

I want something.  

I also- simultaneously-  don’t want the things that this something may bring. 

Mixed Signals.  Crossed Wires.  Creating + Un-Creating at the same time. 

Are you doing this? Could this be the mysterious block that’s been in the way?  Continue Reading…