10 Ways Your Space Can Help You Build Your Wealth!

3 Feng Shui Ways To Make The Most Of Your Day!

The Awesome Feng Shui For Building Wealth That You Haven’t Heard!

10 Huge Ways Some Space Clearing Can Change Your Life!

The One Thing That Will Make Your Life Extraordinary

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7 Ideas to Bring More Creative Possibility To Life

Creative possibility is the space where everything amazing that may seem out of reach becomes something doable.  From organizing your home for more productivity to solving problems with a special doodle technique, this week’s round-up of inspiration expands what you can actually do to feel better, flow better and create more of what you want! Continue Reading…

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Antonym Cosmetics Lola Lash Certified Natural Mascara

Mascara time is time when eyes pop and things feel fancy and glamorous! Admittedly, my eyes are so sensitive that if I’m not working with a camera nearby – and even if I’m going out-  I barely- if ever-  put on mascara, especially in the heat.  But, today’s incredible pick from celebrity makeup artist and balanced beauty expert Chantal Moore has changed my ways… a certified natural mascara that works brilliantly!!! Continue Reading…

Are You Too Busy?

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Are You Too Busy?

Busy is a modern normal. Really busy.  So busy that the typical response I hear when I ask someone how they’re doing has gone from “I’m great.” or “Things are good.” to … “I’m great, but really busy.”

Why are we so busy? Does it help anything? Are we actually too busy to really live?  Continue Reading…

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Use Plants To Lighten Up Dark Spaces In Your Home!


While the above image has dark walls and light flooding into a window, that light only happens sometimes…and the rest of the time, the energy and wildness and life of the plant itself adds light to the darker space.

This is the magic of plants. While it’s easiest to see with dark walls in photographs, this principle applies to small rooms, unlit corners, and all kinds of other spaces that just “feel” dark.  Life adds light! Continue Reading…

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 Feng Shui To Break Free Of A Cycle Where Nothing Is Working

Ever find yourself trying to make something better and yet things don’t get better…

And even when you work harder and harder at it they still don’t really improve?

I have.

It is the worst.

And you can change that cycle of stuck right now.  Continue Reading…

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Feng Shui To Break Free From The Quicksand And Start Succeeding!

Why do we keep on doing the same things and wait for change to come then curse life when nothing changes… or it even declines?

When you think about it rationally, its nuts that we don’t change things yet we expect them all to be changed, you know?  And it’s common, whether we can all admit it or not.

Today, here’s some feng shui to break free of the endless cycle of  insanity we make for ourselves! Continue Reading…

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make magic

This weeks round up of inspiration from Dana (not me, another Dana who is brilliant!)  is all about finding magic in life everywhere…and making magic happen!  Continue Reading…

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Energy Muse Feng Shui Prosperity Grid

One of the best things feng shui does for your finances is help you to both collect and organize your energy so that it flows where you want and need it to go.

It’s one of the best practical things you can do for your money, to get focused and organized.  It’s the foundation of the Cash Camp Wealth-Building Feng Shui experience that starts very soon. When you have a solid foundation, real things get built to last!

And while energy may seem very “airy” and invisible, mystical and sort of a mess to try to direct (I mean, it’s energy, you know!) in feng shui there are tools like art and color and yes, crystals, that can help you to SEE that energy that you can feel but have no idea how to organize in its invisible, unweildy ways.

When you can SEE energy, you can USE it to create more of what you want!

I’m so excited to share this Feng Shui Prosperity Grid that Energy Muse designed for the blog for you!!! Continue Reading…