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I’ve been beating a proverbial drum for more breaks, more rest and more relaxation for years now, really ramping up my sharing of the science that supports all of these “downtime” activities as crucial for wellbeing on every level in the past 6 months.

In the past 6 months I’ve also had about… zero… start to finish full days completely off from doing any work at all.

I consider myself blessed to be creating so much… but after a trip to New York that helped land me a week-long obnoxious cold, I had a few days to re-evaluate what it meant to have real downtime.

My personal conclusion: the more productive I am, the more downtime I need.

Beach time, spa time, Buddhist time, fun time, art time, vacation time…

Do you let yourself have real downtime?  Continue Reading…

ursa major face wash


Today’s balanced beauty pick from celebrity makeup artist and balanced beauty expert Chantal Moore is a  study in the potent, positive intoxication & power of essential oils and conscious creation!   Continue Reading…

take risks

Are you takig big enough risks?

Chances are, you will blurt out yes if you know you are, if you really are…

If you are in a place of huge risk, many gambles, lots of challenge… you know it.

If you aren’t in a place of positive risk-taking the malaise can disguise itself as mild depression, boredom, overwhelm, CLUTTER (in all caps because its so prevalent), frequent aches and pains…

Its as though you are keeping your energy pent up in a small box rather than letting it be free, and that energy has a way of getting knotted up, confused and deflated for lack of motion.

If you want to take bigger risks… here are three things to avoid… and one thing you might want to try! Continue Reading…

puppy buddhist

Gordon sitting with me during Buddhist time is always a day-changer. He loves to feel good.  He loves to be relaxed.  He loves to get attention.  When he was first adopted her was a loner, about 20 pounds overweight and not into being touched.  Now… he’s learned to lean into everything he loves… and as a fringe benefit, he makes every day brighter for me.

If you are having a down day, a sick day, an upset day or just a “meh” day, that energy of leaning into feel-good stuff can really bring you into a new realm of well.

Today’s feng shui’d ideas are all about living lighter & lifting up your mood! Continue Reading…

rainbow boho


Designing mind Justina Blakeney’s The New Bohemians book has me thinking in interesting rainbows.  Rainbows of style.  Rainbows to in unexpected places.  Rainbows to make…

In feng shui, colorful spaces spark all sorts of superpowers in life.

From the viewpoint of deep inspiration, lets get into more super-powered spectrums of color today!  Continue Reading…

get moving

The most humbling part of my trip to New York last week was nothing more than a glance down at my iPhone that revealed an app called Health.  Apple auto-installs this on new phones, I think, since I can tell you with certainty I would not have had the interest to install it myself.   I clicked it, though, unaware that it was tracking my steps already for months and months with a build-in pedometer.  Clever stuff.  Also, shocking stuff.

The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention say that 7-8,000 steps of walking a day are all you need to stay well.  Sedentary people log 1000-3000 steps a day.

Apparently, when you are sedentary as an adult you increase your health risks dramatically.

Your risk of experience anything – from strokes to cancer to depression to heart attacks-  decrease dramatically as your activity increases.

10,000 steps a day is the recommendation.

Apparently I was only 10% of the way to healthy and active in my LA lifestyle lately.

Sedentary.  Me.  Wellness expert.  Advocate of motion and flow.  Sedentary.

Here’s how and why I started walking around more… and why I hope you do, too! Continue Reading…

your mountain is waiting


These Dr. Seuss printables from A Night Owl- yes, Dr Seuss- have inspired me!

I deal in decor, energy, insanely exquisite art, stellar stories, page-turning books…

And in all of it, Dr. Seuss rings true.

How can you ignore the poetry, the pizzazz, the punch and the timelessness of this great sage?

You can’t.

You have many mountains waiting for you. So, don’t sit around in a haze bemoaning things or worrying.

There’s a lot of live to live…and in overcoming the obstacles… well, that’s typically the great adventure!  xoxo Dana


beauty diy Now.. this is a handy chart!

For the how-to-makes and esesntial oil recommendations, HERE you’ll find all you need to get vibrantly glowing!  xoxo Dana