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feel things

In Buddhism, the treasures of the heart are the most valuable of all. This was once a strange concept to me, living in Hollywood.  Now, it’s my most cherished value.

Less focus on things. More indulging in experience. That’s real life. Enjoy it!  xoxo Dana

desmoiselles d'avignon

(picasso’s les demoiselles d’avignon) 

I used to want to be perfect. I’m sure you’ve had your moments.  It wasn’t a want to be perfect as much as it was a want to not make any mistakes at all.  My mistakes were costly and I couldn’t afford to make them.

I’m sure some of you know what I mean.

To be responsible and “good” I would be flawless.

No mistakes is a very high bar to set.

If you are looking at life through those lenses, nothing will get done.

It wasn’t until I had the good fortune to get to know many of the artists and art-world-shaping forces of the formative eras in art in my own life- the Andy Warhol & Basquiat era in particular- that I came to see that accidents, not perfection, made art happen.

Accidents kick-started artist’s careers.

Mistakes became masterpieces.

In fact… some major creative personalities I know sit and pray for the accidental discovery that makes for an aesthetic breakthrough.

If Picasso wanted to be “perfect” he would never have become a historic figure that changed the way the modern world sees art and sees the world in full.   In fact, if he wanted to be perfect, he would have stuck with making the kind of picture-perfect hyper-realistic art he was making at age 14 and 15, the kind of duplication of reality that was flawless in its ability to copy nature like a snapshot.

But… then we wouldn’t have Modern Art.  And, following that line, there would be no Pop art. Likely no video games (who could conceive of video art if you can’t even see past the edges of a canvas?) and maybe no modern design.  If Andy Warhol didn’t happen- another man of mass imperfection- we wouldn’t have the flashbulbs of popular culture, the glory of package design, the fresh ways to view just about any everyday object as a piece of art.

So… what would happen if an enormous lineage of artists decided to be PERFECT?

The world as we know it would likely be very bleak.

There would be no art if we all were perfect.

And in a world devoid of music there would be nothing to see but blank walls and boredom.

So… why are you still hoping to be perfect? And how can you extricate yourself from the perfection trap?  Continue Reading…


When you find a great sunscreen that is safe to wear (i.e. not riddled with toxins) it is a great day! Today is that great day, as celebrity makeup artist and balanced beauty expert Chantal Moore brings us an insider sunscreen favorite! Continue Reading…

imperfection is inspiration

(inspirational collages) 

I feel that this is the only kind of real inspiration that there is…don’t you?!   xoxo Dana

outdoor patio

You can change the past, the present or the future once you stop living as a slave to the abstract notion of time.

This is actually both science and common sense.

And… if you can conceive of a new way to view time there is endless freedom waiting for you! Continue Reading…

spanish interiors


Everything that hails from Spain that I see is immensely beautiful… from food to decor to poetry and film to people… Exceedingly warm, layered, animated, bold and yet balanced.  Since creativity is enhanced by looking at things that are distant (*yes, this is proven… read more about it here!) a little look into some of the best interiors in Spain seems like a fine way to expand some personal and artistic horizons!  Continue Reading…

special spaces


Every room that succeeds in a big way to communicate your personality, wishes, hopes and dreams has a special something that is impossible to ignore.  Whether its that deliciously faded painting, a wild view of the world, a special chandelier or an antique rug, there is always a special thing or two or more that makes a space spring to lovely.

Today’s design’spiration is all about finding new ways to mix that special something into your home! Continue Reading…

led by your dreams


(inspirational collages)

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!  One of my favorite sayings, and one of the coolest ways to live!  xoxo Dana