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We all lose our way sometimes.

Most of the time, the path isn’t a straight one to get from where we are to where we next want to be. And, after a long time of things are falling in place and feeling great… the path can take a turn and we don’t immediately turn with it.

When something that was once so right suddenly feels wrong, it’s tempting to think a lot about what that means.

Is my (relationship, business, job, creative life, project, or anything else) over?

Have I done something wrong?

I’m a failure, I’m failing, I’m confused, I’m overwhelmed…

Why is this happening?!

I have said and done all of the above and much more.  Maybe you have, too.

Sitting in a space where things feel off track and not knowing where to begin to get things set straight again, there are many feng shui ways to re-align that may require little thinking and lots of feeling great.  In times of crossroads and confusion, they’ve always helped me get back on the powerful path.  Continue Reading…

Every year I look back on what’s changed since September of the year before. It’s birthday month, birthday week, birthday day type self-reflection. Sometimes I need to mediate on this a bit before the post is done spontaneously. This year I could write it in my sleep, as the messages are so clear they come through in my dreams.

Creativity is all of life. Like breathing, eating, sleeping… all of these core things central to life are all creative. Everything is creative. Everything.

Everything that made the last year its own unforgettable year had all to do with creative everything.

Not all of it was unicorns and rainbows, but all so incredible necessary and fantastic. Continue Reading…


I spent the larger part of this year focused personally and professionally, spiritually and physically on tuning into a bigger vision, taking bigger inspired actions and getting rooted in more love.

It started with a realization that was like a lightening bolt:

The energy behind what I do is way more important than what I do. 

That energy isn’t created by sage wands and crystals and high vibe tools and rainbow colors. It’s supported by all of those things, and amplified by all of those things.

That energy is created by one thing: believing in myself.

Believe in yourself and you’ll create what might be the missing link connecting you to more of your dreams. Continue Reading…

If you need motivation, focus, clarity, peace or more energy… your home can help you tremendously! Continue Reading…

Today, let’s talk about setting up a space in life where more of the great things happen every day.

Outcomes are not 100% in our control, but we do influence outcomes tremendously in our thoughts, words and actions. Intention is powerful. Energy is powerful. And… action is incredibly powerful.

There are all kinds of ways to set up a space and a life that is tuned like a tuning fork to the best outcomes. Continue Reading…

Everything is energy.  Everything vibrates with energy.  And, everything is filled with space-shifting vibes that affect the energy of all other things.

People in the Law of Attraction mindset have said you need to align with the energy of your wishes and then, “boom!”, they appear.

I do believe in a whole lot of this principle, all of it actually, especially aligning with what you want in order to bring it to life.

The method to get into alignment, though, I find to be super-personal and creative.

The issue I had with the way that Law of Attraction was presented to me, and it’s more a nuance issue, is that I didn’t know what station to tune my energy dial to in order to “boom!” make the awesome stuff appear.

For example: What exactly is the energetic frequency of a new car?!

The nuance, the stickiness, the confusion in all of this was that it was too many steps for me. It challenged my natural flow.  I was making it extra-hard and putting a method (an interpretation of Law of Attraction and how to apply it, in this case) as superior to my own creative brilliance.

I know one thing: when my clients feel great and they’re taking great care of their homes and lives, the “boom!” magic inevitably occurs.  I know this to be true for myself, too.

You may know how to align exactly with the energy of that which you want to manifest and if you do, as a meditative exercise, that is spectacular. Please share how you do it!

I am not wired exactly that way  and when I think too much I drive myself mad (!) so I find my own alignment in a more creative dance kind of a way.

Experimenting. Beautifying.  Playing.  Exploring.  Following feelings.  And being… softer.

Today’s feng shui is all about a creative and active way to line yourself up with your dreams and bring them to life!

Customize it to suit your flow through your days!

Continue Reading…

If you exchange the word “crystals” above for “mind” or “body” or “energy” or “spirit” or “relationships” or “abundance” you’ve pretty much captured the greatest of all habits for staying happier, lighter, more free and more magnetic:

Recharging. Regularly.

Today’s feng shui is all about treating your life as you’d treat a crystal to keep it gleaning with high vibes.  And for those of you who have never charged a crystals, don’t worry, we’ll go over that, too! Continue Reading…

(Urban Jungle Bloggers Book!) 

Just about everyone wants to grow in some way. 

When you’re expecting a series of things to happen in a specific situation that drags you into disappointment or fear or worry, it’s like putting the lid on life.

I don’t even like to think about these things… but I’ve heard about so many of these lately that it seemed worth the words today.

I also catch myself in my own forms of habits and patterns, too, where I am “cautiously optimistic.”

That’s another way of saying, ” I am expecting this to fail and go down the same track it’s always gone down.

In the last decade I am excited to say I’ve seen hundreds of people change these long standing patterns of most-certain poor results into success and a new way of living that’s more abundant wherever things have been stuck.

The method hasn’t been to deny them, to hide from them or to flip out about them. I’ve done all of the above and they don’t really magically change something deeply ingrained, you know?

I tried the other awesome tactic that failed of fighting hard against these things. WILL POWER. Eventually I’d break down and sort of evert in a deeply committed downward spiral. It’s like trying to start an extreme diet cleanse after a decade of daily fast food. Where do you even begin when the gradient is so steep and the willpower has to be so high?

There are a few ideas that have helped shift long-standing patterns, gradually, sometimes quickly, not without effort but all without stress. I’m feeling moved to share a few today as we head into a season of abundance ( and the Cash Camp season!) that is all about harvesting the fruits of your labors. It’s time to expand!!! Continue Reading…