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Whether you are believer or not in astrology, there is a cultural prevalence of Mercury Retrograde that transcends astrology and has become something of a phenomenon.

Unfortunately, the phenomenon is largely drenched in fear and negative expectation, waiting for some mishap to blow the lid off of life.

I have not have those experiences in over a decade.

Actually, I have had those experience, though… when I believed in the crazy-making that was unavoidable because of this planet slowing down in the sky.

No more of that!!!

If you’ve been reading for some time you know I love Mercury Retrograde. Today, I am going to share more specifically why I love them so much and you may find ways to love them more yourself!!! Continue Reading…

Do you think you speak your life into existence? Do you think that words have power?

I think about this whole subject in two ways—

I tend to speak the way I actually feel.  So, the words I use when I’m not fully-present are usually a pretty good mirror of what I’m actually thinking and creating in my energy fields at the moment. 

I know I can create new things by reaching for new feelings that are full of forward-motion and creative energy. The positive words flow from there! 

So, it’s not just the words I’m using that I think are making my dreams take shape… though, the words tip me off to the things I may be unconsciously dwelling upon that are holding me back.

For example: I learned that couldn’t blindly memorize a script of optimistic sayings and think I’m actually accomplishing something to change my life circumstances.  I did that for a few years and got absolutely nowhere.  I was afraid to say a single bad word, but nothing good happened and I “struggled” to feel as good as my words suggested.  Words don’t stand on their own.  They take on the shape and color and velocity and dimension of the energy that’s behind them.

Awesome words AND awesome emotional connection to those words create powerful life upgrades every day.

Feel your ideal life into existence and you will speak it into existence quite effortlessly!

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If there’s one person you’ll meet who loathes a schedule, revolts against artificially imposed structures and finds dogma to be restrictive, it’s me.

How could plans and schedules ever feel good to someone who was like me? How could you possibly plan and still have amazing surprises? How could this ever work?

There were a few lessons I learned for myself that made planning something of a vital necessity. It didn’t feel like I was trapping myself in a bunch of unwanted obligations. It started to make space in my life. It became my road to creative freedom.

When I stopped resisting and started planning, everything changed. But I had a few shifts to make in order to get to a place where I’d dare to plan anything!

Today is all about embracing plans and making the kind of plans that light up your days! Continue Reading…


Intention is what moves the world.  You don’t need to dive deep to find proof of this.

Where your energy is focused, things will grow.

Our intention can change our environment, our homes, our lives, our communities and even the planet.

In feng shui, everything from color (like the calming pinks above) to pattern to shape to placement of furniture and sooooo much more can specifically strengthen intention.

Before we get specific though, it’s important to be clear and basic.

We all need a solid foundation to build anything.

I used to think I had strong intention, and, then, I noticed that what I said I wanted didn’t align with what I was doing and how I was feeling.

Not only did I need to shape my sights on a more clear objective, I needed to sharpen my life and environment to match my intention.

My decisions based on fear, complacency, feeling depleted or in judgement were outweighing what I said I wanted and the proof of it all showed up in my life in more things to fear, more reason to be disengaged and more reason to stand on once side of a fence blaming others for things that are wrong.

There are more than a few ways that intention can become stronger, more clear and more aligned, and today we’re going to look at a few big feng shui ways to get into that magic zone of creativity and power.  Continue Reading…

Life is always happening.  We interact with people, places and ideas.  We hear news. We see things.  Some are uplifting, some are not.

Hiding from life is not the best solution to keeping energy high and bright.  I tried that once (!) and came to see I was putting a whole lot of attention on negativity by making it such a focal point of my decision-making. Also, I was keeping my life small (skipping events, stying home more) out of fear of negativity.

Can you see how both of these things make negativity grow even more potent?!

I was shocked at how much more drained I felt when I let “avoiding negativity” rule my choices.

Sure, I choose people, places and things that I love as my primary places to go… but there’s a lot more in life to see and do that I wasn’t exploring and, as a result, I wasn’t stretching and growing.

So, if we can’t life life to the fullest without accepting that we’ll experience all kinds of energy, what can we do to stay higher and lighter more of the time?

The feng shui is simple, but the results are profound.  Continue Reading…

If you’ve got your sights set on greater success and you’re possibly feeling that more success means more stress… there’s likely some clutter to clear.

If you’re looking to achieve more but you’re already maxed on in terms of time and energy… there’s likely some clutter to clear.

If you’ve been committed to a breakthrough but you’re finding resistance pop up on your path… there’s likely some clutter to clear.

Clutter is mental, emotional, physical and energetic.  It’s “stuff” and it’s also ideas and frequencies.  It’s “junk” and it’s also things you’ve simply outgrown.

Today, these really awesome guiding principles above are a spectacular way to clear lots of clutter! Continue Reading…

Every season, there’s a new theme in the air.

For the New Year, that theme is a very fresh start.

This November feels like both a festive and a fruitful time to finally tackle some more big home and life upgrades.

I’ll share much more of the specifics in detail as we move through the season, but tI hope today’s ideas will spark some of your own.

We all need room to grow. For each of us, that space-making, those new decisions and new ways of moving through life may look different… but beneath it all is the energy of expansion. Expansion requires space. Without clear space, it’s hard to move. Everything is effected. Things are arduous that could be easier.

Let’s make it all easier for ourselves by creating more room to stretch and grow, shall we?! Continue Reading…

Less stuff means more room to grow. Less mental clutter means more room for genius. Less means more.

Today, we are going to explore one way to put an end to piling up stuff that has positive– and vital– global implications. Continue Reading…