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10 Huge Ways Some Space Clearing Can Change Your Life!

This one I am bold enough to say is nearly universal.

It’s something I can’t say enough about in it’s effects, but the action is so easy it’s incredible.

Shut off your phone and live your life. 

It’s pure magic what can happen. 

My friend sent me a message months ago.  “My phone has tentacles.  It really messes with my manifesting. I can’t deal with it.”

Turn out, the more her phone was off, the more magic she saw in her life.

Stubborn and full of excuses — my work is online, I need to post things, I have messages to check all the time— I let this be something to try “later.”

Later came fast.  After she said that, I started to notice how I felt after starting for five or ten minutes at a screen, and how incredibly often I was doing it.  I noticed when my mood shifted.  I noticed when I lost focus.

So, I shut off my phone at 8:30pm one night and started noticing more things.  Namely, how much time I had without looking at random posts.  How many racing thoughts I had, wanting to research things at 9pm, 10pm, what was the name of that restaurant? what was that face mask with aloe? None of it was urgent or important, it was all this mess of noise, and I had never realized my life was filled with this stuff.

How much I reached for that phone-  even when it was off – was startling.

My life was being flooded and interrupted in these little spurts I was staring at a screen.  All Day Long.

And, I noticed that I wasn’t alone.  At the grocery store.  At stop signs.  On the streets.  In meetings. So many people with eyes darting to their phone, walking like zombies. I know. I was one of them.

I started leaving my phone off much more to see where it would take me. If I wanted to use the camera, I would leave it on airplane mode.

It was the real “law of attraction.”


Things started happening.

I had more time.  Lagging mail was opened, I started enjoying walks and seeing the beauty I missed in the city.  Things were more deeply organized, quickly.  Projects I’ve wanted to do were done easily.  

And big things started happening.  Calls, opportunities, gifts, the right ideas…

I started to become more intuitive.

My focus became so much more clear.

And I no longer felt the urgency to “check my phone” at all.

This is easy stuff.

It doesn’t take a method to do it.

I’ll tell you, the first few days were the most confronting for mw: I saw how many things I loved really weren’t getting done while I was scrolling, googling, pinning on Pinterest and watching You Tube, texting and checking things all day.   I never thought I would lose sight of things because of a little digital device, and I didn’t think I had lost sight of these things… until I stepped away.

I also saw how scattered my mind could become when I was over-indulging in this digital haze.  That was humbling and unpleasant. But, so freeing.  My mind went from a soup of ideas to a lazer beam.

This changes a lot of things, very quickly, in my experience.

If you’ve had a hard time with focus, passion or making things happen (aka, “manifesting”) it’s worth giving it a go.  Keep your phone off more.

The only thing you have to lose is the time you spend looking at random things on a screen.  The ptential gain of precious time, excitement, deep connection to life and possibly the manifesting of your dreams is pretty much worth a try!

xoxo Dana


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xoxo Dana


The magic of personal boundaries is real magic, especially if you don’t have particulary strong boundaries right now… or you confuse having “personal boundaries” with being “walled off from life” as I used to.

“All or none” was my old way. Either I’d be extremely closed off from people- even isolated to a degree- or I’d be so available that I would be trampled on and have the life sucked out of me.

Sound familiar?

More than just that, I didn’t realize just how much I was settling for things until people started asking me important questions:

Why don’t you just move if you hate your home? Why are you putting up with this drama? Why not do something new if the old way is exhausting?

Because…. I’m just… sooooo overwhelmed….

When you’ve lost touch with personal boundaries, the very possibility that you can make changes feels slight at best. I mean, it’s so exhausting to deal with life right now… how could there be energy to make changes?!

Today, let’s look at some of the signs that life shows you where you’ve been settling, or where boundaries are slipping (or non-existent) so that, with some new decisions, things feel strong, balanced and able, at last, to change for the better!!! Continue Reading…

It’s late and I’m writing the blog now because I had to take a long nap.  Yes, I had to.  I felt really tired for no good reason and I took a really long nap.

A year ago, I’d have had a giant tea (can’t drink coffee, makes me crazy) and I’d have stirred myself into moving forward with the day with all kinds of fun motivation… even though I knew I was really tired.

Back in those days I lost my voice three times, hurt my body super-badly in yoga (yes, it’s possible) and wound up feeling like… Two years ago I couldn’t move my right arm for a month and a half due to overexertion typing with one hand (yes, it’s how I type, and I don’t know why!) so much that my arm gave out… so, clearly I had some demons to slay that I couldn’t find, right?

I mean, all these obstacles coming up while doing all this great stuff with my life must be some sort of metaphysical energy thing to solve, right?

So I found a healer that took me further away from myself, my life turned — on a personal note — upside down in a terrifying way and I got a big wakeup call.

I stopped all this nonsense, dropped all this crazy striving and here I am.  Sleeping in the middle of the day.

Hard work is awesome.  Ignoring your life isn’t awesome.

Seeing the signs- hearing the voices- following your instincts — this is a very personal roadmap to creative power and all kinds of fortune.   Continue Reading…

We hide in our own ways— not showing up to parties, not speaking up at work or not taking credit for what we’ve done well, not dressing up, saying no to invitations, isolating more… staying quiet when you want to speak.

I do have an old habit of liking to hide that pops up from time to time.  I confused it with a lack of confidence,  a need for more self-expression or boldness… and no matter what I did, it was like the glass ceiling that loomed over my head wouldn’t budge.

If you’ve been hiding out a little too much for your liking— as none of us really life to hide even if it’s familiar— you can stepping out into your light much more whenever you decide you’re ready.

So much that’s so amazing is waiting. Continue Reading…

Did you think about what you wanted from today before you jumped out of bed (or sort of made your way out of bed… or hit snooze a whole lot) and got to doing your day?

I’m not a big fan of idle wishes.

I am a big fan of deliberate creation.  Deliberate creation—  no matter how you feel, how “on” you are or what’s happening— is amazing.

It’s non-mystical. It’s not a process.

Deliberately creating always wins because it’s you being you.
Continue Reading…


Let’s let that go!

I’m drawn to write this on a Friday afternoon because I started the day with someone’s flattering inquiry that I declined to developed feng shui products (talismen, etc.) and then I just spent a good two hours after a very special call I loved filled with questions fielding more questions from readers who were worried, stressed, concerned, anxious and some completely beside themselves because they heard that their home would do great harm to their love life, their money, their life in general…

I know that those messages don’t come from nowhere, at least not where feng shui is concerned.

We hear the feng shui rules: don’t have a mirror facing your bed (I do, it’s amazing), don’t face a certain direction while you sleep or it’s bad luck based on your birthday (?), don’t, don’t, don’t… or else bad things will happen.

And then there’s the thrilling fallacy of luck coming from strings and prisms and duck sculptures and the like.

If you believe, you may feel it work for a time. But only a very very powerful placebo effect will turn powerless things and damning dogma into reality.

Please don’t give away your power to all this stuff.

I mean, you can if you want to (!)  but it’s not what I’m here to help with.

Objects are powerful in that the special ones are feeply connected to us.  We all have things we love that fill us with powerful memories, great feelings… they might even feel lucky to us because they wake up lots of joy as we interact with them. Even my fur baby Bob has a donut that lights a fire in his eyes.

That’s very different from walking through a property full of totems and flutes and stuff that my clients don’t understand that someone put there that they are scared has gone wrong and doomed their lives.

I know you know the difference.  

There are super-powerful tools in feng shui- and in all of life- like the science behind astrology, the amazing bagua map that I’ve seen line up so well with people’s actual lives thousands of times, the best practices for just about anything are usually a solid core.

Then, there are human interpretations.  And I’m sure that they’re all well-meaning, people interpreting luck and fortune directions and heretical buddhism and black magic into some sort of help.  But I can tell you from the now probably thousands of messages I get that start with “Please Help!” that it’s not always helping.

And, as you probably can tell, I don’t think it helps at all.

My only “interpretation” of feng shui is that you need to feel at home first and foremost. The way I work with the tools of feng shui are holistic.  They are best practices, and I only use the core best pratices that can be mainly be supported by the history of art, sciences, holistic healing or traditional chinese medicine.

I sometimes catch myself over-reaching into the tools because they are so rich and dynamic and then I focus back very clearly on you.  You matter most.  Your experience matters.

Your house doesn’t need to be a study in feng shui perfection to have an amazing life, and when I see people striving for perfection, usually the drive is a mental one, not a heart-felt core desire.

I started learning feng shui based on a will to heal myself and my life.  My heart was wide open.

Heartfelt core desires, well, those are stunningly powerful. I’ve seen it over a decade.

Perfection-drives fall flat.  It’s kind of like writing a book following a formula and making sure, primarily, that everything is formatted right, things are spelled correctly and the grammar is standard and exceptional.

Would you read that book?

Maybe….  But it sounds so boring and so tedious!

Where’s the soul, the page turning insane riffs, the passionate romance and delicious characters that you want to know… you want to meet… you can’t stop turning the pages…

That’s what’s alive!  That’s what’s magnetic!

I don’t want you to have a boring and tedious life.

Add soul to your space. Add soul to your days.  This is fuel, color and dimension.


Of course, there are amazing things to be found in all kinds of healing arts and self-betterment and wellness.

But, when you stop mattering in the process and the “healing art” or the rules and dogma are taking over as the “cause” of your problems or the “solution” for things without your participation, that’s when the ground is shaky.

It reminds me of the time in my life that without– a famous psychic, energy healer, and a litany of other things and people that were outside of myself– I couldn’t feel secure.

It happened slowly, then quickly.

I was anxious, confused, stuck… I was a speck of myself. It took me years to get my energy and confidence back because it was so hard to forgive myself.

If you’ve given the reigns to other people or to dogma that has you feeling trapped, forgive yourself.

You can’t fault yourself for wanting the best possible life or the best solutions to your problems.

Then, you might want to start tuning in in ways that feel good. Alone time, quiet, nature… What are you really needing?

I’ve found a lot of amazing and even life-saving gifts in healers, in self-betterment, in spirituality… and I’ve also lost my soul and self in all of the above.

You know the difference between what you’re “engaged with” and what’s “happening to you.”

You know the difference between feeling powerful and feeling dreadfully confused and unlucky and damned or cursed.

I wish I could hire a web designer who did work I loved, but the requirement that I was given that I could have no participation or ideas added to the design in order for my new blog to “reach it’s full potential” really squashed my spirit.

Twelve years ago, I would have hired him in a second. I wanted other people to do everything that was best and I wanted to be told how to live.  I came to know that was a fast track to nowhere.

Superstition works the same way.

We can do it with diets, talismen, oracles, stepping on cracks in the pavement…and in feng shui, depending on what you’re reading, you’ll find tons of it.

Nothing is more powerful than you.

Lots of great knowledge can support you.

Nothing will ever take the place of your connection and participation in all of life.

So, you have nothing to worry about if you’ve read you’re going to have bad luck in the Chinese New Year or anything else!

You’re the luck-maker, the passion-bringer and all that magic you’re hoping for has everything to do with you.

xoxo Dana



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Deep self-love.  Lalah Delia, a beacon of hard-core high vibe brilliance, shoots straight at the truth with this simple message.

It’s almost like she’s been following me around for the last month or two, it hits home in such a big way.

Presently, self-love looks very different from what you might think in my own house.  It’s still got its blizzards of essential oils,  experimental salads,  ritual baths, potions and energy clearing in so many ways, but they’re all reserved for when I’m really craving any or all of them…if at all.

Right now, I’m being rained on by the Universe these days with messages everywhere I turn.  Dreams that are so crisp they’re absolutely real, messages in my inbox, happenstance, synchronicity. Even weird occurences that would once rattle me (like almost getting mugged last night, a story for another time!) that shake out to be proof of a feeling that’s guiding me the right way.

I’ve also been making some unorthodox and, by some people’s standards, batshit-crazy decisions lately to give myself what I deeply needed.   Sleeping 10+ hours a day, shutting off my phone at 8pm most days, speaking my mind even if I don’t only have pretty words to speak, and when I do have loving words to speak that I’d be apt to hold back.

It’s brought me the perfect next steps. It’s pointing me in directions I never would have “thought up” myself.  It’s showing me how absolutely hollow some things now ring that I once thought I “needed”. It’s bringing people and ideas and opportunities into my life in ways that are shattering my mind in ways that are glorious.

I’m honored, humbled and, as they say in some circles, feeling pretty “woke” from this decision to follow how I feel at my core as the only thing I follow now.

Feeling first.  Thinking next.

In the process, people have been wondering if I lost my passion or if I’m sick (!) bcause I’m sleeping so much and sort of dropping back into myself in a way that feels so epic I can tell you— now I am really designing my dream life.  The last 8 or so years were like a really excellent first draft compared to how I feel now.

I realize how much more I needed for me.  And, you might realize how much more you’ve needed for you.

Deep self love as a compass.  This is really thrilling in the service of anything you want, and most importantly, in the service of yourself. Continue Reading…


Bored is something I’ve felt shame at admitting.  Maybe you feel the same.

By ignoring boredome, though, it takes on a life of its own as sadness, exhaustion, burnout, creative blocks and a sense that everything is useless.

Bored as defined at  1. to weary by dullness, tedious repetition, unwelcome attentions, etc.

I might add that boredome is also: robotic, exhausted, disconnected.  And, it can be the death of goals and dreams.

I hit such a place of extreme boredom that it scared me.  I didn’t know what happened to my passion and energy.  I didn’t want to admit it to anyone.  After nearly a year (yes, a year) of trying to fight against this sinking dread I broke down and said I was ready to quit my whole life and start over. Yeah, it was dramatic.  Maybe a little bit of a hyperbole, but not really.  I was so over everything, and I knew that I had no idea where it began and I knew that I was not being awesomely in service to myself pertending it would go away if I took a trip or went on vacation or dyed my hair (my hair almost became three diferent colors during this time..)

There’s nothing as dramatic as being ready to walk away from something to see what’s been so wrong in such high definition.

And, there’s nothing like being OK with how you feel to get to the bottom of things .Even if you feel ungrateful and stuck in a robotic haze.

My boredom- that spiralled into burnout, heartbreaking monotony, a feeling that I was trapped in my days- was my path to a life far more amazing that I could have ever imagined.   All the “thinking” and “reasoning” I was trying to do fell away and suddenly I could feel things again, and could feel my way to the projects, ideas, deep changes… everything that I’d been trying to “figure out” started to get clear when I finally admitted how totally bored I was.

Bored isn’t as much an emotion as it is an amazing sign from the universe that it’s time to live more.

Continue Reading…