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Money Feng Shui is riddled with rules and superstition, and, luckily, none of it applies to you!

I’m excited to share some of my favorite practices for the Feng Shui Money Corner and building wealth in your whole home!

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True story: I didn’t want to do anything today. Well, after my 7:30 am trip to do my spiritual practice with friends, I did actually want to send out an email.

The day stopped after that. I didn’t want to do anything.

To be more precise, I’ve been in such a whirl of excitement I just wanted to zone out for a while and nothing seemed like it was meant to be done today.

This happens to just about all of us. Whether you’re under the weather, overwhelmed, in a down-spiral, not feeling it… whatever it is… there’s time when it seems like the best thing to do is nothing.

And, when I can do nothing, I do nothing! And if you can do nothing, I highly encourage following that feeling for a bit to recharge.

With The School of Intention Feng Shui Certification starting next week, lots of projects calling my name and lots of videos to film stretched out in front of me, the thought of actually doing “nothing” and flipping on Netflix is not that throughly appealing.

It’s in these weird spaces of time- caught between wanting a break and wanting extra hours in the day- that I often make quantum leaps forward. At these times I’m called to implement all my favorite tools and methods to recharge, feel inspired and manifest so much more.

Today’s Feng Shui can help you to make big breakthroughs any day, even if you’re not initially feeling it!

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This is the quote that I think of fondly when things start falling into place around my desires.

“…when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

And, if you don’t feel that way right now, despite the fact that you’ve been wanting things quite badly, today’s Feng Shui is full of ideas to increase your attractive powers!

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I have answered this question in many ways.

How much do you use the power of your intention?

I used to think that using the power of my intention meant that I had goals and that I was aware of them and pretty much dedicated some of my day toward them. I’d list them out each month and even each week. I practiced gratitude and all the rest.

And I still felt like I was sort of keeping up with life instead of creating it.

I wasn’t doing anything “wrong” but I wasn’t really exercising the power of my intention.

When I came to see more of what was possible when intention became a lifestyle, a home style and an operating basis all day long…

… that’s when I started to see the magic!

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I know what it feels like when it seems like all sorts of forces outside of myself are seeming to mess with my power to make things happen.

It feels like endless struggle, stress and constant high-alert duress mixed with resignation, exhaustion and a feeling like, “Maybe I should give up…?”

Do not give up. Do not agree. Do not let anything sway you.

I know from history what that feeling is and when even a brief moment’s worth of that theme of “what is… who is… why is this happening to me?!” creeps into my days, I knock it off right away.

No one and nothing can stop you.

Today I’m happy to share a few of the easy things I do that bring me back to myself and all my creative power. I’m sharing them in the hopes it will help you shake off any and all lingering feelings that anyone or anything can take your power of dim your creative magic.

It’s time to shine!

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Focus is like sun streaming through clouds. It’s welcome, it clarifies everything, things heat up and become more dynamic, colorful and inviting.

In Feng Shui in my way, your focus is your manifesting power. It’s how you bring things to life and how you soar.

Abraham Hicks has said that when you focus on something for 17 seconds, it already starts manifesting for you. The momentum kicks in to start making it happen.

In the Magic Money book series I’m reading, if you focus even for a minute on something, it comes into being.

It’s incredible to see what happens with real focus.

Real focus.

Real focus is not wavering. It’s not distracted. It’s not consumed with worry or trying to “hedge bets” and avoid disappointment.

Real focus is crisp, clear, all-in and totally committed.

Real focus is something we all can cultivate more of, and when we do, life becomes so much more directed, intentional and incredibly fun!

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There are so many ways that you can decrease stress every day. They’re practical and important, like exercise, getting enough sleep, eating well for your body and drinking enough water, getting organized and many more.

Our environment, though, collects the stress even when we’re working to let it go. It collects as dust, clutter and other energies. We can barely recognize it as the source of this stress, but the results of de-stressing your environment are enormous!

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I’ve heard this question thousands of times:

“Do you know how powerful you are?”

I’d always think, “Sure, yes, omg, of course!” and I’d then trail off in my mind to all the ways I just had forces working against me, I had issues to overcome, I had…

I had a lot of very active energies (from excuses to circumstances) that were letting me know that I couldn’t be that powerful… yet.

While I thought that I could just keep on my way and suddenly more of my power would emerge, the opposite happened:

I collected more circumstances, habits, patterns and excuses/reasons to wait longer… to not have the right timing, to sit back, to do it later…

It wasn’t until I started practicing the power of my influence over my own life– often known as intention– that I stopped stopping myself.

Practicing your power will make you so much more confident, radiant and ready to dive into everything you love, want, need and dream of right now!

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