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magic dream life boho styling

(boho home lovers: magic dream life will be your blog obsession!)

If you’re not too excited for the day, chances are you’re not alone.  The slow feelings that can wash over even the most creatively wondrous lives are a part of the natural cycle of things… but… we’ve learned to move against nature.

As a result, we’re tired and pushing ourselves uphill to get things done that require a ton of energy, we’re introspective and we throw ourselves into too many commitments, we’re feeling like rest and we show up to hike at a bootcamp training class.

We power through it all.

And, in the process, we create very negative associations with really positive things like exercise, creativity and work.

Those days where everything would feel better while curled up in bed are the perfect days to be more introspective, to seize the opportunity to get organized, to meditate, to recharge and reboot.  It’s not just physical exhaustion— creative fatigue, decision fatigue and just plain mental maxing-out of bandwidth all create the need to slow down.

If you’re having one of those days, or you daydream about time off in general, it may be time to listen to your life and make the most of your feelings! Continue Reading…

kind size gorgeous dining space

(king size)

If you’re living in a rental that you can’t be bothred to furnish, if you’re putting any part of your life on hold until you’ve fixed yourself, if you are focused on many great things but have a lingering sense that it’s not the right time to move forward… You’re not alone.

So many people don’t create a home for themselves for a monstrous amount of reasons pegged on time, money and the big one…” something better is coming soon, so I better not get too comfortable.”

Over the last ten years I’ve found that the same thinking that’s so common it’s wild leads to a waiting game…. and the waiting takes on it’s own life, helping to keep a lot of things stuck in inertia, waiting for the right time to move forward.

I know that it’s still not common to think that your home is a relection of your life, but I’m seeing big headway in this idea becoming a part of our thought processes in popular culture!  It’s true.  I’ve only and always seen it to be true: your home is a reflection of your life.

And wherever you are waiting in order to make a home happen, you’re likely holding back the magic in lots of life.

It doesn’t take money to make a place where you live into a home all the time, but it may take a little creativity, ingenuity and deep desire to feel grounded and empowered.  It doesn’t require painting the walls, but it may require the effort to sort out the clutter or move some furniture, frame some photos or DIY some art.

The reasons I hope you try this aren’t just for the sake of having a beautiful home.  That’s obviously an ideal, but it’s not at the coe of all of this.  It’s to have a beautiful life.  One where you are worthy of great things.  One where you’re present.  One where life is happening right now, not in a few months or a few years or off in the distance when things change.

Creating a home from the place where you live changes everything.

If you’re waiting for the perfect time to settle in, your wait may be over.

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as long as you can envision it

True story: every single superstar I’ve ever known they were truly famous (which is commonplace living in the middle of Los Angeles, to know superstars before they’ve become famous) had a searingly clear vision of who they were and what they wanted to achieve.

Same goes for artists: those who had a vision for their career fulfilled it far more exceedingly than those who were less inclined to define their focus.

I get the reluctance: after all, if you’re focused on one path, could you miss out on other better options?

Why commit, after all, since something better could be around the corner…right?

That seems to be the hesitancy and fear in regard to planning and refining creative goals, or goals and dreams in general.   What if I focused on writing a book and missed out on commercials?  What if I put my eggs in the basket of one discipline (like feng shui) and missed out on art jobs?  It was my fear.  It kept me… the master of nothing… for a long time.

I hear it all the time: I don’t want to limit myself with goals.  I want to be creatively free as an artist. 

I said the same thing for a long time, but once I was clear on what I wanted and my focus became very highly defined and exciting, I finally had creative freedom.  I also found my own gifts and my own genius in this focus.

If you’re trying to do a whole lot of things at once with hands in many pots, you might feel like nothing is sparking as big, nothing is as exciting, or, quite often, nothing is getting done because it’s too overwhelming.

Chances are great that you’ll find your genius amplified in far more focus and a brilliant vision for your creative life.

How clear is your vision of what you want to create? Continue Reading…

shibori pillow diy

(room for tuesday Shibori DIY) 

Shibori is a Japanese method of dye with indigo that involves the folding, or pressing, or twisting or wrapping of fabric to create mesmirizing patterns. Not only is this a stunning decor technique and a crazy-fun DIY to try, the indigo is a precious color and the patterning is quite ideal to stimulate the Third Eye chakra (so much more on this here!) to make your space a bit more mystical in the process of becoming more gorgeous!

I’m getting ready to shibori the dining room chairs… and maybe a few pillows…and maybe some napkins… so… needless to say all this indigo has me incredibly excited!

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outdoor patio

(RED online via H&M Home)

Feng shui isn’t an extra way to make life a little more magical. In fact, if my vision and wish of the future holds true, soon the paradigm of life will be : Mind + Body + Spirit + Environment!

It’s been proven over and again in so many ways that the way your home looks and feels on so many levels impacts your wellbeing, wealth, creativity and, truly, every aspect of life.

Today, let’s look at some of the ways that your home affects your life. And, of course, I’ve included some simple ways to maximize your home to get the goodness flowing today! Continue Reading…

labradorite from @soliloquyjewelry


Labradorite.  It’s a stone with a cosmic wow-factor and a wild meaning.  It’s thought to sheild you from negative energies while opening up your psychic abilities, intuition and creativity.

Amazing right?

That’s the ideal way to live… basking in love.

That’s probably the fastest way to brilliance: shielding yourself from the negative and opening up to all the magic within.

The biggest hidden clutter in this equation, though, is something pretty spectacular: there’s negative stuff that we generate all by ourselves.

It isn’t other people’s bad vibes or judgements or habits; we create a whole lot of our own obstacles in our minds.

If you’ve been known to want to think things through endlessly, run through past events in a cycle to try to make sense of them, or even try to figure out the future before you take the first step toward it… you may be the generator of your own negative blocks.


You may be weakening the glow of your own life in all this rationalizing.

The seemingly harmless and seemingly noble habit of trying very diligently and rationally to “figure things out” can be a huge way to get very stuck.

Let go of that pattern of over-thinking.

So much intuitive, psychic, brilliant, creative magic is waiting!

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bob claudat

This is what happens when I ask Bob if he wants an orange.

This look, so endearing, and so mesmerized!

These days, he eats a quarter of a seeded organic orange almost every day.  He also eats small bites of seeded apples, carrots shredded, cooked green beans, peas and squash… yogurt… and soon, much much more.

His cousin Gordon started him on the real food trend, and as it turns out, the heath benefits of your furry family members eating more fruits and veggies are beyond fantastic!

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(image via Weekend Ramblings)

I’ve always been a fan of using bar soaps- the purest, simplest and most basic ones.  Since I was a kid I sought out the most natural of soap bars from bulk bins, health food stores and street fairs.

That said, these simple bars get the job done… but they are very basic.  I’ve always said that if there was a soap that could so a bit more for my skin without becoming impure and loaded with toxins, I’d be all over it.

Today is that day!  PureErb soaps are Chantal Moore’s pick of the week.  Literally bursting with herbs and botanicals, they are like a magic potion distilled into an elegant bar of soap! Continue Reading…