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Are You Ready For More Love In Your Life?!

The Power Of Trusting The Good & Bad Vibes You Feel!


When things get blurry— when nothing’s working right, when decisions aren’t being made, when action is feeling futile, when you’re chasing worry or lamenting the past or trying to sort out the future in hypotheticals- that’s when it feels like something’s happened and the way to make it stop happening is like quicksand to navigate.

What we focus on will grow, and it’s so easy to start focusing on the half full glass, the things that haven’t arrived, the mess that needs attending to that is daunting…

Times like this, people would tell me, “Oh, you really need to know there’s a lesson in this. There’s going to be a big thing to learn.”

I’d learned that lesson, twenty times, thirty, and here it was again.

My mind felt like a sieve when overwhelm hit.  No meditation would cure me.  No wisdom speak did anything. No amount of affirmation could change the landslide that was happening.

There were a few things, however, that did change a whole lot of everything!

Even when it’s not a storm of problems, I lean into these things to keep on my own path.

And, as we head into a season of love feng shui, it’s been the theme of my life these days to stay in the space of love and let the rest sort of fall away.

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I know that lots of people are into hacks such to boost motivation, and I’m all for a good tip to get the energy flowing. In fact, I collect them, because one never knows when the bit of enchantment will break open the universe in terms of creating clarity.

These boosts are always welcome, but there are times when they’re not going to work to bring you to the great big idea, the next project, the next steps in whatever you’re doing.

We all have a creative process.  Our process works with our energy, our paradigm, or dreams and our life in a very core way.

Not all of the process is jumping for joy and plowing through manuscripts and making giant leaps every day. And, when it’s not, it’s tempting in our world of “go, go, go!” to think that we’re suddenly blocked, cursed, cosmically at a standstill…

Then, it’s easy to corrupt the process by judging ourselves, bemoaning the muses and good fortune that hasn’t arrived, to get off track, to start pushing through when there’s nothing to push…

At the end of all this, it’s also easy to decide that being creative is just not for you.

But it’s everything.  And it is for you.

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Yes, everything is magnetic.  At least everything we see every day, everywhere around us.

Magnetism, roughly defined, is the force exerted on something by charged particles.

A magnet itself will pull toward it or repel from it another magnet.

We are all magnetic.  We have a magnetic field.  The largest magnetic field we have is radiating from our heart.

This means: you are either magnetically sending things away or drawing them near.

BOTH are magnetism at work.

If you want more of something… create enough charged particles to draw it into your life.

This is, at a basic level, how feng shui operates in practical terms.  You’re charging up your space to attract more of what you want, eliminating the things that attract more of what you don’t want.

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I don’t think any of us need expensive things in order to make awesome work and awesome lifestyle choices, but when it comes to the tools we use to move through our day and create, make and do, upgrades are always a good thing to consider!

Creativity is a flowing electricity. It’s a current that streams through us.  It makes us feel alive on an elevated level.  It’s charismatic.  It’s productive.  It’s… FUN.  And the more of it we have, the more of it we want, as it well should be!

Anything that creates more flow creates more creativity.  Including the tools we use all day to make things happen!

If you’re looking for a boost of magnetism and motivation, inspiration and ease, this can be a big one, even if you make some small choices!  Continue Reading…


In so many ways we get messages every day showing us a direction to move in. How we interpret them, though, and whether or not we listen, is all very different based on where we’re at emotionally, mentally and in all ways.

Vibration determines how we interpret the day, how we see the signs and how things progress.

It’s all energy.

And LOVE changes everything.

Today is all about listening to life and staying on your best-feeling, most abundant and true path.  Continue Reading…

What fuels your energy fuels your life.

What your attention flows toward is what you’re growing.

Place a premium on self-care — yes, taking incredibly amazing care of yourself— and you’ll watch your life expand in ways greater than you may have ever imagined!!! Continue Reading…

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Self-compassion is the deepest kind of self-love that I was missing. I had very good justifications for it, too.

I wasn’t born rich and I had too much responsibility to screw up my life.  I had too many people dependent on me to be very “chill” about my life plans.  I had to create my own safety net.  And… I am just not a big fan of doing less than my best.

I didn’t know “how to fail.”  The idea of falling short in some way seemed the most horrifying and paralyzing fear.  And, I could never let it go if I made a mistake… so my hyper-vigilance became this maddening fear that kept me always on edge.

If I heard the words, “Don’t be so hard on yourself…!” from a friend, a family member, a stranger (!) another time, ugh, it annoyed me so much because people didn’t understand that it was just how I was.  

And, not-so-secretly, I thought it was a part of my greatness.

In truth, it would haunt me.  I’d lose sleep over it.  I would fall into incredible despair because I couldn’t take risks, I couldn’t “just have fun” and I definitely couldn’t be “irresponsible.”

I thought it was the price to pay to achieve things.  In essence, I was paying an enormous price and soon getting little in return to show for it.

Today’s love-filled feng shui is all about self-compassion.  If you’re not that great at forgiving yourself, or being easy on yourself, or putting yourself first… it may be the key to unlock a much happier and more truly-successful life! Continue Reading…

If you are ready for a breakthrough, the breakthrough is ready for you.

If it feels like there may be reasons why today is not the day,or the day is far out in the future, it’s time to find the magic in right now.

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