Clutter Clearing To Live Your Best Life!!!

10 Easy Ways You Can Clear Clutter In 10 Minutes!

Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

8 Eye-Opening Discoveries Gained By De-Cluttering Life!

The Rice Experiment Has Blown My Mind & Proven The Power Of Love

New experiences, new jobs, new things… they are all new energy.

It’s energy that comes in to us easier when we’re really open to it and ready for it.

Getting ready is a big part of the process of making things happen.

As Abraham Hicks wisely says, “You are powerfully on your path. And you are just beginning the best part of your life.”

Today’s Feng Shui is all about this place of readiness and stepping into a larger arena in life!

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When the creative manifesting flow is going, it’s hard to stop moving with it!

Getting to that flow can be the trick that’s not a trick. It’s literally the easiest thing to do, and even I (who lives in a world of creative instigation all day long every day) forget how easy it is!

Feng Shui at it’s best– in the ways I’ve been practicing and now teaching (The School of Intention is coming back for a new season soon!)– was born out of a collaboration with thousands of you over the years. I did’t “create it in my mind” or “make it on my own.” It’s all born of a big creative wave that so many of us have been on together for a long time.

If you’re just joining in, you are a part of that wave, too, if you want to be!

It’s not just about where you place a fountain or what color you paint your door or what the money corner looks like. It’s about life being fully activated and the wave of magnetism continually growing.


Let’s create more waves today full of magnificent magnetic energy!

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Are you asking for what you really want or what you think is… “realistic” that isn’t that exciting?

Are you not quite fully looking forward to and creating things you want to experience because they’ve become confusing or overwhelming?

Is everything really hard to do, even the things that were once fun or you thought would be fun?

Whenever one or a few of these is true for me, it’s a sign that something isn’t quite right because I’m not really that aligned with what I’m meant to be “manifesting.”

Usually it’s too general a goal, or too small an aim, or too disconnected from my true desires and… it’s time to ask the Universe for what I really want!

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Whether you’re looking to solve problems, expand your horizons or start something completely new, there’s always a time for brainstorming.

There’s nothing that can’t be solved when you’re ready with arms wide open to all the possibilities!

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(I love everything @dkrenewal sells!!!)

Contrary to the notion I once had that stellar homes were designed by designers and assembled by their teams and then things were perfect, even homes designed by interior designers don’t have a power source without your participation.

Living in a home wakes up it’s energy. Adding, shifting and changing rooms brings them freshness and dynamism. Changing things up when you’ve grown (or you’re getting ready for a growth spurt in life!) creates a new paradigm for you to live within.

All of this is done project-by-project, step-by-step, new book-by-new candle.

All of this is something you can do. Right now. Where you are.

Here are 10 of the most recent shifts I’ve made at home that have been shockingly powerful. Even after doing this for 15 years with thousands of people, I’m still amazed at the difference even the smallest changes can make!

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I start the day remembering one, and sometimes more, of the above and letting it organize my day. Mainly, I decide these days that I’m going to feel great and put myself first. The rest tends to fall into place

I love the work that @jane_lightworker shares on Instagram because it hits me at a core level.

When I forget these things or I’m too busy or just off in some way in my own energy, it’s wild how far off the magic tracks things can veer.

Personal Energy tune ups keep my magic flowing every day. They’re the kind of lifestyle Feng Shui that I’m always excited to share!

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Being the next level is way more fun than thinking about it.

It’s something you can do right now, rather than something of in the future to long for.

It’s something that doesn’t require tearing your life apart and throwing things upside down, though you are welcome to go as big with this as you’d like!

When you Feng Shui your home in the ways that I work that depart in huge ways from everything else out there, the next level and all the manifestation isn’t hinging on luck or hope or trying to get everything right so that the universe complies. It’s actually all about right now, in the moment, choosing a new paradigm you want and deciding to live it!

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We all need room to grow. We also need the energy to grow.

Seeds need a space to be planted. And, seeds need fertile soil, water and sometimes extra food to turn into productive plants.

Plants have a wisdom where they will slow down their production of shoots or leaves or go onto a dormancy or adapt in other ways when the conditions for growth aren’t optimal so that they can survive.

We humans also have those instincts, but it’s more common than not to override them and stay up three hours longer, take on more that feels “natural,” do way more than we need to simply because our will can be so strong…

Basically, we can work against Nature– and our true nature- in the name of creating success. But… that doesn’t create thriving.

Listening to your own calls to break, sleep, walk away for a few days or simply drop something(s) off the to-do list can be life-changing.

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