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10 Feng Shui Ways To Attract Wealth!

Are you ready for a next level?  Are you ready to put a more energized, balanced and purposeful you into the world? Are you ready to fulfill a bigger vision?

I know these questions sound very self-helpy.  And I used to truly hate hearing them.  Until, needed to hear them and live them.

If you’re in a place where it feels like things are declining instead of thriving, you may need an energy upgrade of some sort, even bigger visions and even more love everywhere you look.

The answers— the exact actions— are not always instant to arrive, but as I write this during Mercury Retrograde, the cosmically-themed time of life revisions and upgrades, I can feel the cells in my body saying : “Yes! Let’s have more energy!”   I can feel my core saying, “Honor yourself more.”

I’ve come to see that I can’t ignore the signs that energetic upgrades are due— for my body, my mind, and of course, my home.

The common signs I’ve seen in the last decade that a next-level is calling are sometimes unusual or paradoxical. And,  they’re a great starting place if you’re looking to move higher and don’t know where to start or quite what’s happening.  You’re being called to rise higher!  Continue Reading…

If you feel like you’re powerless in a situation that is full of potential, you’re not alone.

Lots of us have been taught that “there’s only so much you can do” or “luck just isn’t on your side.”

I’ve had plenty of situations where everything was seemingly stacked against me and well-meaning people tried to console me that I could always do something else, I could aim lower, I could try less, I could be happy with what I had, even if what I had wasn’t enough, or I could get rid of my standards and see my present results as something to be proud of.

I tried all of the above when I believed I had no power to change things.

It’s like reading a horoscope that says that the planets are against you, or the news that says the economy is in crisis, and suddenly you’re in trouble, even though there was no trouble before.

No one is to “blame” because this is sort of the general ethos — either you’re lucky or you’re not, either the chips are stacked on your side or they’re not.  Some of these ideas get wired into us, like we’re computers with a program that says… “Oh, now, there’s nothing you can do…”

All of this has led me to places and decisions in the past that have spiralled to places I wish I’d never seen- desperation, illness, fear, and… living without a voice.

To move from this place of “I am so screwed,” to ,”I’m on top of the world,” isn’t a big leap.  It’s all a decision.  Shifting the energy in your life will start many waves of change!  Continue Reading…

My friend told me a few days ago she was done fighting for things.  She’d been fighting for jobs, relationships, peace, adventures… and she was exhausted.  She said she was ready to surrender and just let go of all the must-haves and trying to beat down the doors. Once she decided that, peace was restored to life.  And from there, the new doors started to open.

You can beat down doors.  We hear those stories of people who were rejected a million times but on time “one million and one” they were accepted.  We hear about the people who embrace struggle so deeply that it’s part of their DNA and after much suffering, they succeed with what they’re looking for.

Given the toll that stress takes on our lives and the ways that pressure actually closes doors (ie: how creeped out do you feel by high-pressure sales people?) , today, we’re looking at a new way to open doors that is way less of a draining nightmare.  You’ll still need to show up and do the work, but it can be far more exciting than we’ve possibly come to believe.   Continue Reading…


Happiness is a choice.  When you’re not happy, it doesn’t feel as though there is a choice in the matter.  But, in many instances, it is.

Happiness can also bring you more wealth.  On a basic level, we all want to work with people who are uplifting. We are all attracted to light energy.  We all feel better in a space of cheerfulness.

When we practice anything, we create mental grooves in our brains as well as changes in our electrical energy fields.  It becomes more second-nature to do the things we practice.  Some call it “muscle memory” or “mastery”.  It’s what happens when we can suddenly speak a new language we’ve studied forever or change a long-time habit or learn a new skill with repetition.

This also applies to happiness and mindset.  You can practice it.  In the process of the practice, you can generate more wealth in your life!  Continue Reading…

I don’t dwell on the dark, but if the dark comes in, it’s not just a block to life flowing… it’s an enormous opportunity.

Not only is clearing the dark stuff a chance to break through to a whole new level of life, it’s also a chance to see how that stuff got in in the first place… and send it away for good!!!

We are light and love and radiance as our true nature.  None of us want the heaviness, upset or any of the torrents that come along with it.

So, before you fall into a hole of the dark, if  that cloud is looming around, it’s time to usher in far more light and use this time as an opportunity to channel all your power into enormous strength and growth.


Darkness, we are done with you. Continue Reading…

Opportunity.  Doors opening that have incredible gifts waiting behind them.  Infinite directions to move in, and infinite support as you move.

Opportunity is immense.

The idea of opportunity doesn’t only bring with it abundance (like if you were, say, handed a check) , but, also, opportunity is full of a wealth of things to build like great reputation, great fortune, great experience, incredible fun, bigger love, learning, discovery…

Some people make choices based solely on money, which I do understand and respect.  But, if you’re unfulfilled while making money right now, you may want to create more opportunities. Continue Reading…

One of the many reasons I am very careful about “preaching” the rules of feng shui, or the rules of anything, is that is spurs this desire I think we all innately have to “get everything right.”

Essentially, it triggers an impulse to control things. After all, if you follow all the rules it logically should follow that you get what you want, right? So the more exacting we can be the more we’ll be experiencing all kinds of magical results, whether from feng shui, special fitness plans, life philosphies, jobs, all of it, right? It means the more perfectly we adhere, the more excllence we recieve.

But, if you’ve been in a perfect situation that feels terrible, if you’ve followed every rule and gotten no results, if you’ve doubled-down on being exacting and have nothing to show for it, you’re not a failure.  Control is failing you.

Control in an exacting sense is what we’re talking about today— dogma, perfectionism, a need to have it all exactly right, a need to fit a mold or check things off a list.

Right now, I see this conrol streak blazing through wellness as much as it blazes through our lives in so many ways.

The thing is: this kind of control is limiting.  It’s also teetering on the brink of insane stress, pressure and zero fulfillment.

In my feng shui Camps, I do share the core “rules”, the principles of feng shui, but I’ve realized over the last four years that the reason the successes are so wild is that the application is all abou a lack of perfection, a following of feelings and undestanding for yourself just how powerful you are.  As The Cash Camp intro videos roll (you can grab ’em here!) , I am very acutely aware of the want we all have to “get things right” to get a positive result, and I’m reminded and reminding everyone, not to leave their heart and soul and faith and energy out of the process!

We need to know the best practices, yes.  We don’t need to let the best practices rival our dynamic brilliance.

Ready to control less and prosper more?! Continue Reading…

We aren’t perfect, you know?

You’re possibly never going to fulfill every single passion you’ve ever come upon. And there’s no one who is everything to everyone. Not everything will look, sound and be seamless.

But, this drive to have it all “right” seems like the right kind of drive, you know?

Yet, it’s one more block to just going for it.

From love to money to creativity to fitness and on and on, we are as ready for things as we allow ourselves to be.  If you’ve got to be perfect and have things wrapped in ribbons before you launch a dream into the world, you’re always not going to be ready.  And things won’t show up as easily, because, well, you’ve already decided you’re not good enough yet, you know?

There are tons of people who are super-successful and wildly imperfect because everyone is wildly imperfect, and everything can be improved.


In this season of wealth feng shui as the Cash Camp approaches, I have my mind on the blocks I’ve seen appear for so many people- including myself- that put success in every way far far out into the future when we are good enough, rich enough, find the perfect things, etc, etc.

Let’s take all that well-meaning drive toward super-excellence and perfection and channel it into awesome stuff today, right now! Continue Reading…