The One Thing That Will Make Your Life Extraordinary

What If You Woke Up Tomorrow With Only The Things You Were Thankful For Today?

Your Words And Emotions Will Transform Your World!

Start Writing A New Chapter Of Your Story!

Transform The Place Where You Live Into An Amazing Home….In 8 Weeks!

decor with stripes

(vintage revivals)

One way to really fix attention in a space is to use bold stripes… power stripes I like to call them.  They are a very big statement, but the results are memorable, fresh and fun.  These powerful stripe looks can inspire your own space shift to create more focused and graphic wow-factor!  Continue Reading…


Do you imagine that when you become all that you can be that you will be nothing but smiles and joy and love for every minute? I hope so, in an ideal universe, but that’s a very high and unrealistic bar to set for anyone, and it typically leads to more frustration than awesomeness.

You may be way closer to living up to your potential than you think!  And… when you wash away the need to be pefect, you may get there much faster than you imagined!  Continue Reading…

ben weiner

Ben Weiner zeroes in on his subjects- whether they are pearls or globs of paint- and exposes an entire universe within each well-framed close up.  Gooey texture, hot color, flowing lines and the monumental creative potention of p[alletttes filled with paint make these works so dazzling for the day!  Continue Reading…



I am not one for quick fixes, but I am a lover of the many ways to get unscrambled, un-stuck and find more focus in a day.  I’m betting you are, too… if they work! Today I want to share a super-quick energy exercise to get focused… in a few seconds.  I’ve been testing it out for a while now.  Friends, family… everyone is having ah-ha! moments.  Perhaps today you will, too?! Continue Reading…

live a life you are proud of


(inspirational collages)

It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, what you actually accomplish or who notices, what matters is that every day you can sleep well feeling proud about all you brought to the day.  That’s the mega-lesson a lot of hyper-celebrated successful people who hate themselves and their lives have taught me.  Don’t learn the hard way. Live in a way that makes you proud…! xoxo Dana

collard greens

This is much more of a food idea post than a major recipe, yet its a great way to expand your repertiore of superfood choices with very little investment or effort.  I wish I hadn’t waited so long to try it.  I have definitely wasted loads of money buying these pre-made, puzzled as to how to make it come together.  If only I knew how easy it really was….

The collard green wrap.

Today I fiddled with a giant pile of collard greens to come up with a very easy way to do a wrap that is totally convenient and delicious.  The great news is that once you get your leaves all prepared, these take just a moment to fill and serve like little superfood sushi rolls! Continue Reading…

handmade pottery

The the rise of the handmade movement is no surprise— the more digitally linked we become the more the actual fades from life. In the digital space we can get so many bytes of information, so much to fill our mind, even lots of video.  What is missing is the element of touch, the viceral scent of real life, the stuff that makes for true connection.

Of course, I lean into Nature when I think of the handmade, because Nature can literally heal your life. (*more on this HERE).  There’s a reason I wish for all of you to get crafty, or to indulge in the crafty on some level, and it has everything to do with energy.  Continue Reading…

sea salt

 (so this is what salt looks like in the sea!)

Sea salt is so beautiful it’s surreal.  It’s no wonder something so elementally powerful is harvested in areas that resemble paradise.

Sea salt is rejuvenating for your body, to breathe it in saunas can purify your whole respiratory system, to bathe in it brings you minerals and draws out toxins…. And there are more ways to use sea salt… particularly to let its magnetic greatness suck some of the stagnant and stale bad energy vibes from your home.

If you want to really purify your home & life, these sea salt tricks can create lots of fresh space.   Continue Reading…