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If you feel stuck… creativity is the electricity that changes everything.

If you’re facing obstacles… creativity is the electricity that changes everything.

If you’re waiting more of anything… creativity is the electricity that changes everything.

There are so many ways that creativity can change your life and you don’t even have to make art to harness this electricity!

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The 2021 energy is incredibly exciting, especially if you love change and creativity and growth– and I’m betting that you do!

My sister Nicole shared her 2021 Numerology of the year with me and today I’m sharing a video of inspired ways to activate these themes in your life:

How are you expanding your creativity this year?! I’m excited to hear what you’re up to!



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And: You can contact my sister Nicole here for Numerology, Energy Clearing and Intuitive Energy Alignment by sending a message that we’ll forward to her: 

xoxo Dana 

Innovation is a huge theme for me, always.

It happens to be a huge theme of 2021 and beyond is all cosmic ways — and if you missed the 2021 Feng Shui it’s all HERE for you.

Innovation is –creativity, ingenuity, the Cosmic meeting the Practical and… it keeps life interesting.

Whether you’re innovating to make your perfect cup of coffee or your entire career, this eye toward innovation elevates everything.

Right now, I’m doing major innovation in my storage and personal archives, a few creative projects, my time scheduling and, on a side note, my hair care.

There’s always something new to learn and today we’ll look at some strategies to spark some genius in every day!

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For as long as I can remember, quite literally, creativity has been my freedom, salvation, rhythm and power. I’ve leaned on it as a small child to both entertain myself and extricate myself from more trauma than I could process, it’s been the absolute key to any bit of personal or professional success I’ve ever had and it’s the center of my universe in terms of how I think, feel and manifest.

I’m not unique. We all, in our own ways, have this creative magic wand.

You can theorize about “blocks” and wax poetic about innate talents, but neither special gifts we’re born with or immense challenges we’re faced with have anything to do with how creative we are.

Creativity is a choice at many times and a habit for many people over time.

You can make that choice to lean into your creativity- your self-expression, your feelings, your artistry, your wild ideas and small intuitive nudges– every single day.

The more you practice being you at your most self-expressed, the more you’ll see creativity as the center of your universe.

Creativity is a flow of energy like electricity.

When energy isn’t moving freely (jammed up in clutter, overthinking, exhaustion, pressure and too many things at once) things can start to feel like… the magic has drained out of life.

Today we’re going to look at some very practical ways to turn your creative magic way up right now.

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2021 Feng Shui is all about creative ways to achieve your dreams.

The themes of 2021 are all lighter, more innovative, more creative and more dynamic than in recent times.

It’s time to set yourself up for success and make your dreams come true in the New Year!

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P.P.S.: The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification Program starts soon. HERE is where you can get the details and register for this one-of-a-kind Feng Shui training.

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Happy New Year!!!  

2021 has finally arrived and the themes of this year are revitalizing, inspiring, optimistic, creative and empowering!    

Innovation and expansion- both personally and professionally.  Clarity and commitment producing major abundant success.  More freedom in all ways that feel fantastic.  More unity.  More art. More living your life as art. 

I’ve got red envelopes stuffed full of wishes for 2021 because I’m all-in on this being a year full of positive change for everyone.

Red is one of the many symbolic ways to supercharge your desires.  Write them in a red pen or marker.  Or, put them in a red envelope.  One year I didn’t have red envelopes but I had red crayons so I colored an envelope and that felt both crafty and powerful, too!

You can also just keep your list of intentions and goals somewhere prominent so you see them every day, you can read them often and you can stay focused on all that you’re committed to creating in the year ahead. 

Do what feels best, because that’s always what will work best for you!

Today, we’ll look at some of the big energy-shifting themes of 2021 that are a Fresh Start in themselves, and some Feng Shui to stay in the flow of abundance in all ways! 

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At its core, the work you’ll read about on this blog is a method of home + life expansion. It’s an evolution of Feng Shui, some say a revolution, and the concepts don’t exist anywhere else in the world of home design + Feng Shui.

And the ultimate purpose of it all is very simple: this work is here to help you to manifest your greatest potential.

Abraham Maslow called this state of “living your best life” Self-Actualization.

And that’s what we’re going to be talking about today: you shining as your best self.

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2021 is a fresh year and that freshness is exemplified in the themes that emerge from the Numerology of the year.

Every year, my sister Nicole Claudat, a numerologist and a brilliant intuitive energy expert, writes about the themes of the year to come.

Today she’s sharing the energy of the #5 Universal Year that is 2021. May you all flourish and prosper on every level, supported by all this expansive energy!

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