7 Ways That Changing Your Space Can Bring You More Money !

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10 Ways Your Space Can Help You Build Your Wealth!

The Awesome Feng Shui For Building Wealth That You Haven’t Heard!

10 Feng Shui Ways To Attract Wealth!

mind map organization

If you need to organize your thoughts, your plans, your home or your life in any way… a mind map can help in a big way.  Some people use these maps to study.  Some use them to plan creative endeavors.  I’ve seen them used as a business plan and I’ve used them to organize projects and bring them to life.

I’ve been using mind maps in my own ways for years, and when I recently learned to make them more extensive, to use all the science and all the creative power that they can have to their greatest advantage, I was hooked and had to share this so you can start drawing your own maps of brilliance and bringing things to life with greater ease! Continue Reading…

mr bones pumpkin patch

There’s something to be found in every single day that builds abundance, fulfillment and excitement.  Really.  There’s always something!  If you’re burned out, bored or frustrated, there’s still something.  If you’re not up for travel, there’s still something.  If you’re single and wishing you were in a relationship, there’s much you can do to make the most of your time that’s all for you.

Every single day there’s something you can do that will bring more light, energy and forward motion to your days.  There’s always something memorable to be explored, pursued or created.

I’m now known for seeking out little seen experiences, rare hikes, saying yes to adventures, diving into books, immersive spiritual experiences… and I used to do very little of this.  In fact, I did very little of most things because I didn’t see the opportunities everywhere around me.  Like the famous Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch yesterday, the opening of the Silverlake Music Conservatory, the Rainforest Hike… all this week… and the week is not over yet!!!

Start your day with the thought that you’re going to make the most of the day… and from there, make it happen!  Continue Reading…

pink salt for teeth

Smiles lift up the world!

Our teeth play a huge role in our heath and wellness.  In my immersion Camps I’ve noticed that a huge leap forward for some was taking on a long-overdue trip to the dentist, and in my life I’ve seen the same with friends.  Even the dogs have dentists now, and the link between caring for teeth and overall wellness is huge.  Holistic dentists see a mirror between tooth health and body health.  Each tooth also corresponds to various organs and even various emotions.  THIS chart is fascinating in that regard.  

Given I’ve spend so much time in reasearch, trial and error to create changes in my own dental wellness (which is overall wellness!) I thought it would be a great time to share all I’ve learned through  this period of big habit shifts that can shift so much in energy, vitality and wellbeing.   Continue Reading…

quantum energy

We are entangled with our stuff.  On a molecular level.  An actual sub-microscopic quantum level.

Some have theorized that we’re entangled with everyone we meet in some way as well.

If you love things and people, that enmeshed and blended quality feels great.  But… when the ties are toxic and you don’t feel good with the stuff you’re storing in your life… well… that’s when the entanglements become troublesome and confusing.

When we disengage from these entanglements— giving things away, donations, clutter clearing— we create space for the new in a profound way because we actually disentangle ourselves from this stuff and find ourselves so much more free!

If you’ve wondered why you feel attached to things that are full of bad memories, things you don’t even like or things that you’ve outgrown… here’s some science that can explain why! Continue Reading…

lake hollywood

It’s no big secret that nature is a healing agent.

You can read some incredible studies HERE about our lives with Nature.  The most impressive  one that stands out to me: extensive hospital studies showed a rapid increase in healing rates for patients that have a view of green grass outside of a window.

It’s stunning how much Nature is in our DNA.

Dramatic things happen when we connect to Nature.  And that’s why this Nature connection is fundamental to Tao.  Tao is that which connects us to the power of our environment and our life. Tao is what makes life come to live.  Tao is what makes you feel at home. Tao is everything.

More Nature doesn’t require camping.  More Nature doesn’t require special skills.

More of the energy of Nature is available to all of us if we seize upon the opportunity all the time! Continue Reading…

brilliant bath remedies

(health central) 

To know me is to know I love my detox baths.  While all of these are not detoxing, they are all (with the exception of Jello which I’d only allow in my own home if it’s natural and without dyes) nourishing, relaxing and simple to do!

A few tips:

For the milk bath, you can use milk that’s a bit past it’s expiration date thatyou wouldn’t want to drink, perhaps, but hasn’t soured.  

For the green tea bath, you can brew up the tea first in a pasta-size pot (boiling the water, steeping the bags) and then add it without the bags to the bath to get a more potent dose of tea. 

For the olive oil, if you exfoliate first with a dry brush or you sit in the bath and loofa first befoer adding the oil, you’ll have a greater chance of soaking up the oil into your skin rather than it laying on top of your skin. 

Be creative, love your bathtime & enjoy the self-love!

xoxo Dana


creating genius creativity book

Welcome to Creating Genius!
I spent the last year creating this e-guide to balancing and unblocking life by pulling together the best of a decade of space-changing and life-shifting feng shui! It’s 50 days and 50 ways to use feng shui to shift your space and your routines to move from “stuck” to creatively inspired and alive.

Start Creating Genius right HERE!

Gather up your magic & make gorgeous dreams come true!

xoxo Dana

biology of belief

When Freddie Mercury proclaimed, “I won’t be a rock star. I will be a legend,” you can see the power of words in action.  This isn’t a new thing.  We know that affirmations work.  We know that there’s a power in positive thinking.  Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about BELIEFS becoming BIOLOGY – literally, your thoughts shaping your genetics.  This is all scientifically proven.

What fascinates me is exploring what limiting beliefs actually do.  Looming obviously or non-obviously in your life, these limitations are usually things you can’t see or hear obviously, but they show up in life in the glass ceilings, the stuff you can’t really articulate, the ways that the same stuff repeats over and over…

If you look at where things have not changed despite your best efforts- and maybe even all kinds of vision boards and affirmations-  there are likely some beliefs beneath it all that are keeping things stuck in place.

If you’re ready to open up to a whole new way of life, start revamping those beliefs… simply and completely!

Continue Reading…

flowers in the market

Life is art at it’s best.  And even the most artistic life can be filled with pressure that crates stress.

Pressure has been scientifically proven to cause no great effects.  You can read so many studies here about how pressure depresses life.  Lot’s of us have been raised or conditioned to believe that without pressure, we’re not really achieving anything big.

That’s not actually even scientifically true!

Today, it’s time to get much more relaxed, free and easy.

When you let the pressure out of life, your brain can work better as it’s more plastic and free.  Your creative energy is open without the restriction of pressure.  The feng shui flow of abundance is only rich and dimensional without lots of stress and pressure.  

To unhook from pressure, tap into ideas and routines, colors and textures that support your life and bring you genius…!  Continue Reading…