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(kim keever art– wow!)

More flow, more ease, more grace, more “magic.”

That’s part of the point of making life changes, right? Opening up to more power, feeling more confident and knowing you are where you are supposed to be, and knowing things are falling into place.

Flow can be hard at times even though it’s techinically meant to be easy because we have so many ways to get blocked or stuck, but today I want to explore some simple ways to get your energy moving if it’s been stagnant for too long.

Here are some ways to open up the flow in your life and find more feng shui magic of balance in every day…! Continue Reading…

I have had quite the adventure so far,  looking for the perfect pieces for my new home.  Making a clean sweep of nearly everything I own suddenly – wihin 15 days- I felt lighter, brighter and more amazing than I realized would be possible as I really liked the things I had… but… they had absorbed energy over the last 7 years that was not the energy I wanted.  Depite cleaning and energetic clearing (we’ll get to that) I was sort of suprised at how easily I  decided to let some things go.  It was a massive “goodbye” to the past.

Now, to finding new things that are gorgeous, unique, super-structurally-solid and energetically amazing!!!

The thing is: I am not drawn to lots of new furniture.  I love new lighting, new appliances, new fabrics, new upholstery and handmade stuffed pillows that are new new new… but I like the bones, the integrity and the potent history of excellent vintage furniture.

(my inspo, from Kim Verbist)

In the shopping for vintage, I found myself calling upon many energy principles- and lots of lessons- to zero in on what I wanted…and in the process found things that defied even my greatest expetations so far!!!

1- Start with a great sense of what you want, and I mean this specifically.  Unlike most furniture stores with precictable sku’s and sorting and categorization, the best vintage is random and to hunt it effectively and not for 100 hours- starting with a good sense of what you want will serve you immensely.

Get a sense of what that sofa, nightstands or anyting else looks like for you.  Pinterest is a great place to look through modern remakes of vintage designs to get a sense of the shapes, materials, colors and time periods of furniture that you’re drawn toward.

(etsy has some amazing vintage that’s beautifully curated)

2- Also, be aware that when you search you’ll find riffs on your desire that may be more well-suited to your needs, and this is where the vast spectrum of vintage gets fun.  I wanted a mint condition marble-topped tulip table as one thing on my list.  I craved the stone, the smooth edges and the elegant design.  When the tulip table options that I could see in person that I was finding were “meh” at best, I knew I still wanted round and marble.  What I found was the Italiam gream marble table above, and it’s beyond gorgeous!!!

3- Choose dealers, estate sales and vintage shops that source furnitue from places where you can rest fairly well assured that you won’t be inheriting bugs (termites, bedbugs, etc– this is a real concern!) or contaminates.  While this can be more of a crapshoot, there’s a way to avoid some of this.  Before bringing questionable wood (if you question it!) into your space, treat it with orange oil.  Then, seal it with a wood sealant that will keep pretty much anything and everything out.

4- Find an upholstery guru!  In addition, I almost always recommend getting new upholstery and stuffing put into sofas and chairs and pillows.  Along with a major cleaning!  Even my vintage sofa I have had for 10 years (which was newly upholstered at the start) is due for a re-stuff and totally nw fabric and a big cleaning. It’s like a new life, and great furniture is well worth the investment.  You’ll want to select fabrics that suit your lifestyle needs— be it pets, kids, people sensitive to synthetics, textures you crave— all of it is important.  I have vintage furniture sent direct to an upholsterer before it lands in my house, or in client’s homes.  This will save you on delivery fees and will save you in so many ways as you’ll know your piece is PERFECT from the start!

5- Go see pieces in person as much as possible.  Unless you can be sure you can either afford to donate or deal with reselling something that isn’t great, you’ll be thrilled you took the time to feel the piece.  I do this for lots of furnishing… it’s very hard to get a full sense of a piece without being there live.  I had fallen in love with a mirrored brass bar cart from the 70’s and a killer white onyx coffee table…and when I saw it live, the cart wobbled and felt strange, and the onyx table was broken.  You can only see what you see in photos, so try to shop live if you have the chance to do it!

6- Exercise caution with craigslist or other merchants where you are going to someone’s home or to an offbeat place, if cash is insisted upon without reciept… you want to bring friends, do your research and pass on even the coolest deals that feel even remotely sketchy.

7- You also want to feel the furniture vibes.  Objects contain energy.  They are energy.  They store energy.  While you can clear the energy of pieces to make them your own (ahead!) you don’t want to bring in heavy negativity or darkness.  One tip is to sense the energy you get from the dealer.  I’ve gotten odd/off vibes talking to even the nicest of sellers.  It’s not about judgement— it’s a feeling sensation and it’s about what harmonizes with you.  Trust your gut!

8- Don’t settle.  There are millions of pieces of furniture so be clear with yourself that you do not need to settle.  Instead, make your intention to find what you need even sharper and stay open to the possibilities. I have bought, say, a new coffee table I loved when vintage wasn’t coming through, and that’s also a possibility.

What you want to avoid is a bunch of stuff you don’t really like just for the sake of having something.  Yesterday, I went to see a desk I had seen online that looked amazing.  But… in person, it felt weird.  Not like me.  Not fresh-minded.  It was tempting to say that I’d take it anyway because I need a desk and it was great looking but… I said no.

(I could only get a quick snap of the desk top as it was being polished… omg… look at how shiny it is!)

Within 10 minutes, I came upon what could not have been more of a shining, powerful, magically gorgeous dream desk.  It might have been $5000 for this laquered metal pristine powerhouse desk bit this one that had just rolled into the shop was about 1/20th of that price.

Don’t settle.  What you love is waiting for you!

(while I know I can do this, I also know I likely won’t!)

9-  Unless you are a true DIY guru or ready to get into that skillset, and have a proper workspace, or you are planning on hiring a pro— do not buy thngs you can “fix up” or paint or repair yourself.  In my experience with hundreds of these scenarios, not only does this not happen, it becomes a major guilt-and-clutter situation.  While I know you are capable of every DIY, ask yourself if this is somehing that can be done properly in a reasonable amount of time for a realistic amount of money.  I once thought I could re-cane chairs.

Well, I technically could ….with about $400 in materials, workspace, and about 6 hours a chair which would bring my refinishing up to about $4000 for the set (!)… hoping that I got it right.

Those chairs stayed for over a year ripped in my home and I felt awful every time I looked at them.  Even the pro-refinishing I researched would run to about $400 a chair, and they just were not even that great… so…be grounded in your refinishing prowess or skip major fixer-uppers!

10- Clear your furniture!!!!  Once my new pieces arrive I will walk you through the process I now use to enrgetically clear furniture more step-by-step, but the simplest and most effective ways I have found:

  • a super-strong intention
  • burn some sage or cedar wood (powerful) smudge wands and let the smoke do it’s symbolic job.
  • wash everything in sea salt and water
  • stash a black tourmaline crystal on top for a good long while, clearing it with sage or out in the moonlight…!

P.S. If you are in LA or San Diego and looking for INSANE vintage finds, I had the greatest experience at Loveseat here in DTLA. They are not compensating me in any way to share this amazing find!!! I can’t wait to show you my space as it gets set up!!!! xoxoxo!!!!



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Let me start by saying I am so grateful I have a stable house to live in.  I spent a large part of my childhood feeling like my home could be taken away at any moment, and I have such deep feelings of love sent out to those who don’t have a home, who have lost their home or are struggling to have a stable home.

Home allows us to feel safe, protected and shielded in many ways.  Home is where we can gather up our energies, rest, create, love and share with people.  Home is an immense concept.

I know many people with a great home that don’t feel at home.

I, presently, have realized I am very temporarily one of them, which is so deeply out of alignment with the core of my mission, and the pulse of my life, but it wasn’t by conscious choice.

This ends today!   Before I head out to start pulling my home together in a big way- something I am so grateful to have the time, space and resources to do- I wanted to talk about exactly how my own life has been affected my a temporary feeling of having a place to live but not really a home yet.

Not only does it energize my mission to reaching and helping people to set up homes everywhere, it may just set off a few lighbulbs for some of you who are struggling to feel  like yourself, always trying to catch up with the day, or trying to feel grounded in a world that is far more whirring and spinning- yet still at its core magical-  than ever before.   And, if you’ve had a hard time making life changes, your home may be a grounding powerhouse for you! Continue Reading…

(Tanya Meda, @houseofsixinteriors on Flea Market Fab)

This is what I hear all the time and at points in my life it was my constant battle— wanting to change but lacking the time and energy to do it. I get emails about it.  I hear it from clients who squeeze a consultation into their life and then we discover that even though they are so ready for a change… their lifestyle and circumstances are making things feel impossible to change.

How do you find the time in your life to make something new happen if you can barely manage with what you are doing? And how do you do it- especially if it feels like its hard to believe it is actually more than a fantasy? 

Everyone’s got their own specific path to making more time and energy for making changes, but the energy principles underlying this space-making look very similar for everyone in this pattern.

If you’re struggling to find the time and energy to start making the changes that you want or need to make for your wellness and well-being, your dreams and your desires, today’s feng shui is all about finding your way, despite the very real challenges!  Continue Reading…

Love is 10000000000% transformational.

I love myself. I love that I’m tired right now because I am awesome and I can take a nap soon. I love my puppy resting on my side. I love my sofa even though it’s getting reupholstered love it so much. I love my totally empty house waiting for it’s furniture. I love my blog that I’m typing right now.   I love everyone in my life.  I love so so much… and I am making love the ultimate everything even more.

I just got the ultimate cosmic proof of love’s power.

I know, I talk about it, I know it, I am certain of it…there is science behind it and I have seen the miracles of love all the time.

But it’s a bit more spellbinding when you see what happens to matter- jars of rice in this case- when they are either loved, hated or ignored.

Welcome to the Rice Experiment by Dr. Emoto. Doing this experiment with a group has been a next-leveling of love in my life.  Wait till you see this!!!<!–more—>

I’ve seen lots of skeptics say that the power of love is overblown and that Intention Experiments are a bunch of hoo-ha.  Well, I am sure there are reasons people have formed those opnions and I am rooting for them to believe in love and their power of intention.

This is just epic.

Three jars are filled with rice & water. Same size jars.  Same amount of each.  Same location beside each other.  They are sealed with rame type of lids equally.

One was labeled with the word LOVE and sent love all the time. Whether in thoughts, in words, in emotions… love has been showered on this jar.

The jar sat beside the HATE jar.  That jar I used to vent frustrations, to complain and to criticize.  To pull this off, I committed to the experiment and labeled it HATE and kept it up.

Equal time for both Love & Hate.

Then, the unlabeled jar was simply ignored.  Not thought about, labeled or anything.  If it popped to mind I would mentally say “Ugh, I am ignoring you.”

I wanted to really see this.  In action.

Here is what happened after about 10 days: 

LOVE flourished.  No mold.  No issues.  Even the water is milky-clear if I tip the jar.  It’s literally fine.

The HATE jar started to mold, with white mold along the periphery and condensation everywhere.

The IGNORED jar… is black molded, profusely.  Rice is turning black.  It’s very dramatic.


I will let you draw your own conculsions. In fact, I would love to hear what happens if you do this for yourself!

My own personal conculsion:

If I ignore things, they will totally deteriorate.  Including all objects, all projects and all relationships.

If I hate things and they will rot, albeit but more slowly than ignoring them… but I imagine all that bad vibe energy is doing bad-rotting things to my body so I’m forgiving anyone and anything that’s still not forgiven that elicits super-bad vibes.  

If I love and things, they will flourish… to the best they can flourish, or even beyond my expectations!

Right now, after this wild revelation, I am spending the day immersed in the Buddhist practice I love, preparing the empty house I love for all kinds of feng shui and furniture I love to arrive…. and loving the things like emails, to-do list things that have lingered too long, grocery-getting and long walks that I have not ignored on purpose but I have ignored!

And… of course… spending lots of time telling people I love them even more than I do!!!

Does this experiment give you chills the way it’s given me chills? 

Does the outcome give you ideas to infuse more love and attention into areas of life, people and spaces- that could use more love? 

I’m off to love everything!!!

And, I’m wishing you so much love!!!







The 30 Day Negativity Detox is a commitment to happy-making, mirror-polishing, life-lifting and simple space shifting for 30 days.  It’s loaded with lots of actions (some you may know for sure even if you’ve never fully practiced them, some you’ve likely never seen or heard of…!) that can help you detox from your own negative stuff, uncover more of your greatness and light, and see happiness everywhere you look…!

There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and there’s incredible happiness waiting.


And you can start right HERE!


Have you been feeling like you’ve lost that spark a bit?

I talk alot about personal magic because I feel it so profoundly— the flow, the dynamism, the energy, the sense that you’re charting a course and having an impact on life in your choices.  It’s a feeling place and a “zone.”  And, it’s what we all need these days more than ever to navigate the speed, the changes and the tides of modern living without feeling overwhelmed or burned out.

Are you needing more of your manifesting magic intact?

Are you needing to get back into a streak of making things happen and feeling on top of life instead of catching up or getting out from under it?

Today’s feng shui is all about this magic manifesting zone: getting there and staying there as much as possible! Continue Reading…

(energy muse)

Filming a project yesterday, we were recharging batteries a whole lot.  About once an hour.  It was unusual and it made me think of the ways that life reflects what is needed.

When I am running out of power everywhere, I think about power in my own life. When I am finding light bulbs blowing out everywhere I think of how my own energy may be surging.  When I am seeing lots of messes happening at home I wonder how I may be spilling out my own life force in ways that are draining me.

It’s a mirror effect that never fails to reveal so much.  And it is a powerful starting place for big change-making.

Typically, I realize in these unusually “action packed” times that my creative spirit- the electric of inspiration- is asking me pretty clearly to make a change.  To reboot.  To revamp. To reorganize.  To immerse myself.  To rest.

Today’s feng shui is all about creative spirit recharging.  It feels so so amazing…and your whole life will thank you! Continue Reading…

(yago hortal) 

A magical quality of Nature that I have observed is the ability of a tree to adapt- bend toward the sun, flex its leaves toward the fresh air, even grow roots over a home to find it’s way to stability.  This stretchy, bendy resilience and strength and intelligence is a kind of wisdom that can’t be underestimated.

We can all benefit from more of the resilience of trees.  The wisdom to shift our course and chart new paths in the face of roadblocks and obstacles, changes of plans and deadlines, all with a grace and openness that is epic.

I’ve found myself in need of more resilience more times than I can count because I like to know how things will go.  I like predictability.  I like habits.  I like order.

Are you the same?

That love of order is so genius in many ways, but it can be a major obstacle in the face of life throwing us daily curveballs.  Small things that toss us off in a new direction create stress only when we’re committed to “the way we want it to go.”

Creativity can be the energy to free you of this stress, and it can help perform that magic act I like to talk about— turning obstacles into gifts.  Continue Reading…