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mushroom d

When I learned that you can sit mushrooms outside in the sun for an hour before cooking them to dramatically increase their Vitamin D levels, I was thrilled. Most of us have less Vitamin D than we should, and it is essential for your immune system, your bones, your organs, your mood… everything.  You can even cook the mushrooms and you won’t lose the Vitamin D!  This little discovery also kicked off a series of wellness upgrades in my life that I am so excited to share.   Continue Reading…

dark natural colors


The near-slate tiles here shine with so many plants and fresh white in the bathroom.

This is the energizing effect of dark and light side by side: one expands, one contracts and the result is musically enchanting. When you bring in enough Earthy nature, however, you get a result that is both peaceful and mysterious.

Get ready for some new versions of balance in decor that are nothing short of gorgeous!!! Continue Reading…

12 Surprising Things To Add To Your Bath


Well, well, well, just when I thought I’d tried every detox bath out there…. Cinnamon sticks, lemons and hebal teas are going in the bathrime rotation thanks to the brilliance of Picklee.  They’ve broken down the benefits of each bath component right HERE in case you are wondering what it does!

While I think I am going to skip the Jello bath for now- (unless its made with natural jello with no weird color dyes… I think I can find it!) – I am so excited to have new goodies for the daily bathtime ritual.

Enjoy!!! xoxo Dana

love (via)

I hear the words “healthy relationship” touted as the gold standard in love and friendship and all of life.  Sure, “healthy” anything sounds perfect to me.  But…is there one way these things look? And can the abstract idea become more personal? What does “healthy” look like?!

Digging in a bit, it seems that some view this “healthy” idea of relationships as a unicorn, something unattainable unless we sit in a fairy tale.  Others have specific qualifying notions of what creates “healthy” that are a little unrealistic (i.e.: “we never fight…” or “I’m 100% always adored.”)

And then, it seems, some people just have great relationships, some that work and some that don’t… but they are typically just great.

In my experience, these people who seem to luck into awesome love situations in every area of life aren’t lucky as much as they are believers in love  in a realistic way.  They are willing to lose.  They are willing to give.  It’s all pretty much in flow.

Since love feng shui is a huge part of what I do with clients, I’ve had lots of time to explore many paradigms that are thought to be “healthy” and “unhealthy.”  After all, in order to feng shui a space for more love, its important to know where love is falling short in life, where its drifted to unicorn fantasy and where, maybe, you’ve accepted less that you deserve and so love seems an elusive disappointment.

Are your relationships healthy?  Are your ideas about relationships healthy?

Continue Reading…


The shapes, colors and sizes of these divine, water-storing, plush-leaved geometric wonders are endless.  Succulents are often thought to be the most “prosperous” of plants and given the fact that they store rich nutrients and hydration and can weather storms and heat alike, I believe the title is well deserved.

Today, a little succulent inspiration and some vital how-to’s can have you growing your own today!!! Continue Reading…

Florian Maier Aichen


Florian Maier-Aichen is a German artist who, in my mind, filters the energy of nature, composes it into concise packages, colors it with passion and, in doing so, makes art that is impossible to stop admiring!

Today’s art inspiration is filled with nature glowing in radical hues.  Total love.   Continue Reading…

interested rather than interesting

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!

If you are your best you, chances are you’ll wind up well known anyway!  xoxo Dana

tea as medicine


I’ve been a green tea addict for some time, but now I’ve expanded my own repetoire of teas. I get list in the aisles… I search when I travel around for rare teas, local teas…

There are tea connosieurs.  I’m a little more simple.

Fresh organic mint leaves are a killer way to create a tea with hot water.

Organic black tea is an amazing antioxidant and wakes you up as much as coffee in my opinion, without the weird jittery after-effects.

Want to get fancy? Add a sprig of fresh rosemary to your tea, or some basil with the mint.  How about some fresh ginger with your green tea?

If you haven’t embraced tea time yet, you now have lots more reasons to give it a try! xoxo Dana