The 10 Best Feng Shui Wellness Posts Of 2014!

Declutter Your Life For The Best Fresh Start Ever!!!

5 Ways To Make Sure You Have Extra Room To Dream Big !

What A Little Commitment Can Do To Wake Up Your Whole Life!

The One Thing That Will Make Your Life Extraordinary

new chapter


Look behind you while you try to walk down a crowded street.

Not easy, right?

But why do we think we can stay ruminating in the past in our mind and keep moving forward in life?

Weird thing, I know, but I have done it and I bet you have, too!

To re-calibrate and get more present, THIS might help :)

xoxo Dana

multicolored succulents


From a pastel spectrum of succulents to heirloom produce in every color of the rainbow, nature is vivid and even more-life giving when delivered in a huge multicolored dose.  Continue Reading…

dana claudat feng shui

I feel like I just broke through space & time yesterday (see above: end of a day I can’t wait to share with you!)   In one day more was accomplished than I ever thought possible.

While none of us can run on an intense Gamma brain wave Level 10 for life as a standard, there are all sorts of times when its necessary, especially to move to the next level in a project.

Remodel and home and you know about impossible deadlines.

Get involved in an event-based business or journalism or just about anything in the world you want to really launch yourself in and the deadlines are vibrantly impossible.

I’ve come to embrace the occasional incredible deadline as something I need to grow.  Now that I have an entire year already packed with them since it began, its become more important to really grasp how to pull off a deadline without becoming the victim of the deadline!

If you are doing anything thats big in scope and very finite in the time you have to finish it,  here’s everything I can share that I’ve collected so far about bending space and time (without going nuts!) to meet an impossible deadline.  Continue Reading…


You know, I think more people are in their “dream life” than they realize.  I mean, how lucky are we to be able to read blog posts and have homes and the luxuries that seem small in comparison to what we want but are so enormous its crazy…!!!???

I realized that I am surrounded with people who are living their dreams on a high, or are on the way to doing it, and the apparently Alanon-borne adage, ” You are like the 5 people you spend the most time with,” is a beautiful one.

Are you on the road to living your dreams or…are you living them… and perhaps you don’t realize it?

Today’s expansive design idea is all about what it sems to be like when your dream life is your real life, and how to close the gap if you aren’t there quite yet.  Continue Reading…

get out of your way


If you struggle with allowing yourself to feel free and do great things, I promise you that working on your self-worth simply by doing more and more that you enjoy and being more kind to yourself will help you curb the urge to be stingy with yourself or deny yourself what you need and want.

It’s worked for me, for friends, for clients… and I know it can work for you!  xoxo Dana


pink bedroom


Pink doesn’t have to look like a princess bedroom, as much as I have a secret love of the princess bedroom!  In fact, pink is calming, sophisticated and the sweetest dose of heart-warming fire for a space.

Today, some pink-spiration that is strong, solid and totally stylish. Continue Reading…

other side of fear


Are you willing to go for it anyway?

Stay more grounded.

Take great care of yourself.

And just go for it.

Its not that scary once you are in motion!

rose meanings

(just fab)

Don’t you just love stories?

When gifts tell a story, they take on layers of meaning that are unforgettable.

Given that Valentines Day is coming very soon… this is a perfect time to clarify your message and take your gift giving to a truly personal place!

xoxo Dana