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I Am So Thankful

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Sometimes you need to go away to see how much you’ve changed.

Given the fact that both my parents died young, I’ve had way too much luxury to complain that I have so little family.

How warped and twisted my view was!

Every time I go away to Japan, my own super-tight Buddha family expands.  Every time I see my friends in New York (& LA) my deep bonds of Wellness family expands.  Every time I see my oldest friends that I’ve known the longest, I am reminded that I have an enormous family.

And… every time I come to know you better, my blog family grows enormously.  Some of my dear fiends started as readers.

Essentially, I’ve created a world of family, and sort of refused to acknowledge it for so long!!!

Do you have certain views that could maybe expand to encompass life in a way that’s true for you?

After my own perspective-shift, I’m full of so much gratitude…its unending!

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If you travel through time zones frequently, have a wild schedule or just find yourself thrown out of the loop of your normal sleep patterns you likely know some of the downfalls of insomnia and jet lag.  Misery, stomachaches, exhaustion… and even depression and a lowered immune system: all can be the fallout of sleeplessness.

As I sat down to sleep for 9 hours solid on a plane home from Japan yesterday, the man beside me explained that he uses planes like busses and as a result of his frequent flying, he can only sleep for short bursts at a time.  I was quick to tell him- in a burst of lucid energy-  about the importance of sleep and the power of light to help you to sleep.

Yes: light.

Natural light- or its synthetic versions designed to mimic the best of light biologically- can help you to reset your internal circadian rhythm clock.  Light- a pure form of energy- does everything from colorize life to lifting moods.

Light can be a very profound healer.  There are no pills involved, no tossing and turning.  The results of working with light to create happiness and health are far-reaching and…illuminating!

I was thrilled to write a piece on light and share some amazing “light healing” products (wait till you see this alarm clock!!!) for Inspired Home.  You will want to be up for sunrise, out during the day to soak in the clear brightness and you’ll have some tools to conquer your jetlag, insomnia or general malaise once you read it… right HERE!

Enjoy!  xoxo Dana

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If you want to see where you are at in life, take a look at your space.  It is a reflection of you.

On a very profound level, our environment is nothing more than a reflection of our thoughts, words, actions… an array of intentions all speaking through the health of your houseplants, the way your house is cleaned (or isn’t!) and even the art and color and display of things.

Feng shui in my way elevates environments to make space for the real changes to occur inside of you.

In essence, when you use the tools of feng shui sensibly, you are creating a blueprint for a new level of connection to happen with space, fresher thoughts, more clarity and purity in your thoughts, words and actions.

This can be profound. It’s an ancient concept that has endured because it is so basic a truth that holds up through the ages.

It is Esho Funi. 

That’s the Japanese of the day for all of us. I think you are going to like this concept a lot— especially if you are ready to take a real leap ahead in life!  Continue Reading…

taisekiji japan

I just got back from another trip to Taisekiji, Japan.  Its a Buddhist trip where karma gets pulled out from every corner of life.  The result is spectacular.  The journey is, too, but its not always roses and unicorns. My phone fell in water right before I left, crazy deadines popped up, I forgot things I thought I needed… Things that never happen all happened in a wave.  Crazy fears came up to hijack my mind.  That’s why I new this would be a big trip. It wasn’t all going to be easy.

If you read my blog you know that my motto is “If it feels wrong, it is wrong.”  To refine that a little, its more accurate to say “If it feels wrong it is wrong….but if what you want is sitting on the other side of an obstacle, be willing to go through whatever you have to in order to get over the hurdle to the other side!   Continue Reading…

let go of heavy

My wish for all of you this week as I hot the cobblestone streets near Mt. Fuji : I hope you can let go of some stuff thats heavy.  I know you (& I!) might find it a familiar feeling to be dragging around a weight through life… but it is not necessary!  And it doesn’t define you.  And you can actually live without it!!! xoxo Dana

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Typically, I don’t know how out of sync I’ve become with life until it feels like days are running me rather than me actually creating them.

Do you know what I mean?

When I am creating my days, I feel ready, open and awake.  I look more shining and alive.  I have much more resourcefulness and little problems are simple to solve… Things flow.  They are in sych!

When I have fallen off the good vibe path of life because I’ve been working too much, thinking too much or even out too much having too much late night fun, I feel like suddenly… I am catcing up.  Perpetually behind.  Not thinking.  Wanting to do a million things at once because my mind is scattered…

You know these times, I’m sure.  They used to be my every single day, and occassionally they sill pop up to remind me that there’s deep power in the simplicity of staying in synch.

Daring to create days rather than be the effect of your days is a paradigm shift when you first do it, but once you try it you’ll be hooked!

If you happen to have fallen out of the “flow state” and feel yourself a bit of a victim of your schedule, your mind or circumstances that shape your life, these are my favorite expansive design ideas to get back in the flow.

5 Ideas To Sync With Life More Powerfully! 

1. Get fresh perspective. See things with fresh eyes.  If you do yoga, you know what inversions do for your perspective as you see life from upside down.  Looking out a plane window is my favorite chilling form of perspective to see life from above the clouds.  Simple things like taking a new route to walk the dogs, reading a foreign news report…. all fresh perspective.  Re-arrange some furniture in a room you are in frequently and you’ll have fresh perspective, too!

2. Try sleeping for even a week in tune with the cycles of the sun.   Try to go switch off your lights as the sun sets and leave only mininmal indoor light on… then, at least two hours before bed turn off your electronics.   Let yourself sleep with one window open just a bit to fill your room with natural light as the sun rises.  Wake without an alarm.  Here’s a great litmus test: if you aren’t able to wake up without an alarm, you probably aren’t sleping enough.

Even a week of doing this can be a massive game-changer for your body, mind and “in sync” energy.

fuji water

3. Drink way more water. Water is the element that helps you to ADAPT and FLOW.  Any time I feel myself spiraling down the road of stress that even makes my body feel bad, I start drinking way more water.  In fact, sometimes I put a pinch of sea salt in that water to make it more absorbable.  Drink, drink, drink.   Spending some time by running water (a fountain, a creek) or just taking more quick showers can help you sport of re-set yourself, too.

4. Spend more time curious and asking and less time thinking in your head.  I know when I’ve gotten myself into a bad place in life when I’m thining way too much. Thinking, wondering, playing out imaginary scenarious in my mind… then worry takes over… anticipation… and tons of time wasted!!!

Try being curious about everything around you for even a few hours when you find yourself thinking too much.  Literally, start being INTERESTED rather than getting into the depths of your very INTERESTING mind…

This video I made sleepless this Summer (but still very in synch with Nature, is more on the idea of thinking less and getting much more interested…

5. Do some Life Detox.  Truth is, our bodies can detox themselves (to some degree, provided your diet isn’t packed with preservatives and tons of junk food), but our lives can’t detox themselves if we don’t actively make that happen!

The best place to start where you’ve fallen out of sunch with life is simple: detox the area of your life that pulls you way off your flow-state path.  For example, if you keep staying up late worryimg and wondering about a tumultuous relationship, that’s your space to start detoxing.  If you are constantly feeling drained because of your coffee habit that has a negative return after a while, there’s your starting point.

And…if you haven’t done it yet, you can sign up for my free 5-part Life Detox Jump Start course HERE and do some detoxing in all the big areas of life… which is always a great idea!

xoxo Dana


feng shui 101And, if you want to dive in to your own personalized feng shui in a modern, practical way, Say hello to Feng Shui 101.  Its the guide I made for you to create your own personalized feng shui at home, in the office, wherever you may be… in 8 weeks.  It’s not filled with strict rules or what you “must” do.  Its filled with information, questions, exercises and even videos and classes to help you confidently create amazing spaces with killer feng shui and live with more flow.   Learn more about the 8-week feng shui adventure & grab your copy to get started right HERE…   And, as always, please let me know what happens!

words shape your life

I woke up today super-early thinking for a second as I am about to leave town for a week with no Internet:

“I’m going to be crazy doing things that I can’t manage to finish….and then I should leave for the airport earlier… or what should I do…”

And then I sat down and realized I needed more sleep! How could I possibly get anything done with a thought like that guiding me?!

Language is super-powerful. After all, we shape our world and experience and express it all in language. Even though there are more subtle ways of communicating, like body language and the inflection of your voice, its words that we use to decipher and understand life to a great degree.  

Like anything else… words themselves can become clutter.

The good news is that happy words outshine the negative in our collective culture, at least in the English language.

Wired reported on the influence of positive words in media:

“A massive language study, spanning Google Books, Twitter, popular songs lyrics and The New York Times, has found that English tends to look on the bright side of things. Positive words outnumber the negative.”

Awesome, right?!

The thing is… there are still lots of words flying around filled with fear and self-denial and toxic stuff.  We may never get rid of all of them, but a few stand out as being well worth mentioning for their head-spinning, life-confusing properties!  Continue Reading…

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Love, love, love this!  It may sem like everything is so vast and we are so small, but it seems every history-rocking movement started with one person or a few people with an idea that they shared…and an ethos that grew far bigger than they were alone.  So, if we lean on history its clear that each of us can absolutely change the world…!  How will you do it? xoxo Dana