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10 Big Ways To Know That You’re On A Path To More Love In Life!

Are You Ready For More Love In Your Life?!

If you think about it, choices are how things manifest.

Making the choices that light up your life can be the ultimate in manifesting magic…moment-by-moment!

We are raised on a lot of mythologies about transforming life and making things happen that perpetuate themselves–

A prince (or princess) will come and choose us and transform our lives.

A big decision one day will be like a genie in a lamp that instantly creates a new paradigm, a “whole new world” so to speak.

If you worship your work and sacrifice every bit of your life, you’ll be a success story.

And on and on.

These archetypal stories are fed to us in fairy tale, movies, books… they’ve been passed down through generations and perpetuated in everyday life.

You might (like almost all of us do!) find yourself wanting and wishing to be lucky, wanting to be chosen and wanting to find the way to sacrifice and “hustle” enough to emerge with a fortune.

This is a slippery slope. You’re the effect of things rather than the creator. You don’t have a whole lot of choice in the matter.

I prefer this… and I’m sure you do, too!

This mindset of “I can create my life. I do create my life. I make my life happen,” is way more magnetic than, “I hope it happens…!”

The thing I’ve seen people run up against (myself included) is this funny and common paradox:

“I am the creator of my life… but, also, I need luck and need to be chosen and need to have all kinds of stuff line up that’s out of my hands for things to work out.”

You can’t be creating life and hoping for miracles to save you because you have no creative power… and then doing both at the same time and expect it to work.

You’re basically dipping your toes in two different pools at once and not committed to swimming in either!

In order to swim, you have to pick a pool and immerse yourself, right? But if you have one foot in the “I’m creating this…” pool and another foot in “It’s all out of my hands…” pool, you can’t swim at all!

The start of making more happen is to decide to go ALL IN as the creator of your life… no matter what. “I am the creator of my life!” Just saying that out loud, you may feel a rush of energy coming into your body!

Then what?

Choices. All day long, every single day. Making lots of choices.

You have the choice regarding just about every part of your day. What will you do in the morning? What will you watch, think, talk about, Google, share, wear, do, make, eat….

Each one of those choices either lifts you higher or doesn’t. It’s really simple.

High vibrations make dreams come true. It’s why The Love Camp is known as The Manifestation Camp!

Every day we have choices to make that are seemingly unrelated to our dreams coming true, but, actually, radically related to our dreams coming true.

They aren’t monumental decisions. In fact, they’re so small that they’re easy to cast off as insignificant.

Pay attention to them and life starts to change!

Today I already decided on… hibiscus tea, waking an extra mile in the park, taking the sunny path instead of another, declining to talk about politics, shopping at all the Farmer’s Market and local speciality stores instead of the big grocery, making my bed with fresh sheets that are in the wash right now that are eco-friendly and inexpensive (*I can’t wait to share these with you!), a smoothie with cilantro and super greens instead of anything else that I have to choose from….

And now, I have a list of more high-vibe fun things to do that sprung from those decisions, like deep conditioning my hair in a little while, gardening on the balcony, reorganizing my closet, my pantry and my files for the season…

The day is filled with these small actions and projects intermixed with the bigger projects…

…but, they’re all big things!

Each one of those small choices makes my life feel more magical and, so, each one is full of manifesting power.

Let’s say I decided to talk about politics this morning. I can tell you how that looks because I’ve picked up that phone call in the past. I’d have been on the phone for an hour listening to someone who sees life very differently than I do, and instead of walking for four miles listening to an amazing Audible book this morning, doing an extra mile to catch more morning sun, I would have been in, at the best, hooked into a conversation that lead nowhere.

If I went to the grocery store instead of the little local market, I wouldn’t have seen the incredible choices like little baby bananas and gorgeous red rose tea. Instead of sunshine and birds chirping, I would have been hit with blasting music and long lines.

These small choices shaped my day in a totally different way.

I am energized, excited and grounded, creatively lit up and expanded in possibility.

Now I get to choose what I Google, what I listen to, what I wear, when to have lunch…

Its all these small things– but you see the impact they have. My day would be so drained if I made two different choices this morning…and that energy is the difference between making things happen and being the effect of life!

Choose love!

Make the choices full of love. Fill your life with love.

Realize you are worthy of all the beautiful daily choices you make. You deserve all the love-filled outcomes.

Those small choices are the big ones.

Think back to your choices so far today. Would you have chosen a few things differently?

If so, the great news is that you can start making new choices right now!!!

If you fill your environment with love, these choices become so much easier to make, moment-by-moment. The small Feng Shui shifts lead to major transformation.

The Love Camp is open now, and we’re starting Monday!  

In the eight weeks of Love Camp your home and life are lit up by all this expansive, feel-great power.

Living your dreams in action. 

Welcoming more abundance — and romance, and fun– into life!

Living with love and all the prosperity it brings. 

It’s a makeover for your home that’s magic for your life every day!

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If you want to make anything happen, align with what you want.

If that instantly makes you think… “What? How? Alignment?” let’s put in in real terms:

You are in a zone where you are open and receptive and creative and feeling like it feels AFTER your dreams have manifested well BEFORE they have manifested!

Since your home is an enormous energy container in your life and it’s also a reflection of what’s going on inside of you, you can also see and feel in your home how aligned you are in your energy.

This is only one part of the Feng Shui magic, but it’s the thing that I love the most about the way I work with spaces and collaborate with people to bring those dreams into alignment… and, of course, manifestation!

Today we’re going to talk about how your home can help you to align your life with your dreams so that they start speeding toward you!

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Lately my whole life is all about feeling amazing, which is a far cry from even a few years ago when it was about doing as much as possible in a non-stop whirlwind and feeling amazing (hopefully) at some point in the process or afterward if the results went as intended.

In the old way, I achieved a ton. I loved the process even if it made me feel— tense, ultra-strained at times (losing my voice, frozen neck, tendonitis from typing, stuck-feeling from sitting on planes and sitting in general) or generally just didn’t feel good at all.

“Why would I give up what worked?” I’d tell everyone who would tell me to slow down take vacations or work less. “This is my dream to be this creative!”

I had to wait until I hit a big wall of exhaustion to start to listen to these voices of loved ones who were extremely wise. There was no reason why I had to pour so much into just a few areas of my life that were already amazing, to the detriment of the rest of my life.

Success in any way does not mean that you lose the rest of your life that doesn’t fall into that success bubble. After all, that’s not success!

Feeling amazing is the big goal now, and it’s been pretty revealing: I get so much more done, my whole life has expanded, my relationships have transformed… and I feel the most vibrant I ever have felt… ever!

While I’ve shifted many things over the last few years- from my home to my thought patterns!– there are a few energy switches that have given me the most surprisingly big results… and they’re here for you today!

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When you’re really on a mission and fully committed to it, there’s a glow that can’t be denied. There’s no stone left unturned, inspiration overflows and there’s a resonance, an imprint of unforgettable power, that everyone around you can sense.

All of this glow isn’t a product of perfect astrology or the greatest luck. It’s a very big decision and all the energy that gathers around that decision—

It’s 100% all-in.

There’s no, “but…” and there’s no “cautious optimism.” There’s no waiting. There’s no hoping. There’s no component that isn’t pure desire in the most passionate way possible.

That desire is rare for some because there’s a sense that…. you don’t want to be totally disappointed, you don’t want to fall short, you don’t want to be unlucky, you don’t want to…

Often, the most startling thing is realizing you don’t want to succeed because of how scary the change would be.

If you don’t really fully want it, don’t be surprised if t’s slow in coming.

You don’t need to finish a thousand hours of self-help work to bypass all the old fear, all the old reasons or excuses and fully let yourself commit.

Commitment can start right now!

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What if that the thought that there’s something in the way is the only thing in your way?!

And, what if you were able to create everything you ever wanted?!

Today’s Feng Shui is all about shifting into this awesome paradigm that is summed up best by the simple words:

“Everything is possible.”

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This kind of “blown away” energy comes from one thing in my experience– a really exciting roll of super-creative, positive, excited energy.

You don’t need a reason to start feeling that awesome excitement. I know plenty of people ( myself included!) that started with no clue what they were doing or aiming for or hoping to see/experience/have… but they were excited about awesome things on the way, and that excitement was magic in itself!

When you’re focused in on all this joy, everything you do gets a dose of glitter, you know? It’s like a big ball of joy, a springy step, a lot of fun, a sense of anything awesome that can happen…

That powerful focus is something you can harness!

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I’m blazing through Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning after my friend Honorée Corder told me about his writing. I’m loving that so many tools I’ve used over the years have been distilled into one Miracle Morning routine. I’m not sure I can do every one of them in the morning, but I’ve been doing most of them for quite some time wherever they fit in the day.

That said, I have been drawn to making my early mornings more miraculously awesome these days, especially since most of the day is about everyone else– this blog, my clients, the Campers, students, family and friends– and I like it that way. Also, mornings are a more sacred time when the world around me is largely asleep if I manage to stay on a truly early morning schedule.

When you want something badly enough, you tend to find a way, right?

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My greatest personal lesson for my whole life in the last eight years has been one thing: energy is what matters most.

The higher the energy around me, the clearer the space around me, the more I can make things and allow things to happen that are epic.

This personal lesson helped me to heal, to grow, to triumph over a depth of adversity and, ultimately, do things I’d never dreamed were possible.

The thing about this, though, is that it’s not a “one-time” realization. I had a history spanning back to my earliest memories of trauma, shame, believing I was not good enough, needing to achieve, needing to prove myself, needing to rise like a phoenix from the ashes… and, that stuff didn’t all go away when I got fierce about high energy everywhere in my life.

All that stuff took a lot of practice. I had to let it unfold. I had to be OK with not being OK all the time which was not easy for me at all. And, ultimately, I had to be willing to step into some very new “high vibe” territory to make the kind of changes that I was ready to make.

High vibes are a practice and a lifestyle. I’m always trying new things and looking for new ways to tune into more of that magic. Today, here are the biggest switches I’ve been loving that have been Feng Shui and Life superchargers!

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