Is Your Home Attracting What You Want?!

Designing More Blissful Emotions Into Your Home!

How Ready Are You To Receive What You Want?!

Are You Ready For More Love In Your Life?!

A Dose Of High-Energy Feng Shui For Building Your Creative Genius

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Charismatic, magnetic, confident, lit up, so bold… so enchanting…

There are some people who fill a room with joyful presence and seem to move through life so easily.

There are some spaces- homes, offices, art spaces and of course the wilds of Nature- where that feeling of presence, charisma, elevation and light seems to pour through you when you visit and spend some time.

We sync up with our environments energetically, visually and in a sensory way.  So, space can either hold you back or it can help you move- or zoom-  forward.

Everyone has certain things that light them up and create that energetic zoom and radiance, and in feng shui there are so many ways to tap into that energy.

A home that is more magnetic, after all, leads to a more magnetic life in every way!  Continue Reading…


This is the zillion dollar question.

Is your home attracting what you want?

How will you know?

If you have everything you want now and you feel great about what’s coming in the future, the answer is yes! And that’s awesome.

If you don’t have everything you want and you feel stuck, frustrated or sort of hoping for things to work… well, your home may be holding some valuable keys to unlocking what you are looking for!

It’s not like your home is a deity or a genie who can say yes or no to your wishes… but your home is a powerful mirror.  It’s a way to see what’s really happening when you aren’t suer what’s happening.  It’s a way to reveal the mysteries of the subconscious that we can’t see and start changing what patterns are revealed that are keeping the great things at arms length, or further.

Today, let’s look at the ways that your home can help you start allowing in what you want!!!

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Ok, it’s really not secret. It’s just something that maybe we don’t all think about, especially when the pressure is on and you need to make things happen!

Today I feng shui transformed a room with my friend Carley for a new TV show.  It took about 5 minutes to go from before to after. (minus the hours of filming!)   The difference was instant. And I’m so psyched by how lovely it looks!

(I plopped the before pic after the jump)

That’s how manifestation works at it’s best.

Today were going to talk about manifestation… but, the kind that’s not magic but yet so magical that it always yeilds instant results.  Continue Reading…

A friend told me a day ago that she thought her friend was cursed.  Actually, her friend told her that she felt she was cursed.  I was asked what to do.

It was an interesting question.

I don’t believe in curses.  At least not ones that we have no control over, even if it isn’t immediately obvious that we do have control.

I do believe in energetic drains, and vampire energies that pull at us… and there are signs that it’s happening.  It’s also very easy to stop it in it’s tracks.

I told my friend to pass along a message to her friend to stop dwelling on the bad and enjoy life more to start.  I know it’s simplistic, but what we focus on will grow. There are always more ways to clear space, but the easiest ones can be the most disarmingly awesome.

Let’s focus on the love, shall we?!

If you’ve been feeling a little off, or out of the flow of love and magic, maybe a bit fearful for no reason or somehow feel like the energy needs to shift, today’s feng shui is all about spotting the signs of energy drainers and sending them love while you send ’em away to gather back their own power! Continue Reading…

How do you deal with things that keep repeating themselves?

Even despite your best efforts, the same issues, the same cycles, the same patterns, the same dynamic in relationships, the same same same keeps coming back… and it’s beyond frustrating.

I know.

I lived in endless repeat of the same mistakes, moved cross country, even once to Europe, travelled the world in search of a fresh start where I wouldn’t pick up the same things. I did extreme cleanses, deep dives into philosophy and self-help, and still, despite my ardor, there they were, the same things.

It’s enough to lead you to believe that something bigger is wrong.

In fact, it led me to believe I was broken beyond repair.

What’s curious is that when I finally sort of let go, threw my hands up and decided I would just do the best I could every day in the moment, the endless repeat started to shift.  And when I saw, gradually, how I was creating the repeated stuff in my own ways, the weird “curse” I felt I had looming over me was broken.

Today, let’s look at breaking free of the repeat of things that we don’t really want! Continue Reading…


High vibes.

We hear about them a lot these days in popular culture and wellness circles.   They’re often considered to be bliss and only bliss.

High vibes are not just bliss, though.  They’re also states of being like reason, peace, calm (in the face of obstacles, too!) and the ability to be courageous.

High vibes – the energies, the moods, the ways we feel- are a large spectrum of active, expansive emotions.

If something makes you feel bigger and brighter, chances are it’s a direction to move in!

Today’s feng shui is all about the benefits of shifting into more high energy.  Some are surprising, all have ben observed and experienced for over a decade, and all are worth aiming for!!! Continue Reading…


We wouldn’t expect a plant to live without light, food, water… but, in fact, plants need even more things to grow like high vibrations, attention and appreciation!   And, in our own days, giving ourselves enough light, food and water can sometimes be a challenge… nevermind attention and appreciation and super-high vibe environments!

We all need that spark to keep things from feeling robotic.  We all need deep rejuvenation to keep growing.

Today’s feng shui is all about finding the kind of inspiration that helps us keep on growing! Continue Reading…


In feng shui in my way, the more wisdom you have, the stronger your relationships will be.  The stronger you connect to your love relationships, the more wisdom you gain.  It’s expressed in your home and in your life.  Love expands our lives and makes us wiser in every way…!

There are so many types of love it’s impossible to say that love is just one way, and it is very hard to compare one love to another.  In the realm of relationships, love is a wild spectrum.  We also have beliefs and expectations about what love is, and how a love in our life fits into our love story.

If you are open to finding a new love or excited to celebrate the love in your life, this theory of a color wheel of love can be illuminating! Continue Reading…