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too busy

Yes, there are times where you are too busy to say yes to another thing that isn’t urgent.   That’s normal. It’s fine.  It’s life, I suppose, you know?

But the important things: there’s always time for them.

Fall in love, get handed a great opportunity out of the blue, have an adventure within reach— I guarantee you’ll find time.

We can make time for the things that we love that are within reach.  Space opens.  Everything falls into place.

But, now, imagine that your love hits a rough patch, the opportunity becomes more demanding than you thought, the adventure becomes a bit scary…

Now, there’s less and less time for it, you know?!

Lately, when I find myself making excuses about time for things that I am constantly talking about doing, I take note.

Maybe I don’t want it enough.  Maybe I don’t care enough.  Maybe I have to suck it up and do it anyway!

You do have time for what you want to do, if its important enough.

When you start saying you are just too crazy busy… what does that really mean to you?!

xoxo Dana



If I asked you to take all the money you have right now and burn it, you’d laugh at me… right?!

But, that’s what we do every day.

I’m guilty of it. I’ve done it. A lot of it.

While burning all your money is a totally crazy thought, it’s pretty easy to burn up the most valuable resource in the world, the one thing that- unlike money- that you can’t “make” more of.


Waiting for the perfect opportunity, stopping in your tracks, getting stuck, pressing the “pause button” in your mind until you figure out exactly what to do… Procrastinating just another week… and other…

Sound familiar?

Waiting is a form of stagnant energy. Stopped. Stuck. Not moving.


While you are waiting and procrastinating, more things pile up: excuses, more reasons to wait, drama… along with actual stuff like mountains of papers, books, emails, bills, junk….

Clutter attracts more clutter.

And… in all this waiting…time still passes!

Just like setting all your money on fire, that’s what happens with time: it burns up… along with all the infinite opportunity that lives in every single moment. Continue Reading…


Christmas morning as a kid, the first thing I tore into was my stocking full of surprises! Did you? Do you still?!

This season, you still have a few days to load up on treats for you (!) and your loved ones.  If you are looking for healthy beauty that is a must-try, these balanced beauty essentials are perfect gifts, all curated by celebrity makeup artist Chantal Moore who picks the best of the best! Continue Reading…


Now, this is romance and wonder, isn’t it?

When peonies are around I feel transported. Everything is beautiful.  Everything is possible.  Everything is fresh and lovely.

Everything should be this amazing.

Everything this rarified and gorgeous should be welcome into life, you know?

But sometimes things don’t feel welcome.  you just can’t find a husband to save your life, or a great job, or the cure for your illness or anything else… Sometimes we get stuck and suddenly it feels doomed.

People will tell you that your “vibration” is off, or something of the sort, if you can’t seem to get what you need.

But:  long before the days of New Age jargon and woo-woo reasoning, I was a kid in New Jersey who would sit through many adult conversations.  Adults with many problems. Love problems, crime problems, legal problems, drug problems.

A theme I remember as a child when something went wrong and the adults would talk about it in my kitchen:

” Forget about it. Onto the next. You are too f*&^ing good for that.” 

That’s it.  No Law Of Attraction. No Secret. No EFT. No deep thoughts. Just, “Onto the next.”


If you’ve tried and failed to bring things that you want into your life… you may be stuck in over -analyzing.

Today I thought I’d share a few thoughts from home that never failed to move people into action, out of their funk, and toward their own success…fast.

Continue Reading…


Underdog Phenemenon.  That’s what I created as a pattern for my life.  Everyone seemingly “ahead” of me in an imaginary (or real?) race, and I buckle down like a boxer prepping for a champion fight and emerge far ahead, out of the blue, after a long time of struggling… motivated by percieved crisis.

I remember being a cheerleader who sucked in Junior High.  I am tempted to post a photo but, lets just say: it was New Jersey in the late 80’s and I was also really into my very styled hair!  As a result of being a cherleader who sucked, I made it my mission to be the best cheerleader ever.  I worked for hours on the cheers.  I stretched in my grandma’s house for hours while we watched TV together at night until I could do splits and jumps.  After a year of this, I became JV co-captian.

Then I quit.

The fight has been a theme… the enjoying of the success was not as compelling.

I have been motivated by crisis.

It took me a long time to realize that this is my pattern.

Breaking down this pattern was no small thing.

Today’s expansive design is all about motivation.  When you see what drives you, you can also understand your outcomes – and your habits- a whole lot better.  That’s, of course, when change is really possible!  Continue Reading…

keep on dreaming


(hey wanderer)

It can be heartbreaking to dream…

To confront what you want to change can be the hardest part of making the change.

Don’t skirt it, sugarcoat it or fail to pay attention to what actually IS right now.  See where you are starting from.

I have people photograph their homes before making changes without cleaning up first, without adding extra lights, without dolling up the everyday status quo.  Its important to see things how they are in order to change them.

It can be heartbreaking to see the truth of things that didn’t yet come to fruition, sufferings, pains… But to dream and design a better way, its worth doing it.

Not all this talk of expansion and dream lives is easy when you confront it squarely and do it for real.  But, the more you can accept dark as well as light, sad aas well as happy, the easier it is to see anything for what it is… and create a far better outcome in your dreaming and doing…!

xoxo Dana


The big question of the day:

Do you need to get rid of some goals that no longer fit your life?  Continue Reading…

twinkling light

It’s beautiful sometimes to have hazy thoughts, you know?

But in the long run, it’s a brain that is constantly growing in its sharpness and getting lit up in new ways that will serve us all through life.

If you find yourself getting hazy, lazy or just totally forgetful, it may be time to sharpen your mind a bit! Continue Reading…