The One Thing That Will Make Your Life Extraordinary

What If You Woke Up Tomorrow With Only The Things You Were Thankful For Today?

Your Words And Emotions Will Transform Your World!

Start Writing A New Chapter Of Your Story!

Transform The Place Where You Live Into An Amazing Home….In 8 Weeks!

believe in something beautiful

There is only one valuable thing you need to have in life to make it extraordinary.


The ability to sit in someone’s shoes and feel what they are feeling.  The ability to suspend your own way of seeing life and see it through the eyes of someone else.

Without empathy, you can’t be in love.

Without empathy, you can’t create art.

Without empathy, you won’t have success. 

Without empathy, you cease to be human, in an evolved sense. 

Being empathetic does not mean you have to take what everyone is offering you.  I used to confuse empathy with being a victim.

Empathy is actually all about being extraordinarily human and deeply integrated in life.

Empathy is heroic. Continue Reading…

bob relaxing

What I learn from Bob as I spend more time with him every day: relaxation is something to revel in!

In my downtime, I am never “down”… I am reading, writing, cooking, making art, cleaning, researching… and I say it is downtime because I’ve cleared space in my calendar where I don’t take clients.  But it’s not really downtime.

Bob does downtime. He actually does it so artfully and with such aplomb that I am not amazed he is my fur baby!

So today’s question, prompted from the edge of my bed:

Do you really know how to relax?

Here are a handful of great ways to create more relaxing space in an energetic sense, so that even if you are not sprawled out on a beach with nothing but sand around you for miles you can still truly relax right where you are right now.  Continue Reading…

louise hay


You are worthy.

You are worthy.

You are worthy!!!!!

Tell yourself over and over again great things, even if you don’t believe them yet.  At one point you will. In the meantime these words repeated over and again will crowd out the other clutter of self-damnation and stress that do nothing but make your space and life smaller!  xoxo Dana


You quit drama.

You left bad things behind.

And now… you should feel exuberant, but you don’t!?!

Has this happened to you?

A breakup, a job you quit, a habit you broke… And yet, you feel terrible!

There are a handful of things that can happen when you walk away from a toxic life in any way and start fresh, taking steps toward your future in bright ways.

Don’t run back to the badlands of suppressed dreams and toxic entanglements just because it is familiar!

That is what can happen if you aren’t able to see the little bumps on the road to your dreamscape as part of the detox process.

That said, here are the top 5* life detox side effects I have observed (and have experienced many times!) that manifest as you move from toxic to thriving, from bottled-up to unleashed!!!

(*Keep in mind, each of these has within them the potential to re-shape your universe in a gorgeous way!) Continue Reading…

mario testino

Leave it to a powerful artist to sum up a life of work that only flourishes more by the second in a few words. xoxo Dana

coconut paleo oatmeal What did you have for breakfast today?

All-too-often lately I have slid into a no-breakfast cycle, alternating with a sad breakfast without protien (like a banana or two) or one with no variety (eggs, plain).  While the somewhat uninspired breakfast is better than nothing, there is simply no excuse for not eating well in the morning.

Without something delicious to start the day, things are less energetic. And after learning that every day it is optimal to have two to three cups of berries and other dark fruits (here’s more, as THIS way to eat will revolutionize your life!), the imerative need to sneak them into more meals has been a real thing on my mind.

By the way, science has proven that we do eat with our eyes, so its worth not just having breakfast, but also having it look good, too!

Time has been, of course, my biggest excuse for living breakfast-free.  So, I scoured my favorite grain-free blogs to find breakfast ideas… and on one of my favorites I found what became the base concept of this crazy-awesome wild berry coconut oatmeal! It is 100% Paleo, Gluten & Grain Free, SCD legal and totally satisfying!!! Continue Reading…

rice enzyme powder


Fresh starts are vital to recreate yourself energetically every day. If ever there was a place to glow, it starts with your smile and then echoes through your radiant skin!  Today, celebrity makeup artist and balanced beauty expert Chantal Moore shares a big secret to more radiant skin… and it is totally exquisite!   Continue Reading…

donald judd

(donald judd)

Do you have enough structure in your days?

Its the eternal battle for me between going with the flow and being the creator of great things with a real schedule. 

Or is it a battle?

It shouldn’t be a battle.

Without structure, we couldn’t survive. Within structure, creativity comes to life.

There are very few artists I know who have real careers that can live without structure. While your actual creative process may be a flowing one, your days need some sort of order to ensure your survival and make time work for you instead of against you!

If you have been feeling defeated by your days, always lack the time to do everything you dream of doing, feel sort of numb or chaotic, mood-swingy and upset that you aren’t making things happen, you may need structure!!!  And structure is easy to create!

Continue Reading…