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10 Huge Ways Some Space Clearing Can Change Your Life!

Focus is really life-shaping. It takes us down the right paths. It moves like forward in ways that feel like destiny.

In fact, with enough directed energy people believe (and have demonstrated) that they can bend forks, move things with their mind and even manifest things out of thin air.  And not as a magic trick.  This is some far-out energy focus that I’ve only seen done by one person in my life… and it was wild.

I thought I was that focused, and that’s why, when things were not getting done, I would flip out.  If all my focus couldn’t finish a simple project,  how could I ever do the big things?

I wasn’t that focused.

I’ve come to see there are a few ways to know just how focused I am, and if I’m not that focused, there are a few big ways to get that life-shaping focus back!

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We are headed into a Universal Fresh Start!!! I love that numerology confirms what I’ve been feeling- have you been feeling it, too?- that a new cycle of life is upon us in 2018… and it’s going to be amazing!

While I’m not one to love future predictions (we create the future!) I am very much interested in themes and focus.  Numbers have been used through history to express energies that can highlight worthwhile themes if you resonate with them.  I always marvel at how I feel a certain energy and then see it confirmed in these number themes!

My sister Nicole Claudat is a super-gifted intuitive numerologist and today she shares so much about the numerological energies of 2018 and how you can harness them to make this a superpowered year! Continue Reading…


Life Clutter.  It’s a funny dynamic.  It’s seemingly so mystical.  And it closes doors you want to open.

You want your life to look like a picture of freedom and ease and love and instead… it’s just not there.

If you’re working really hard and nothing’s happening, chances are there’s some sort of clutter in the way.

Today, let’s look at the feng shui shift from pushing things away to becoming your own best friend in the manifestation of all those big dreams!!!

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Are you ready to make huge amounts of space in the New Yar for your dreams to flourish?

There’s one core principle that I apply to everything- from relationships to personal healing to homes and manifesting dreams— if something’s stuck, it means there’s clutter in the way.

Today, let’s demystify the process of clearing all of life of clutter.  It’s sometimes so overwhelming that its hard to approach.  It’s sometimes so madening that it feels like there’s no progress.  But… if you get grounded in your power right now and decide to clear your home and life of anything standing between you and what you want, you will be unstoppable!  Continue Reading…

be yourself

Becoming more of who you are isn’t an indescribably journey that only poets and philosophers and exhalted icons have somehow discovered, leaving all of us in the dark.

It’s actually really simple, which is why I think it seems difficult or puzzling.

It’s the non-secret secret to being iconic, to being fulfilled, to being free and to having inspired lives.

Just be yourself.

I’ve hit quite a few walls where being “myself” seemed like the hard choice as I was trying really hard to be— perfect for others, awesome in things that I didn’t like, competitive for the sake of winning— or I was so afraid that being me would be isolating or might cause me to lose things and people I loved.

So, “just be yourself” can be risky.  Or confusing.  Or really radical, which is, in itself, a big revalation.

Today’s feng shui is all about shifting your energy to be more of YOU.  And in that shift, such incredible things happen.  And in that shift, life looks and feels more and more amazing!  Continue Reading…

When we’re focused and clear-minded, it’s magnificently easier to make things happen.

“Manifesting” isn’t magic— it’s our creative power in action. It’s no secret that it’s way easier to be creative when you’re feeling grounded, calm and powerful, but perfect circumstances aren’t always the times when we most need to make stuff happen!

Today’s feng shui is all about harnessing your manifesting magic to make things happen when you feel depleted, tired, empty-minded, overwhelmed or just dull, worried or far from magical.

It’s your imagination in action and you can start right now!  Continue Reading…


There are times where for no apparent reason I feel this draining feeling that’s hard to put into words. It’s a rare feeling but it’s hard to ignore. It feels like there’s no thrill, no spark, it’s hard to wake up, it’s really hard to get things done, it’s impossibly weird…

Sometimes it’s coupled with feeling spaced out, stuck, creatively blocked or disconnected.

In my life I’ve seen this as one specific thing that seems almost too crazy to write about but I realized I was not alone— it’s a thing that so many people have experienced more and more as they wake up more to their own energy.

Someone’s bad vibes… directed, wished, pulling, vampiring…

It’s not a curse, it’s not a spell, it’s not a demonic situation— it’s just energy. And it’s low. And it’s so easy to be free of, luckily, that today is all about casting off the bad vibes you feel that are not at all welcome in your life and keeping them very far away. Continue Reading…


There’s a whole lot of mystery and magic in violet. It’s also enormously high energy as a color in its must intra-violet form.

I’m thrilled that Ultra Violet is the color of the year fr so many feng shui reasons, so many personal reasons, so many reasons it’s hard to imagine just how perfectly this color aligns with raising up the universe! Continue Reading…