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A member of my Catalyst Camp sent me a compelling article on fruit and vegatable washes and their effectiveness that sparked a big exploration for me.  I never realized that a rince under faucet water just wasn’t enough!

This quote is from The Nation: “Since 1945, the use of pesticides in the United States has quintupled. More than 1 billion pounds of pesticides—a broad term that includes weed killers, insecticides and fungicides—are now used in the United States each year. Over 1,000 chemicals registered to fight pests and pathogens are formulated into some 20,000 products.”

Now, I know that many of you are able to buy and eat organic… but I’ve learned from visiting very a high level organic farm that there’s “Roundup” and other pestisides- even in low doses, found in the rain.

So, for all of us… before we eat anything- organic or conventially grown- let’s wash it super-well!  Continue Reading…

When I’m asked where in Los Angeles I most want to do a photo shoot (like the above for Murad Skincare, coming soon!), two things spring to mind : the best part of the beach + the greenest hikes.

These are both rare commodities.  Living here for 15 years on and off I have watched the green almost decimated by years of drought.  I’ve seen beaches turn to trash sites and so much construction strip away the grandeur of expanses of nature and the most vintage of historic buildings torn down to make way for horrible multimilliondollar cement box-chaped houses and malls that people don’t really shop in.

While I am all for progress, there’s a difference between positive change and destruction.

I live, paradoxically, in a place where eco-friendly is being enforced by laws, growing every day.  There are strict smog laws on cars, there’s a ban on plastic bags when shopping at stores and there’s a more and more fierce restriction on water use for lawns.  Vintage is cool.  Compostable is not uncommon to see when it comes to forks and knives.

While my present city of Los Angeles is more seemingly conscious of the environment than most places, its become very clear to me and everyone I know that we all have to do the protecting of our planet on our own.  It’s our daily contributions, decisions and actions that make a difference.

Why is this feng shui?

The planet is everything. Without it we have no place to be.  Without Nature, we don’t have air or water or food.  Without connection to Nature we have no Tao.  We lose our grounded, powerful, true nature when the Nature around us erodes.

Every single step we each take to protect the Earth helps make the planet more prosperous and our lives, in turn, more abundant.   Continue Reading…

There’s no fighting the fact that nothing actually stays the same.

Everything is in a state of change.

Our cells are either in growth or protection against invaders.

No single thing- from a creative endeavor to a relationship to a houseplant- can stay frozen in time.

Things move up or they move down, even if it’s barely perceptible at first.

Granted, there are spirals, strange dips in the graph of statistics at times or unforseen challenges that change the general trend… but the general trend can still be moving up. And up.  And up.

Today’s feng shui is all about making choices to keep growing, no matter what’s happening, and keep that momentum growing like a snowball of greatness! Continue Reading…


What if you felt as dreamy as a celestite stone? These blue gems are thought to enhance intuition, open up psychic channels and encourage lucid dreaming… among other things lovely in their story.

I like the way they make me feel when I look at them.

Beyond all things, that’s the key to most everything you want to create, heal, experience or share.

Feeling great.

As simple as it sounds, feeling great really is the energy that fuels most everything that’s amazing.  Today, some feng shui to feel great can expand your creative, life-transforming, practical magic powers!

Continue Reading…

I’m a huge fan of multicolored everything for this reason- it’s something for all moods and all people at all times!

Rainbows of all kinds are a spectrum of energy frequencies (*all of color is reflected energy waves, frequencies in the air) that affect us in so many different ways.  If we’re in physical or emotional need of a certain frequency for more balance, a rainbow of color will give us what we need.

Vibrations of color, light, sound… those vibrations we know on some level affect us.

Then there are the ways people make us feel, and the way we make others feels.  All kinds of emotions have energies that affect us and everyone else.

And then there’s the “vibes in the air” and the cosmic vibes from planets and stars, sun and moon that we quantify as astrology…And…

Energy is really EVERYTHING.

Achieving a high vibration as a regular place where you live most every day is a powerful form of changing pretty much everything in life.  Maintaining a super-high vibration is being built into The Love Camp feng shui this Summer (!!!) – even on the most quantum of levels-  because staying high in a world that is pulling on you to drop low is not easy.

In fact, you might feel you have to drop low in order to help people.  You know… there are all sorts of ideas we are raised with like …

The idea that you need to relate to people’s pain in order to heal it.  

That you can’t fit in unless you share suffering?

That it’s lonely at the top of everything…

None of that works for me.  I am pretty sure it doesn’t work for most people I know who are happy and also help people all day, every day.

It’s actually only high energy that heals.  That energy is in infinite supply.  And we are all meant to be magical and happy as a natural state of being.

Today’s feng shui is all about the deep transformation of high vibration! Continue Reading…

I don’t have any answers as to how to live life.

You know best your best ways to live.

But, when there’s a lack of spark and days becme increasingly harder and things you need seem to be moving away from you instead of toward you… that’s a tempting time to think that other people can tell you better how to live life, you know?

That’s been the pivitol moments, the times where I gave up my power and became the effect of people who seemed to have secrets to a kind of successful living that clearly I had missed the boat on…

And each time I felt compelled to think hard, to follow a rigorous routine or do things that were very uncomfortable because I was told by people who I at once point trusted or admired that they would be good for me.

All lead me to nothing.  And I see it all the time.

It starts slow— uninspired, uninterested— and then becomes a sort of dullness and lack of spiritness and you don’t know where it came from. And then, it feels like there’s no easy way out.  Everyting is just… blah…

And if you’re feeling that blah, you can gather your energy back quickly.   Continue Reading…


For quite some time now I’ve been toying with Palm Springs life and I am not sure that the desire to create a home there will fade —it’s so fun and warm… and it’s all PASTEL.  While my 20’s house isn’t quite Mid Century Modern, there are lots of features that lend themselves to pastel… like the loads of windows and super-high ceilings with arched entranceway… I think my mint sofa will finally be turning dusty rose velvet soon,  pillows in big white & turmeric tie dye and walls full of watercolors.  My wood table may just become marble-topped and the cane chairs might get some watercolor cushions.

This plan has been evolving as I’ve been clearing, revamping and restructuring life so it’s more fun to live every moment of it. We all have to keep on creating the new.  I am extremely excited for this switch- hopefully over the Summer…!

Gradually I’ll be doing it now.

Gathering up the pastels should be super-fun. And there’s a big reason for it—

Pastels are mentally focusing.  They are space-clearing colors.  They are like a chill pill for the mind.  They are easy to live with. They lift up a room energetically.  Adding softness.  Grace. Sophistication.  Oh, and they are neutral, but far more appealing often times than, say, brown or grey. 

Pastels are the superstars of today’s inspiration.

Continue Reading…

(these jess weymouth watercolors are an obsession of mine!)

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein


Play is as important- of not more important- than work.  When work can be play, well, that’s winning on every level.

Dr. Stuart Brown did a brilliant TED talk on playing.  Researchers have studied playing and productivity.  Playing makes you happier overall. It can increase your longevity, improve your mind, de-stress your body and bring you more wellbeing on every level.

When’s the last time you had real play time?!

You may be setting aside more time than ever before, as playing is truly life-changing!  Continue Reading…