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Today, it’s raining as I write this. It’s been raining for what feels like weeks now, and that’s wonderful for the ecosystem.  Let it rain and rain as far as I’m concerned, as it’s the greatest good.

As it rains, though, my body that loves long walks and my mind that thrives on sunshine have had more excited days. I’m all for long naps, candles and baths, so I went with it for a while.

The thing is, all of my work and creativity and my whole life is a function of my energy.  All of our days are a function of our energy.  And this muti-week rainstorm that I’m just not accustomed to was not doing wonders for my energy.

I tried some excellent art to snap me out of it. Art is the highest of vibrations, after all.  In this photo standing between a brilliant Glenn Ligon sculpture (*I apparently copied Swizz Beatz who took this photo of himself first) I had braved the rain because it was well worth it.

The next day, though, it was back to the clouds and I realized that it was time for some extra. I was ready for a full-day ritual.  I was prepared to flip the script on feeling stagnant and slow, and I was going to do it organically.

Here’s my own feng shui cure for feeling stuck that’s worked wonders.  Feel free to customize it and dive right in if you, too, are ready for more flow and action! Continue Reading…


Whenever I’m looking for more magic my days, I realize that I’ve sort of lost my personal connection to what I’ve been doing. Whether I’ve been so busy that I’ve been running more on “autopilot” or I’ve become jaded with the same-same and haven’t shaken things up in a while, or anything else— it all takes me out of the magic zone.

I’m about to sit down for my ten minute “basic” meditation (my “method” is super-simple–closed eyes, siting on a couch, paying attention to my breathing, refocusing on my breathing when all kinds of thoughts pop up) and I got struck by the inspiration to share some small habit shifts that have popped up as I’ve been tuning in more to my own personal rhythm.

You may not have a lot of habits that pull you out of the moment and into a sort of automatic go-go-go where the manifesting power you have drains out of life, but I know that I did! Dozens of them! Small shifts in my habits have been met with the instant rewards of loving life so much more.

From there… everything becomes more connected, meaningful, magical and abundant…!!! Continue Reading…


“Going with the flow!” is really important to me.  I mean, as a concept it’s enormous.  No force, no stress, no pushing things, no pressure…

But, when it comes to creating things- be it a creative project, a job, a relationship, anything— I would often get a little too passive when “going with the flow.”

I used to think that it meant that I don’t really need to do anything, just accept what comes or reject what comes.

This very awesome concept of “flowing with life” was very twisted in my mind, and when I first tried it in an effort to reduce stress many years ago, it led me to believe I was “unlucky” and “broken” and maybe just not “destined” to have what I wanted.

What was flowing to me by “going with the flow” was not at all what I wanted.  I said YES to things I didn’t really want because, “Hey, that was what was flowing!”

I accepted things I didn’t want because that’s what showed up!

“Going with the flow” is super-powerful.  But, the thing I missed in this equation was that I was able to direct the flow, increase the flow and decide far more of what was flowing!

Today let’s look at all the ways to embrace this flowing energy and manifest madly while having so much more fun!  Continue Reading…

On January 1st I had no goals, visions, great resolutions or anything else on paper.  A big feng shui Camp was about to begin, I was back after a four month break of teaching the School of Intention Feng Shui Certification program to working with clients and it was a non-stop awesome whirl.

I hadn’t thought much about the future in any way as I had in the past.

And then I heard this parable late in the morning of January 1st and it started a whole new wave of interest in the year ahead:

I decided it will be a very good year, and that I would plants seeds in fields of fortune.

Let’s dive right into the story, as it’s a good one! Continue Reading…

I love this sentiment.

At every moment- total transformation is waiting for you if you need it.  

At any moment, decisions can re-shape your life for the better.  

All the time, you can practice something better for you than your current practice has been. 

For me, it’s been a wild game of dumping the societal prescriptions and trying/wishing/hoping to fit in and learning to go my own way.

It’s part of the joy and power of living without the idea that we “should” do things.

The more those “should’s” I’ve absorbed — and even sought out– from popular culture, other people, old memories and even ancient traditions have been faded out of my days, the more the feelings I’ve always craved of creative freedom and real connection to the magic of life have been able to take root and flourish! Continue Reading…

We’re all in the spirit of growth, transformation, change-making, achievement and creating.

Whether it’s a New Year, your birthday, a New Moon, a new season, or any day when you’ve decided you want new things and you’re going to make them happen, that decision sets the wheels in motion.

I love the feeling of growth, I thrive with all the change-making and energizing and the adventure of it all.

After quite a handful of year woking with people on brining their own intentions to life, and a lifetime of my own wish-making and creating, I still don’t have all the answers to manifesting everything for everyone— but I do know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that everything is possible and we all have the ability to make anything we want to experience become a reality.

Three big things have shifted for me that have changed the ways I look at goals, the way I set intentions and the ways I approach getting things done that have made “manifesting” much, much easier in the last few years, and I’m always excited to share these things when they become clear enough for me to share! Continue Reading…

Amazing thing are always on the way.

If you’re not motivated or “feeling it”  it can be tempting to try to get into the “spirit” of things by hyping up lots of motivation.

I have done it all… a bunch of coffee, a lot of getting “motivated” listening to motivational videos, doing some sort of wild exercise…

Anything to try to “move myself” into action.

It would work, for sure, for a while. Then, if the race for what I wanted wasn’t coming fast enough, the motivation would need to pile on more and more.

Motivation became it’s own job, and I thought it was all “successful” and super positive because hey, I do such fun things, until, after hitting a breaking point last January when 16 hours a day of sleep wasn’t enough.

I cancelled all my travel and got really into the power of home that I love to share on a whole new level. I barely even drove around, walking almost everywhere and meeting people locally.  I didn’t really know what came next, but I knew something was on the way.

It arrived. A new Feng Shui School.  A new design partnership I’ve always wanted.  A new exercise flow. A new way of looking at life.  Deeper love.  All of it.

This past year changed my whole perspective on what it meant to welcome in the awesome things on the way.   And, now, coming back from holiday, it’s fun to wake up the flow again and share some more easy motivation that’s been getting things back to a place of inspiration.

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What if how you want to feel is the goal?

I’ve found that in the last year, this is everything for me.

My life expanded in more ways that I could have imagined all based on this very simple idea:  feeling great is the goal.

And, when the New Year approached, when I tried doing my more traditional ways of goal-setting and visioning, I realized that it was almost limiting to quantify what I wanted.  Had I quantified things last year, I would have missed out on most the greatness that came forth.

I couldn’t write a list of rigor for the New Year and all the rigor I was willing put into what I wanted. I tried to listen to a popular podcast a few days ago and shut it off when I heard all about extremes and “crushing it.”

Something big proved itself to me last year and I am not giving up on this feeling.

Excitement. Appreciation.  Presence.  Feeling really incredible.

Do I have dreams, plans and things I want to experience?

Yes! So many!!!

But, the way I look at them is now very different.  And, this difference has moved me from an “achievement” mindset where I’d go for what I wanted at all costs (and the costs were usually my health, balance and happiness along the way) to a place of greater alignment where bigger things come with more fun, more flow and way more magic.

There’s nothing wrong with having goals… I have many!

But, instead of striving… I am all about harnessing the feng shui of flow!!!

Any time of the year, if you want to get into greater place of real fulfillment– and more manifesting magic– see what would happen if your feelings are the goals!!!
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