My Ten Biggest Lessons Of The Past Year That Have Dramatically Expanded My Life!

Ancient Wealth-Attracting Herbs And Spices!

Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

Feng Shui To Make A Breakthrough!

The Rice Experiment Has Blown My Mind & Proven The Power Of Love

We all need room to grow. We also need the energy to grow.

Seeds need a space to be planted. And, seeds need fertile soil, water and sometimes extra food to turn into productive plants.

Plants have a wisdom where they will slow down their production of shoots or leaves or go onto a dormancy or adapt in other ways when the conditions for growth aren’t optimal so that they can survive.

We humans also have those instincts, but it’s more common than not to override them and stay up three hours longer, take on more that feels “natural,” do way more than we need to simply because our will can be so strong…

Basically, we can work against Nature– and our true nature- in the name of creating success. But… that doesn’t create thriving.

Listening to your own calls to break, sleep, walk away for a few days or simply drop something(s) off the to-do list can be life-changing.

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(*chakrazulu crystals)

I’ve wanted to create the final Feng Shui Camp in the series for some time now, and the time has come for THE BREAKTHROUGH CAMP!

The Breakthrough Camp is now open, and it’s a wildly exciting journey far beyond traditional Feng Shui into alignment of your home and your energy.

It’s based on the chakras, the energy systems that store information and energy in our bodies and communicate that information to the world around us.

If you don’t know much about the chakras, you don’t need to in a technical sense in order to get into greater alignment. If you do things every day that make you feel better, you are already getting more alignment without knowing a thing that’s special!

If you want to go deeper, I thought it would be fun to explore just a few of the many ways that balancing your chakras can change your life!

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I’m all about alignment in life — thoughts, words, actions and energy matching my desired outcomes, all while feeling fantastic!

It’s the most effective way I know how to be. And, surprisingly, it has led me to work much less, say “NO” to thinks that would once be an automatic “YES” and it’s brought me so many new hobbies, mountains of wisdom and so many great ideas.

Love, wealth, creativity, synergy– it all comes easier with more alignment.

In the Feng Shui season of breakthroughs as The Breakthrough Camp is about to debut! It’s full of revolutionary Feng Shui for the Chakras, our ultimate energy alignment. With alignment on my mind, I thought it would be fun to share some lifestyle ideas (and my most recent habits in hopes that they illuminate things for you!) to create more of that fabulous feeling flow that is our greatest manifesting magic!

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We may not get to choose every momentary circumstance but we get to choose how we view things.

It’s a mindset more than anything. It relieves the stress. It removes unnecessary resistance. It puts us in the driver’s seat.

It’s also an attitude that we can put into our environment in so many ways to keep us reminded of the thriving, growth and infinite possibilities that are available to us all the time!

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It’s remarkable how it works when I’m in a zone– there’s always enough time, things work out easily, even against the odds, and everything is doused in an extra layer of electric that feels endlessly rich and thrilling.

To get to that zone used to be my goal. It seemed so far away when I was cluttered, unclear and not completely self-assured .

Now, the goal is how to stay in it more of the time.

It’s all alignment.

It’s neither mystical nor esoteric. It’s not a far-away spiritual nirvana or an unattainable perfection.

It’s been for me this very clear experience: I am present, I feel great and I’m invested in everything that’s in front of me.

That’s the start of the magic zone. From there, things start to click and the momentum takes hold.

Feng Shui energy shifts can help you with the presence, the great feelings and the intention that gets — and keeps– you in the zone where manifesting feels pretty instant!

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All of this is a great big YES!!!!!

All of it– the highest vibes, the most exciting feelings, seeing the improvements, feeling the tides turning in the best possible ways– is a great big YES!!!!!

I’ve written a lot about change– being open to change, making change, knowing you’re ready for change– but today that change is defined in a new way–


A new chapter where things are bigger. Creation has more reach and impact. It’s a big change in the frequency of your energy and the energy of everything around you.

You’ve outgrown where you are and you need to find some bigger shoes, so to speak. I like to call those bigger shoes: ” A LARGER ENERGETIC CONTAINER.”

When we expand our energy, we can literally CONTAIN more in our lives.

Expansion of everything becomes easier.

Some of the signs I’ve seen over the years of people (including me!) that have outgrown things are are really really ready for “bigger shoes” are not all rainbows and unicorns. Knowing these signs, however, has made the difference between saying at one level in life and the preferred alternative: soaring in major growth!

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Many of us have heard the quote commonly attributed to Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Whether or not he said that, it’s an important concept.

The same actions tend to produce similar results.

What I might add to the conversation is that the same actions done with DIFFERENT ENERGY BEHIND THEM can produce new results.

We can all write a detailed report of a situation in life every day and talk about the same issues. Same actions. Some of us might be more engaged and passionate, more emotionally invested or inspired. Some of us might treat it as an exercise that just has to be done every day.

The results from sharing passion and the results from doing the same exact action without passion are likely to be different.

Let’s get into the energetics of making more of the outcomes that we want every day!!!

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Upgrades are exciting! New jobs, new relationships, new endeavors, new fitness plans, new technology.

All upgrades call for more energy.

More energy does not, however, mean working harder and harder or adding lots of extra steps. That option may seem perfect, but, past a certain point, there are draining consequences. The upgrades and expansions and new jobs and new opportunities become… unsustainable.

Rather than logging more hours, shifting the quality, focus and frequency of energy that you use in the same 24 hours of each day can be the sustainable game-changer!

There are many Feng Shui ways to shift the energy in your home and life, and today, as The Breakthrough Camp full of home + life alignment to make big breakthroughs approaches, it’s exciting to explore more of them!

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