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Let go of everything that is dragging you down!!!  xoxo Dana

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This was the question of the day at Cafe Gratitude last night:

What inspires you? 

Beyond the coconut milk and almong butter date shake and the wonderful company, I love this place for the single daily question they ask everyone who dines there every day.

Admittedly, I have over-indulged in daily shakes to hear the questions (and because these shakes are sinfully melted-icecream good!) because the questions alone tend to inspire me, even though they’re usually quite simple.

Today’s expansive idea is a something you can do in a minute… but that minute can bring immense greatness rushing into your day!

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While the lone chair isn’t always the mecca of love and togetherness, there’s a time and a place for something perfectly relaxing.  And, in this case, these seats are spectacular.  Today, I wanted to share some styling inspiration for unique chairs that you can fold into your home! Continue Reading…

colors of nutrients

(natural healthy concepts)

When artful living finds merit in scientific ways, I’m just thrilled!  Eat rainbows of food!  I’m off to make a giant salad!  xoxo Dana



We’ve probably all heard by now the adage that “your thoughts become things.”  You know, you think about something enough and it will manifest in some way.

In a sense, it’s very true. If you focus your attention and energy on something you’ll find all kinds of signs from the universe and you may actually accelerate the process of brining something you want (or don’t want) to life.

But I have seen magical thinking lead to very strange circumstances that aren’t all fantastic.

You know, there’s also an adage that “analysis equals paralysis.”  Meaning: if you over-think things you lose the magic in them, or, basically, suck the greatness out of life.

Are you thinking too much?  Are you putting way too much emphasis on your thoughts?

It’s a big question but a great one if you’ve become frustrated, stopped in your tracks, overly worried or otherwise feel victimized by a situation that you want to go your way:

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focus on your strengths



While I am all about stretching myself to do anything and everything that pops to mind as a worthwhile challenge,  there’s a truism I have bumped into lately.

Not everyone can do everything.

But we sometimes feel like we can or we should.  I know I did.  But when the deadlines got steeper and the hours got shorter, I realized I needed help.

You might need help, too.

By stubbornly insisting that I run a one-person-show of my business I was basically holding myself back.

Most great things are hatched in synergy.  Let yourself be really great at what you are great at, and let other people fill in the blanks. So beautifully said!   xoxo Dana

abstract art  (the fox and she)

Art brings emotion, power, elemental magic and all kinds of depth and greatness to a home.  It’s my #1 feng shui way to bring more life to life…

While I am a champion of artists and encourage you all to support the arts and collect what you love, sometimes the best solution for your home is one that you’ve actually created yourself, with your imagination as a guide.  And, for those of you who can imagine themselves never making a piece of art(!) these 6 projects will more than inspire you… they’ll lead you through to the show-stopping finale! Continue Reading…

water going down drain

Here’s a subject I am most passionate about : energy.


Its all of life. It’s the forces that rule the world.  It’s the mystical stuff we can’t explain that makes trees grow and bodies fill with life, it creates miracles and stirs emotions.  I don’t know exactly where this enormous energy source that animates everything actually began, but I feel it everywhere, I see it when I am really in tune with the day and, of course, I help people to design more of it around themselves every day.

You can eat for more energy (live food, food cooked with love and artistry, eating with intuition) and you can tap into more energy with sunshine, great decisions, even, if you are so inclined, prayer or meditation.

But, the greatest force of energy that seems to rock worlds- mine included- are the forces that link us to people.  And in the most subtle- or not so subtle ways- people can either inspire you or bring you down.

Is someone dragging you down?

Here are some clues that maybe you aren’t broken, cursed or not-good-enough, but, rather, perhaps yu are attached to someone who is draining the life out of you.

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