Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

Are You Good At Thinking About Self-Love But Have A Hard Time Doing It?

The Rice Experiment Has Blown My Mind & Proven The Power Of Love

10 Big Ways To Know That You’re On A Path To More Love In Life!

Are You Ready For More Love In Your Life?!

The Full Moon has an undeniable affect on us. We are composed mainly of water and the Full Moon has a direct affect upon water so it’s hard to ignore this celestial happening every month (and, in rare cases, twice a month)

These Feng Shui tips apply to every Full Moon. The idea is to craft rituals for yourself to harness all this “extra” power to transform your life as the moon is it’s brightest and our emotions are heightened!

Customize, relax and enjoy the Moon Magic!!!

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(apartment therapy)

Feng Shui teaches that your home is a reflection of you in so many ways. And when you change your home, your life can change.

But… how does that work?!

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Creative freedom is what I feel when I know I am in an unstoppable zone.

When I’m in a creative place, everything feels like I feel right now (!) best demonstrated by how I felt taking the picture above.

Pretty awesomely amazing.

Whether you call it confidence, flow, inspiration, energy, motivation, or anything else, you know when you’re “turned on” and all your switches are flipped to feel fantastic and watch everything fall into place every day.

It used to be a rare and strange thing for me, a state of being dependent on other people and what they did for me. Now… it’s 100% in my creative hands, and what a differene that makes!

It’s in your hands, too, 100%.

While I’d love to say I’m in this space of hair-tossing and bliss all the time, calling this state of being far more “normal” for me in the last few years, and exponentially so in the last 7 months has been life-altering in the most powerful ways.

There are a few ideas I embraced (and still come back to, daily) to get out of my own way where creative growth and power was concerned, and I’m excited to share them today!

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Power is such a broad term. Often used to describe people with incredible money or fame, often used to describe incredible athletes or revered healers.

But we all have the same amount of power — the energy behind all of these elevated states of life– available to us.

Power– the way I see it translated— is the creative, expansive, influential energy that is absolutely undeniable when it flows freely.

There were times I’ve argued against this idea, like when I felt exhausted, unsupported and/or extremely stuck. I’ve let people know that “they just don’t understand” all the reasons why other people can live with so much energy and I can’t…why some people have it so easy… why it’s got to be hard for me…

I was too busy pushing and forcing and struggling and racing around to dare to acknowledge that it could be easier.

When you’re way too busy to take care of yourself, it’s hard to imagine that you have more power and energy than you’re using right now.

I didn’t know anyone close to me who worked harder than me, so it seemed laughable that I was not using all my power.

Self-care– the thing I felt was the greatest luxury, the thing I had no time for– turned out to be the path to so much more power than I could have ever imagined.

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If you want to make a big shift in your life and you don’t know where to begin, your environment and your energy are an easy place to start.

They’re not just the easier place to start— they’re also often the most effective,

In fact, they may be all you need to shift to see everything change!

While repainting a room or fluffing up your pillows may not erase an enormous trauma from your life, these little things can signal deeper changes and open the doors for the deeper solutions to appear.

No matter where you’re starting from, you can make huge changes by taking the easiest of actions.

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If you set many intentions, you know the power of the simple act of putting things down on paper and deciding to make them happen.

To move from intention to manifestation, though, can seem daunting sometimes.

If you’re looking to make more of what you want happen, it often involves more simple (rather than grand and sweeping) gestures.

This easy exercise can be of tremendous value! I hope it serves you well!

xoxo!!! Dana 


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It’s one thing to get into a super-high-vibration energy state and it’s another to maintain that state as a baseline of normal.

When life has thrown many challenges my way all at once, I was grateful for the ability to feel even a few moments of peace, quiet, love and power. And, by all means, we can appreciate every moment of it.

Lasting change, though, transcends the momentary.

It doesn’t mean you need to feel bliss every moment of every day to transform your life, but… when more of your time is spent in that beautiful energy and less time is spent in the rest it tips the scales of transformation in your favor.

Today, let’s talk about some easy ways to maintain more of a lasting vibrational high!!!

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I’m no stranger to things like… everything piling up, seemingly all at once, so many deadlines in a short space of time, feeling like I can do everything until I attempt to do it…

If you’ve found yourself sitting and looking at/thinking about so much that you have to do and you don’t know where to begin, I’m so familiar with that space.

Every time it would happen I would proclaim that “this is the last time!” and yet, it would happen again and I am grateful that it did and does. Lots happening (hopefully mostly positive and/or highly productive and worthwhile) is a gift. It’s the space I love the most except for the moments between “all I have to do” and “getting it done.”

Those moments between are sometimes days or weeks… but things do get done!

When I handle these times well and use my own best energy practices to flow through things, it’s an exciting time. When I resist the situation and protest the pile of stuff that wants my attention, it becomes a draining and straining situation.

I’m all for the excitement, so today I’m sharing my recent best energy practices to get everything done in am inspired flow!

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