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A friend sent me a message that he’s been only considering and bringing into his life that things that keep his light shining bright. It’s one of his biggest success secrets.

That was a lightning bolt moment.

I have pretty exceptionally happy days overall, but then there are the moments that have come far too frequently as of late where I think… “Why did I start the day looking at my email/ Instagram/Facebook before I did my spiritual practice, before I did things to fill me up?”

It’s almost like I deliberately clip my energetic wings and hold myself back with these small and yet stunting habits.

Do you have these habits that sort of cloud or scramble your days, sink your mood or distract you into a spin?

Today’s Feng Shui is all about looking at what’s being allowed to enter every day of your life!

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Don’t wait until your incredibly confident because real confidence is pretty much gained in the process. And, no matter how confident you are, in the process of growth there’s still tons of situations you’ve never seen before and a sense of trust (rather that utter confidence) may be the best thing to carry you through to brilliant success.

In The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui training I repeat over and over one truth about the work I do– I never know what I’m getting into. No matter how many hundreds and now thousands of times I’ve done Feng Shui with people, I just don’t know what I’ll see or how it will unfold.

I’m confident that everything will be epic in the end, but how to get to that place is always a mystery to me.

The process of so much of this work has built my confidence, but there’s still– and always– a big area of trust that things are always working out.

In essence, I realized I might as well show up before I’m fully confident because if I don’t, I might never show up!

Today’s Feng Shui is all about showering your environment with strong energy that supports you in showing up every day and building your confidence!

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I love big themes that focus things. Every New Year I choose my own themes in lieu of “New Year Resolutions” because I find them way more flexible and motivating. Calm and Expansive were two big theme words that characterized 2019, and looking back at the year so far, that’s what has unfolded in a big way in my own life, guiding my choices and putting a premium on feeling fantastic above all else.

You can pick a theme or two or three for the New Year ahead and let that energy be your guide, too. I’m still arriving at those words of 2020. Incredible gratitude is what is most on my mind during this holiday-filled season.

But, even before the New Year…. there’s a cosmic theme you may want to embrace for all it’s empowerment.

Jupiter– the planet that’s through to bring fortune– shines it’s light on Capricorn this year. The comic themes are all about tangible abundance that come from focus, work and being grounded.

While you cam bring fortune to your life every single day, Jupiter in Capricorn is a year’s worth of advancement of all endeavors that you endeavor to take seriously!

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Every day is very important. Every moment is pure potential.

And, as we get ready for the New Year this year, it’s not just a New Year… it’s a new DECADE that’s ahead.

Gathering up the themes of the years of the last decade– the happenings, the shifts, the losses, the incredible triumphs, the loves and adventures, the lessons– it’s clear to me that I’m not the same person that I was when 2010 rolled around.

I’m willing to bet your decade-long transformation is equally epic.

If you have a few minutes to gather up the highlights and turning points of the 2010 decade, you’re likely to see the challenges in a new light, the sweeping events in new ways and your growth in rich detail.

We’ll do so much to prepare for the New Year and NEW DECADE in the weeks to come, but I wanted to start by sharing some Feng Shui that I have underway to kick off 2020 in a whole new field of energy and power… and, it’s all very simple!

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You can set yourself up for the best year, the best month, the best week, the best day…. and even the best hour!

You have the ability to shape your free time, and, even to possibly a greater degree than you think, your work time and responsibilities.

While things still need to get done, chores crossed off the list, and all the work stuff, indeed, that may seem like there’s simply no way to change…. there is always a way to make lots of there… “I’d rather not do this” experiences far more elevated!!!

As the season of de-cluttering and readiness for the New Year draws closer, I’m even doing a major upgrade to the Feng Shui De-Cluttering Catalyst Camp program that starts the year. (*the FREE videos are also new and start HERE!)

There’s an incredible premium on incredibly high vibes and potent tools to create change. Sometimes, the shifts can be as simple as deciding that things will be amazing then following that energy. Sometimes, it’s time for some extra ideas to transform the negatives and elevate the positives.

Today is all about all of it!

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The energetics behind a state of burnout were shocking to me.

When you’re stressed, staying up all night and day, panicked and in what seems to be an endless state of this hard-firing and wired energy, it’s no surprise to many that exhaustion and burnout ensues after a while.

However, when you’re incredibly psyched, thrilled, overjoyed and creating your dreams with lots of sleep and lots of healthy foods and vitamins and burnout ensues, it can be puzzling.

In both cases, there’s one thing in common. There’s a constant energetic connection to an active go-go-go (even with plenty of sleep, as in the last example) that fills the mind, body, energy systems and even your home with “activity” and not a lot of truly spacious rejuvenation.

Having experienced both forms of burnout, and bouncing back (albeit through a long haul of rebuilding my system) from each, today I thought it could be helpful to share ideas to re-build your energy systems, bounce back from burnout and avoid heading back there again!

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I love adding more dimensions to things.

Whether it’s adding more color to a living room, adding more paint to a painting or adding more spice to food… there’s a lot of thrill to be found in the depths of things.

I bet you’d rather read a compelling book that’s full of a depth of emotions and intrigue than an instruction-manual-like straightforward story that sits of the surface of the page?

Dimension reveals itself in life in so many ways and changes the energy of art, ideas, plans, spaces, people and experiences in all ways.

One of the greatest ways I’ve been re-tuning the dimensions of my own life has also sped up so much manifesting in every day. Today’s Feng Shui is all some tuning for the dimension of your plans and goals so that they are fueled by purpose and passion!!!

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This definitely has proven to be a magic formula, even if it seems completely simple:

Stay excited for growth and all that’s ahead while still finding the greatness in the moment.

If only I had stumbled upon this before 8 or 10 years of perpetual dissatisfaction with everything to do with the present moment!

I thought dissatisfaction was motivating. I never realized how damning and backward it was to dive into that lack of satisfaction and try to have it become my biggest motivator.

It’s way easier to be creative, to be motivated, to be excited and engaged when you’re happy and content than when you’re not at all.

Let’s tune our vibes into more contentment and expand our manifesting powers today!

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