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10 Huge Ways Some Space Clearing Can Change Your Life!


It can be really frustrating when you want to make changes but you seem to run into other people who act as roadblocks.

It’s also really demoralizing when you’ve taken a dive into fixing and helping and wanting to see change around you and it just doesn’t stick.

If you’ve been in the middle of drama, in the throes of trying to help others make changes that are just not happening or even holding up your life waiting for a change to happen so that the chaos outside of you will stop, I’ve been in your shoes.

There’s nothing quite as odd as being super-determined and feeling ineffectual all at once.

Out of necessity, and in the midst of working with thousands of people in my ways of feng shui and working on my own life (along with living it!) I’ve come up against this “what happened to my magic?” feeling and this “why can’t I make a change?” feeling so many times.  In others, and in myself, I’ve seen it echo.

There’s no one size fits all solution to becoming as ultra-effective as you know you can be, but there’s an energy principle that never fails to create a whole lot of real change to lighten life and open the doors to magic. Today’s feng shui is all about gathering up your magic and becoming a change-maker if you’ve felt like you’ve lost that intentional, brilliant spark. Continue Reading…

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Can you imagine if these plants could sing?

Do you feel sometimes like Nature is talking to you?

They CAN and it IS!

This very short and wildly exciting post is to share the live streaming music of plants that I just discovered by Data Garden.  They use technology to turn the biorhythms of plants into brilliant music- basically to simply translate what the plants are singing into sound waves we can hear!

I don’t think I will write again without plant music playing- my whole body is beaming in joy!

Stream plant music live right HERE!  

Don’t think you can’t hear plants anyway- I know you can.  We all can.  It’s more subtle but it’s always there.  Nature music.  Vibes.  Information.  The world is full of it.

We are all transmitting information all the time without saying a single word, and that sets a high bar for us to keep our energy high and our spaces and minds clear.  After all, you don’t want to be sending out the music and messages of fear, overwhelm, chaos or anything else every day, right? Me either!

It was learning about this profound way that we communicate all the time without words- purely with energy- that set me off into a next level of clutter clearing and life energizing. It’s spectacular and a true life revolution.

We’re starting a New Year Catalyst Camp soon (!!!) to declutter your space and put the higest vibe music behind your dreams.  You can sign on here to start the FREE feng shui decluttering videos to create tons of good vibes and magic in clear space at home!!!

xoxo Dana



creating genius creativity book

Welcome to Creating Genius!
I spent the last year creating this e-guide to balancing and unblocking life by pulling together the best of a decade of space-changing and life-shifting feng shui! It’s 50 days and 50 ways to use feng shui to shift your space and your routines to move from “stuck” to creatively inspired and alive.

Start Creating Genius right HERE!

Gather up your magic & make gorgeous dreams come true!

xoxo Dana


Abundance is everywhere… waiting for you!!!

But, if you’re living in a space where you need something that hasn’t arrived, abundance is nowhere to be found.

It’s compelling in those moments to look at what you lack and think about how vast and maybe troubling it is, and to rationally search for the reasons why.

And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being rational, and troubleshooting life is always a good thing, that can become something of a habit— focusing on what’s wrong— and in that habit comes lack, limitation and more wrong things.

For 10 seasons of clearing, cleaning, energizing and inspiring, the feng shui Camps have guided nearly a thousand of you through the awesomeness of basic energy principles, advanced feng shui and priceless creative awakening… and the abundance pours in!   As we get into the New Year mode of decluttering Feng Shui magic for the Catalyst Camp, let’s look at the energetics of abundance and how to bring more of that guiding thought, words and actions into your life every day…!  Continue Reading…

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Manifesting a dream. Bringing things to life. Seeing things, wanting them, imagining them and then having them. It’s so awesome!!!

We all want to bring in the abundance, love, wellness, wealth, creativity… and we all want to do it seamlessly with ease and grace, you know?

I mean, no one wishes to struggle to get what they need or want…right?

So, manifesting magic is really exciting.  When it works!  And if it isn’t working for you to manifest with ease, today let’s talk about making it a far simpler process.


If you’ve done a lot to manifest an outcome you want, perhaps a whole lot to the point of exhaustion (!), and you’ve come up empty handed,  today’s feng shui is all about sharpening your intention so that you’re moving more directly in the direction you want to go, making your dreams come true! Continue Reading…

Creativity is truly everything in life, and one of the most mythical beliefs that floats around universally is that some people are creative and some people are not.  But, reading is a creative act.  You’re doing it right now.  Cooking, making tea, having dinner with friends, watching movies… all forms of creative expression.  In fact, the way you speak, the ideas you have about everything from what to wear to what to surf on the Internet are creative.

You are creative.

What you’re likely looking for if your looking to activate creative power, though, is a more rich expression of this creativity.  Something deeper, something moving, something exciting, gorgeous, dreamy… maybe even successful, ingenous or divinely inspired.

Today, let’s talk about how we can all move into this energy of creating breakthroughs, creating new lifestyles… and actually designing more of your dreams.  Continue Reading…


I’ve always had a funny relationship with control.  Maybe you have, too?

My first realization that I liked to control things was a day I spent at 4 years old- one of the full days of 4 years old I remember-  sitting in a pile of crumbled up papers at my kiddie size table trying to draw a house of all things (!) and not liking the mistakes I believed I was making.  When I say it was a pile of paper, it was literally about a hundred balled up pieces of paper I was frustrated by piling up around me… but I kept trying because I was obsessed with this perfect outcome of a house drawing that I was going to create.

My family was a cross between perplexed and astonished.  I was not going to forget that day because in some weird way I decided I would not stop until I got exactly what I wanted exactly when I wanted it and exactly how I wanted it. And that became my “thing.”

This philosophy carried me a long way.  Lots of success, lots of perfect grades, incredible art, lots of achievement, lots of awards… and then, when the game got bigger as I got to college and there were all sorts of paths to take with no clear outcomes waiting for me and my perfectionism was getting exhausting, I completely swung the other way: zero control.

This was an unmitigated disaster.

One or the other doesn’t work in my experience.  If I had a choice, I would choose control.  Maybe you would, too.  But too much control blocks a whole lot of the magic in life. Love, creative breakthroughs, risks and adventure don’t do well in the life of a control freak.

But, if you lean into control, it can be hard- irresponsible-feeling, sort of wasting time, risking a shot at perfection- to have more faith.

That faith, though, is something that brings in the rewards.  It connects us and lifts up our lives.

The balancing act between faith and control is the feng shui of today.  There are so many benefits to letting go of control… and today, let’s look at sme of the big ones…! Continue Reading…


There are days when you get a lot of messages from the universe about what is off track.  And, it’s tempting to find a cause outside of ourselves and that is also often useful.

Often, though, the issue is two-fold: we have something going on that’s both caused by outside factors along with our own actions.

Because we’re human, and we can’t see everything at once, it can be easy to miss the ways we – ourselves- sort of muck up our best efforts to move forward and get things done.

Our home, our mind and our habits all factor into how things go every day.  We can’t change everyting overnight… but finding even one bit of self-sabotage and setting it straight can totally transform your life! Continue Reading…

Why can some people shine so brightly and boldly while others stay more hidden?

Why are some people with less skill and knowledge and experience becoming so well known for their expertise while other geniuses are more “underground” creating magical breakthroughs?

Why are you (and me) sometimes more apt to hang back than to stand up in front when we know we likely should?

Today’s feng shui is all about shinging super-brightly in every day with nothing but joy leading the way.  It allows doors to open.  It allows life to expand.  It creates a whole new version of life as “unlimited.” It creates magic without exhaustion.

And… it’s easy to do!!! Continue Reading…