7 Ways That Keeping Your Chakras In Balance Can Transform Your Days!

Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

Feng Shui To Make A Breakthrough!

The Rice Experiment Has Blown My Mind & Proven The Power Of Love


The Chakras are a huge topic and there’s a lot to explore, but I’m interested in your results and being able to make positive changes right now.

This is an easy and effective exercise to get your energy together to create big breakthroughs!

You can go through this video and see where you can use a boost. Start from the First Chakra and if you find one that could use a lift, do something to bring yourself a feeling of more of the energy in this area. Then, move up to the next one!

Have lots of fun with this!

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There’s so much talk abut blocks in the mind, all kinds of outside forces making it impossible to live our dreams and enjoy our days.

None of this is a thing you need to concern yourself with.

The more I’ve concerned myself with the reasons why I can’t do something the more I have found. It’s quite endless, and it doesn’t lend itself to anything fun or even remotely productive.

I’m not implying that there aren’t big reasons to dig deep (with professional help when needed) and clear your life of trauma and any other unhealed emotional issues– this is always incredible and vital to your happy, healthy life.

What I’m saying is: there’s no need to completely clear all of these things BEFORE you’re allowed to step into more success however you define it.

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While I don’t seek out challenge, I know when the challenges arrive there’s something here to learn to move all of life higher.

The enormous challenge facing the world right now has landed for everyone differently. I have no grand perspective to add on what this means on some mass global level because I’m in it with every one of you and I know it’s not been the same for everyone.

What it’s moved me to do lately is some big reflection on the challenges of the past that were also life-changing for the best. I wouldn’t want to repeat them, but I’m grateful to have had an open mind and desire to see something of a silver lining.

All this work I do now– the whole Feng Shui method that’s grounded in infinite possibility, creativity and intention– is a product of moving past some of the most precarious times. My favorite things about myself were all gained not from rainbows and unicorns but from obstacles, walls to scale, mountains to climb in all ways.

Working with thousands of people over the years, I’ve seen lots of similar transformations from so many people that were set in motion by times that felt beyond uncertain.

Today, let’s look at some of what might be gained from challenge. It’s by no means a complete list, but it’s been incredibly affirmative to keep these things in the front of my mind and hopefully it will be for you, too.

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True story: nothing is ever certain.

Ugh, how much I wanted that wasn’t true. I once made a lifestyle out of finding this ultimate certainty.

It was not a lifestyle of joy or success. It was full of anguish, exhaustion and lots of time wasted in worrying.

Even the greatest psychics are not certain. After all, humans have free will to make their own choices, and no one can plot the moment by moment course of each day, even though a moment can change your direction completely.

We hear a lot about these uncertain times, but, really, things are always just as uncertain.

But, I want to remind you (and me!) right now that things are always infinitely possible.

Trading “uncertainty” for “infinite possibility” in your life can be a massive energy switch that makes a major difference in how you approach — and succeed in– every single day.

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(sri-yantra mandala)

How to manifest what you want is a big, popular topic and there are many amazing Abraham Hicks / Law Of Attraction and more methods to make things happen in magic-feeling ways.

Today, we’ll add the major manifesting power of Feng Shui to your manifesting methods. Even if you’re advanced at manifesting, this is new to so many people and it’s incredibly easy and powerful!

Enjoy it all!!!

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This is the “forever season.”

The season where everything is always working out is the very best season.

Today’s energy shifting is all about making more things go right for you every single day, powered by your creativity.

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It’s easy to say you’re ready. for a positive change… but it’s something else completely to feel it, know it and expect it.

It’s far easier to sign up for the class than it is to show up for the class, easier to make the plan sometimes than it is to do the plan.

Today’s Feng Shui is about embodying the energy that brings the next level of life to light for you.

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There are so many reasons- especially now but always- to share in the conversation of what’s wrong.

And, it’s important to add, when you need help and support, it’s VITAL to share what’s wrong and get the support you need.

On a regular basis, when help isn’t needed, there’s still a draw lots of us feel to the chorus of connection to the problems in the world, or the collective griping, complaints and dissatisfaction.

I’m a pretty happy and ridiculously optimistic person who gets drawn into these down-spiral conversations, too.

There’s nothing wrong with discussing current events, but these conversations that start productive often end in a place that’s less-than-awesome.

So, today let’s talk about spreading a bit more joy in the service of staying in the powerful creative flow of life.

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