The One Thing That Will Make Your Life Extraordinary

What If You Woke Up Tomorrow With Only The Things You Were Thankful For Today?

Your Words And Emotions Will Transform Your World!

Start Writing A New Chapter Of Your Story!

Transform The Place Where You Live Into An Amazing Home….In 8 Weeks!

abstract flowers (these abstract flowers from Etsy are awesome!) 

Abstract art leaves so much room to fill in the blanks with emotion, imagination and stunning detail.

I used to aply thr same sort of slapdash improvisation to my life, hoping that in my free-for-all without any target even way out in the future to move toward that I would magically come across a meaningful and productive life.

It wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be.  Abstract futures are not the most exciting…!

Think about it… if I offered you a car at a great price but was vague about the type, vague about how old it was, even vague about where in the word it was located, would you be excited about it… or suspicious?

Personally, I would be suspicious of that vague deal.

I wonder…

Do you think about the future and what you want to do and find yourself grasping at straws… or sort of somewhat seeing things that seem to maybe feel like they might work out?

While I like to focus on living in the right-here-and-now, there are some pretty compelling reasons to whip up a clear vision of the future.   A sharp picture of a luscious future can guide you and your talent and your energy in a far more seamless way.   Continue Reading…

simple home decor


You don’t need to be an interior designer to design yourself a dreamy home with lots of good vibes flowing in.  You do, however, need to master the art of simplifying and sticking to just one or two focal points in a room.  The easier the room design, the easier the whole space with seem to welcome you… and lots of great energy… inside.

Here’s some minimalism done brilliantly to inspire your own pared-down, Zen’d-out, totally gorgeous home!  Continue Reading…

andy gilmore art

(I love andy gilmore’s art soooo much)

This is a modern day conundrum.  Likely you work on the Internet or use it as a major source of information…or both.   There’s no escaping the online culture.

And the typical internet hangover starts with a binge of something…

A Facebook binge that can be prompted by anything from boredome to a social upset (modern day Internet-stalking) to a big news story…

A desire to solve a problem that prompts you dive deep into a black hole of information that sucks you into a vortex of links and more links and more Googling… and moer articles and links…

A simple want to see a You Tube video that slides into a parade of You Tube…

The emails that are relentless and keep you checking and checking and checking…

And suddenly, you feel weird.

Internet hangovers are : Blurry,  restless, headachey, possibly preoccupied, not very present, a little floaty and decidedly not great.  It can perpetuate itself with more work, more research, more Googling and more email madness…

…or you can break the cycle and feel far more connected to the day!

Here are some feng shui’d holistic ideas to get over an Internet hangover. Continue Reading…

toxic relationships


Here’s the thing, I truly believe we all need to forgive everyone.  Do you?

 The trick is to forgive without leaving the door wide open for destructive forces to stroll right back in and mess with your life.

If you are in a toxic relationship, you know it.  No relationship sould feel like a struggle from day to day punctuated by small highs to justify the plummeting lows.  THIS post might help you.

If you are around lots of passive aggressive people (maybe at work?) you might find THIS post helpful.  it’s especially helpful to realize that it’s passive aggression, not kindness, that is making you confused.  It’s very confusing when someone smeiles at you while they stab you in the back.

And if you find yourself unable to break the cycle of finding more toxic people, a great therapist is always a good move.  Along with that, try some ritual to release the past so that you aren’t leaning on it to create the future. THESE three forms of energetic release are awesome.

Whatever you do, don’t needlessly suffer for the pain someone else feels and projects toward you in a destructive way!  If you change, that’s the best thing you could possibly do to inspire others to change, too, you know?  Be free!!! xoxo Dana


I am all about small ways to make life flow better.  And when like gets stuck, your body tends to follow.  If you have a headache, it may seem intuitive to reach for a bottle of  pills.  Having worked in a high stress office where people swallowed handfulls of these pills nearly every day, I saw the flip side of over-medicating the symptoms rather than treating the cause.  The office was dark, cluttered, filled with tension, the set-up was constricted and even the art on the walls was alienating.

Holistic remedies are a first-line of defense as well as a way to treat underlying causes.  If a headache- or any other ailment- is severe or continues, a medcal doctor is in order.  But simple adjustments  to your space & flow of energy can be a starting point in treating the everyday headache causes! Continue Reading…

curved chair


It’s been studied and proven that our brains tend to love curved lines.  Circles, ovals, swooping non-angular forms… all loaded with exciting, springing bliss.  While it’s far easier to find furniture with typical geometric straight lines and angles, throwing in a curve will make a room memorable and far more magnetic!  Continue Reading…

be you

If you’ve gotten into the very exhausting habit of feeling like yo need to be someone else, this idea of being yourself can feel foreign and bizarre. It’s also so simple that it is disarming.

Be who you are and the very worst thing that can happen is that other people don’t like  it, or you, for whatever reason… right?  With billions of people on the planet I promise there will be many more people that will love the fully-present, excited, witty, original person that you are than any persona you can slap on to make a few people happy.  xoxo Dana

healthy life lounge rainbow juice

(healthy life lounge) 

One fabulous form of color for your life comes from the spectrum of colored plants that can paint your life in fresh energy.

I’ve noticed that I intuitively have more blueberries when I’m looking for more creative vision in my life, I get into red foods when I want to feel more grounded… its something I think I do after years of working with chakras and feng shui colors.

If you have no idea what a chakra is, THIS piece from Mind Body Green will get you up to speed. 

If you didn’t know that there were feng shui colors, THIS post will fill you in as to the power of colors in feng shui.  

If this all sounds too far-out for you, this can be simplified greatly.

Think about it: On a basic level we do eat with our eyes (more on this HERE as it’s been scientifically tested!) as well as our digestive system, so the colors of your food do make a difference in some way even if it’s purely aesthetic!

Why not eat and drink more rainbows… especially if it could possibly change your mood and even your magnetism?! Continue Reading…