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we are all connected

This soooooo cool!

Imagine, we are all made up of star-stuff… actual stuff that was one unfathomably far away hanging in the sky away from Earth… and that star exploded.  From it, the building blocks of all of us were born.

We are all borne of stars. We are one with everyone else of the planet.

Mind-blowing, right?

We’re related to even the people we can’t relate to or those that we disagree with.

Time to find common ground.

xoxo Dana


sunflower smoothie

Today, I needed to start an energy-smoothie-streak.

Not only do I have a pile of very fun stuff to finish, I have a bunch of parties to visit…and of course that’s really my motivation to get energized!

Did you know that your brain alone- just thinking critically and not even moving from a chair- requires a massive amount of calories and nutrients to be brilliant?! Continue Reading…

los angeles city sunset

This week, I have re-fallen-in-love with Los Angeles!  I am always interested in finding the new in my city of Angeles, but truth be told, it gets old sometimes. I find myself staying home and having more fun writing and playing with my dogs.  This week, though, it all started to become novel and awesome.  Whether it was the Rock & Roll Movers van that drove past and looked like it was being helmed by five hung-over dudes from the 90’s or the discovery that people eat cricket flour as superfood, the new-ness of my city is a massive lot of inspiration! Continue Reading…

schmidt deodorant

Since we just did a big round-up of  exceptional alternatives to  the conventional, toxin-laden beauty and grooming products that are still lurking in the pharmacies around the globe, it is exciting to give you even more options in the one place where it’s really hard to find suitable alternatives: deodorant.  Despite tons of press about the potential dangers in using conventional deodorants daily, a natural one can be hard to come by that actually does its job!  Today, I am thrilled that celebrity makeup artist and balanced beauty expert Chantal Moore is introducing a brand that is not only effective and natural, its aromatherapy is refreshing and powerful!

I am buying the 5-pack today!  This is awesome!

Continue Reading…

let things go

What a cool idea from the queen of advice, Ann Landers!

What about letting things go? What about not toughing things out? What about not forcing things to go your way, or subtly (or not) trying to manipulate them out of fear…?  What about when you realize you just have to walk away ?

Are you good at letting things go?

As weird as it may sound, often you have more to gain by letting something go than by holding on tightly to things that just aren’t right.  I know that anything and everything can be changed… but ask yourself before automatically diving into what may be a long trek to change if you really think that whatever it is- a job, a romance, a home, anything- warrants the fight.  If it does… carry on!  If not, don’t be afraid to let it go.

If you are afraid this is your only opportunity, and if you let it go – even if it feels very wrong- & that you’ll never have another, this video is for you ;) xoxo Dana

mandala (via)

I spent a whole lot of time in my own life being an enabler – helping people to stay in their doom and gloom by listening to their problems while knowing very well that they didn’t want solutions.  And when I wasn’t being an enabler, I would be an evangelist, trying to convince people with really negative viewpoints on life full of doom and gloom that positivity and optimism were the way to go.

The irony: I would perpetuate negativity everywhere in my life by listening to constant moaning, I would get exhausted by it, and finally, once I recovered, I would start being so preachy with no real life example of the awesomeness of being positive because, well, I was always wasting my time being dragged to hell. So, no one listened.

Sound familiar?

If you are a person who has a lot of empathy and loves to help, I am sure this is not unfamiliar to you.

I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t really thrive in any way in life and think  that super-negative friends, associates and even family can just run amok.  In fact, there were a series of hard-won personal lessons I’m happy to share that may help you in dealing with your own dramatic wet-blanket people, even ones you love dearly. Continue Reading…

blue interior


Blue is a color that comes in so many forms that I love to play with: mineral shades, deeply saturated nearly ink black blues and even powder blue that’s nearly white.   In every way and in every shade, blue is a color that’s so worth exploring.  Wait till you hear what blue can do!  Continue Reading…



How many times have you been stuck in the perfection-loop of decision making only to make NO decision. Which means, by default, nothing happens?

It’s not good.

Would you want to have lived by default?

It’s way better to make the decisions that feel best to you and see what happens… and kind of adjust along the way… rather than to make no decisions and be a tennis ball sort of flung around through life.

Decisions are cause.  No decisions make you the effect. Who wants to be the effect?

So, decide. And if you don’t like the decision, decide again!  No “perfect” choice is real. It was so much less stress in my own life to realize this… and I hope its the same for you, too!

xoxo Dana