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7 Ways That Changing Your Space Can Bring You More Money !

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10 Ways Your Space Can Help You Build Your Wealth!

The Awesome Feng Shui For Building Wealth That You Haven’t Heard!

office feng shui from The Tao of Dana

These are the things about creating and working I don’t like to think about, even though I know they’re real: Horrible bosses, negative workplaces, vampire collegaues… all sort of draining the life out of hard-working, great-spirited, easnest people.

In the vast world, these are situations almost everyone has experienced.  I know I have worked for a few of the crazier and more infamous people in Hollywood and I’ve also worked for some of the more powerful and much more cool people, too.  In fact, the more powerful the boss, the cooler they’ve been, some friends I’ll always look up to as an example years later.

I even got targeted once by a wildly viscious woman (scary stuff)  who was hell-bent on destroying my life (more on that to come) so intensely that an intuitive I was speaking with asked me out of the blue: “Who is this woman who has it out for you?!”

We can’t all “up and leave” every job situation that’s negative instantly- I know I couldn’t in the past-  but you can do lots to keep yourself, your performance and your spirits high even in the least awesome of work situations until you’re ready to move on! Continue Reading…

spirit quartz from unicorn manor

(unicorn manor : I am obsessed!)

Julia Cameron- the angel of creative people worldwide for decades- first impressed upon me the vital importance of treating myself like a precious object.

You know if you treat yourself like a precious object.

It’s a way of life that isn’t narcissistic, it’s truly giving.

In fact, you can’t be truly giving if you aren’t filled with self-care and preciousness yourself. I mean, you can give in bits and spurts, but it will drain you so much because, well, without being precious and loving to yourself, all that giving you do has a limit.

Give- Get Exhausted & Depleted- Nothing to Give- Rebuild- Give- Get Exhausted & Depleted… and on and on.

Sound familiar? It did to me!

That’s a rollercoaster- up and down, full then empty- and that’s not the trajectory of any life I know you want to live!

Do you treat yourself like a precious object? If not… today’s the day to start! Continue Reading…

crystals from goldirocks


When I’m asked what crystals to pick, I always start with: which do you feel magnetized toward?

When I’m asked what colors are best, I ask what’s most attractive.

Same with decor… same with everything…

That might seem crazy because feng shui is this hugely vast art and science that takes decades to master… but it isn’t.  It’s where I start with all things.

Of course, as we look at making big changes we’ll tap into the more nuanced, intricate and beautiful parts of element theory, colors, sensory cues, design… but at the core of all things, if you aren’t feeling love for what’s around you, it won’t work.

Without love: You won’t connect.  You’ll feel like you’re settling or like you’re a stranger in your own space.  You’ll always be more empty than full.  That’s the opposite of empowered.

Today let’s look at how you can take the inherent, natural, pure intention and passion and love you have inside (we’ve all got it!) and use it in awesome, life-shifting ways! Continue Reading…

vision boards from Umbra

I’m so thrilled about all the creative decor vision boards I’ve found through Umbra (*more on these to come!) and as I have inspired travel imagery up by my ow front door now, I’m very much in the magnetic mindset on a whole new level! Today, I am so excited to share something so fun with you today- time tested wisdom that is deeply motivating after a century has passed!

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles was published in 1910.  Yes, over 100 years ago.  When I heard about this book I was intensely curious.  I mean, if certain principles applied in 1910…. and if they still apply now… wouldn’t that make this sort of “source material” for good common sense principles to live with more prosperity?!

Wild thing: they are the same principles published in self-help and finance books today.

Here’s a very brief summary of some of the big points in the book (a book which you can download free below…!)  Continue Reading…

chakra crystals from Rocks For the Spirit

(rocks for the spirit chakra crystals)

Did you wake up today with excitement about what’s in front of you?

Are you so grateful, thrilled and blissed-out by your space, your day, and the magnetic dreams that are moving you forward?

As the Cash Camp season of wealth-building kicks into gear for September, my attention is on the real wealth-magnetic energy of fulfillment.  The habits, design, schedules and priorities that create a fulfilling life are the ones that build real fortunes in sustainable ways.

In a life and a space designed with happiness as a primary goal, every morning is an adventure.  Every day is a gift.  Work is fun, or there’s fun to be found in the process and challenge.  Big visions move each day forward with grace and gratitude.  And if you’re not quite there yet, there are simple ideas that can help you get into that alignement of awesomeness.  Continue Reading…

art is coming together

If you want to create more of the cool stuff you dream about creating, there’s a bit of simple energy magic that can help you tremendously.

In feng shui, it’s the unobstructed, unchallenged, high-frequency flow of energy that we call chi. In life, we call this creative state  “the zone” or “flowstate” or possibly we call it nothing and we’re just so grateful when it arrives as though it’s blessed upon us by great luck.

This is the kind of genius luck you make in your environment: flowing, high-frequency, unimpeded, happiness and vitality is made by you.

This is the kind of stuff you don’t need to wait for or hope for or wrestle with endlessly.

Today, let’s add a dose of more high-frequency flow into your environment and keep the creative electricity raining down like glitter!

Continue Reading…

calculating numerology balance numbers from The Tao of Dana

We all have different ways of dealing with times of change and we all have different ways of finding our balance.  In the art and science of numerology, the energy of numbers sheds some light on how we personally find our balance, and the ways we might be able to make adjustments to gain more balance.

If you’re in the midst of making changes, my sister Nicole who is a numerologist can shed some light on your personal Balance Number today!   Continue Reading…

Suntegrity 5 In 1 BB Sunscreen Cream

If you want to get your skin truly safely covered from overexposure to sun, the common wisdom is that a sunscreen is a must daily.  But, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten my own sunscreen and I can’t imagine that I’m alone.  Plus, I’ve struggled with what sunscreens to use over and over again that are the safest protection and also the most chemical-free and safe for both our bodies and the oceans.  Sunscreens pose a big threat to the marine life, so we need to think about the planet and our choices carefully, too.

All of this said, what do you do when you need a great daily sunscreen?

Chantal Moore brings us the best BB Cream for flawless skin daly, and it’s truly safe, eco-friendly, it can sub in for your moisurizer AND foundation….yes, it’s a 5-in-1 wonder! Continue Reading…