10 Ways Your Space Can Help You Build Your Wealth!

3 Feng Shui Ways To Make The Most Of Your Day!

The Awesome Feng Shui For Building Wealth That You Haven’t Heard!

10 Huge Ways Some Space Clearing Can Change Your Life!

The One Thing That Will Make Your Life Extraordinary

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North Coast Organics Vegan Beauty Line (via)

Food grade (ie: edible) beauty products are natural & beautiful at the finest!  And when they work like a charm, they are the gems that Chantal Moore features (I’m so lucky!) every Friday on the blog. This week’s line of vegan, organic and brilliant beauty will have you instantly hooked!  Continue Reading…

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Feng Shui to Welcome in a Fabulous Fall

Fall will always be Back-to-School time in my mind. Fresh notebooks, sharpening pencils, trees turning orange and the chill moving in all still flood my mind as the summer comes to an end.

Every season, I take a day or two to make a switch in my space to embrace the seasons. Feng shui teaches that the more in flow you are with seasonal changes – even eating seasonal food – the more nourished you will be by your environment.

Since we all tend to spend more time at home when the weather cools off, it’s time to make the most of your home in the seasonal transition.

You can read all my favorite new Fall product picks for baking, cooking, spicing up and polishing your home for Fall HERE on Inspired Home!

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Are You Doing So Much To Be A Better Person That You're Over-Correcting Your Life?


Are you doing a whole lot in the name of being a better person, all at once, maybe, and really passionately doing it…and it seems endless?

It’s funny what I realize now…after a life of living that way.

A huge way to turn self-help into self-hatred : setting out to fix everything you percieve to be less-than-awesome all at once.

An even huger way to turn self-betterment into a curse: thinking that everything needs to be fixed in the first place.

And the worst way that self-improvement and life greatness stuff turns bad that I’ve seen: using it as a way to try to avoid bad things happening and possibly control the universe. Starting to deem things as bad, wrong, destructive and to-be-avoided-at-all costs that are normal and great parts of life (you know, arguments, bad days, obstacles, hard choices)… it’s a slippery slope.

If you are under the impression that many things are wrong with your life and you’re focused on this… self-help may be serving you destructively, or you may be using it as a way to stay… stuck!

Here’s some feng shui to make bettering life much more beautiful. Open. Flowing.  Easy. Radiant.  Continue Reading…

Are You Living With Passion?

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Feng Shui To Live A Life Of Passion

It might seem like it’s a luxury in many ways to live with passion all the time… but it shouldn’t be.

I’ve seen whole cultures with little money and giant spirit.  I’m from a family of little money and giant passion.

Passion isn’t a privledge afforded only to those who have the luxury to sink into nothing but pampered bliss. That’s not passion… it’s a sort of plush ease that can actually be the opposite of passion.

Passion is everything that makes life come to life- the edges, the curves, the rushes of emotion, the openings to new ideas and the presence and love to nurture them. If you aren’t linked up to passion right now, you have a rocket ride to the stars ahead of you if you’re willing to take the leap and stick with it! Continue Reading…

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Do You Need More Space In Your Life To Thrive

Do you have enough space in your life to thrive?

If you’re in the throes of chaos, if you have too much to do and not enough time, if you swim in clutter no matter how much KonMarie Method you try for your closets, if you have obligations stacked up or you are always behind…

You probably need more space.

I think most of us need more space.

And it’s not just space in a closet, either. It’s space to live, explore, love and create.  It’s space to dream, to see, to improvise and tap into greatness.   Continue Reading…

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3 Crystals For Lighting Up Your Personal Magic

I’ve never been one to think that a stone could be the key to my life. After all, if a stone had that much power, it would be sort of absurd that everyone in the world wouldn’t just grab one and turn into the best version of themselves instantly, you know?

Crystals do have mesaurable energy.  They also have rich color and shine and tremendous stories that can fill your life with reminders that are far more dynamic and gorgeous than a post-it note or a phone alert!

I’ve come across three stones lately with supercharged stories.  They aren’t your typical crystals: a bit more rare, more enchanted and more divine.  Continue Reading…

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10 Fresh Feng Shui Switches To Prosper This Fall


Fall is a season of harvest, bounty and getting ready for the reviving slow down of Winter. While I live in LA and there seems to be no difference between Spring, Summer and Fall- and climate change is making that a truism now universally- the seasons are in me since childhood.

In feng shui, when you embrace the seasons you embrace the Planet and it’s heartbeat. You honor the turning of time, the way things are meant to move. We go, go, go and tend to treat life like every day is the same, but seasonal switches make for the memorable difference. It’s also best for your body and your mind to have the connection to each season and its elemental richness.

Like I mentioned… you may be compelled to slow down as Fall turns to Winter, but you aren’t slowing, you are restoring.  Do this – let yourself go a little slower- and you’ll stay rooted in wellbeing, feeling fabulous and prosperous all year round. Continue Reading…

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Blood Moon Eclipse Inspiration!


It’s time for a Blood Moon Eclipse on September 27th…the last for another stretch of years till 2033!

And what happens during this eclipse is powerful, if you believe the sages and metaphysicists.

I’m recalling the line in Forever Consciousness:

“Energetically, this final of the Blood Moon Eclipses is going to open a new doorway that is going to give rise to a new way of being- a new Earth that is higher in consciousness and more evolved.”

The rituals of the eclipse that signify a new dawning era include eating more plants (time to go vegan?!), opening up to more love and emotion, letting life run through you rather forcing it… There’s a lot of trust and surrender involved here. This kind of trust isn’t intuitive to many of us. Try it anyway!

It’s totally exciting that a giant, rare Blood Moon Eclipse is happening Sunday!!!  And who other but an astronautical engineer, my friend Dana D, is here to share with you the best links to view it…along with new lifestyle habits & inspiration for freshness in the astrological & actual sky fresh start!  Continue Reading…