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There are two ways we can be: cause- OR -effect.

When things happen that feel out of our hands, it can be easy to feel like we’re the effect of life.

“It’s happening to us, we have no control, there’s nothing that can be done…”

The spiral can kick in quickly, fueled by adrenaline and stress hormones. It becomes it’s own ball of negative momentum. It’s whatou talk about, think about endlessly and lament…

But: it’s totally unproductive and really unhelpful to let this energetic vortex be our destiny because when we are the effect of things, we become totally ineffective.

I just got loads of news (all will be positive thought all shocking at the time) in the past days that put me in a state of…

Feeling forced. Feeling overwhelmed. Feeling ambient stress looming. Feeling squashed.

Have you been there?

Are you there now?

While I still feel it for a moment and I’m not immune to it, these days I default to the mode of “let’s solve this right now.”

If you’ve been feeling pushed around, forced, backed into a corner, shocked, saddled with news you aren’t thrilled about or anything else that is apt to make you feel like life is just happening to you… today’s feng shui is all about getting your power back.

Now’s the time for more grounding, more empowerment, more of everything that can support your wellbeing.

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A few suggestions to get the ground under your feet and start making decisions from a place of power:

Breathing deeply and in long sessions to feel yourself calm and full.  Exhale for 2 X longer than you inhale.  So, if you take a deep breath in for two of three counts, exhale for four or six counts.  I first learned this from Charlie Knoles and I can’t say enough about it’s power.

Researching options. Knowledge is power. The magic of the internet, libraries and support groups is that there is now proof that many more things are possible than you may be aware of at the moment.  When one person breaks a record  or does what was previously deemed impossible, it opens up new fields of possibility.  Let’s just say Jeff Bezos becomes a trillionaire. Suddenly, we’ll see more of them. Same for people breaking sports records, beating illnesses and so much more… These are giant examples but options are many for all situations.

Create a blueprint.  Deciding your optimal outcome where everyone is happy is a vital step in creating success out of these wild times.  Create the model of your ideal outcome.  Draw it, speak it, envision it… then create steps to get there, small and big, that take the chaos out of your mind and into a creative space.

Believe it is for a higher purpose.  In Buddhism, suffering is a way to expel negative karma and create seismic leaps forward.  While we don’t seek problems, it is a great philosophy for when they pop up.  Decide that every obstacle is a roadmap to your ascended, more clear-minded, more focused life.

This decision alone will all take you there…!

No one can push you around.  No one can squash you without consent any more.  Nothing is going to hold you back from infinite possibility.

Everything is possible when you decide to be the cause of solutions and the creator of new ways.

You can do this. You can overcome these obstacles and leap into a way better situation than ever.  I’m 100% certain you can, and sending you the best vibes to make it happen with swiftness and ease.

xoxo Dana



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You can accomplish many things at once in a feng shui design sense by adoping some boho inspiration in your home.  Not only is the styling free flowing and fluid, expressive and fun… it’s very difficult to do anything wrong since the ethos of the whole style is that everything – old and new- goes!

Here are some ways to bring more creative layers to your life with boho styling! Continue Reading…

How much do you use your intention to create your days?

How much do you actually believe that it’s possible?

Many of us fall into patterns where we move from cause to being the effect of life.  While we can’t control what happens to us, we certainly can control our reaction to it if we exercise more of that intention.

It’s the difference between believing that life just happens and some of us are lucky and some aren’t and knowing that we are all here to create and make and participate in the way that life unfolds and life’s purpose is made manifest in the world.

Which one sounds better?!

Feng shui is all about intention.  Beyond color, shape, elements, bagua, placement, clearing, design, science and art it is all about intention.  I know that with strong intention a space comes to life with all of it’s magic on blast.  The same magic-making energy happens to us every day when we are really rooted in this practice of intention!

Continue Reading…

Or… maybe it’s a pattern. Up, up, up… then down.

If your bubble doesn’t burst on it’s own, you may find a way to burst it in burnout or overwhelm.

Sound familiar?

When the conditions of my life used to swing wildly up and down- meaning I would be on a creative roll then totally blocked, on a financial upswing then totally bust, on a love high and then flame out- I knew something was very wrong.  I just didn’t know how to name it.

Today, some balancing feng shui can help you to break free of the boom and bust cycle and really embrace the steady growth of a life that’s free of that rollercoaster.  Continue Reading…

Jasmine essential oil is having a popularity peak in beauty these days.  Jasmine masks, beauty oils and infused blends of body lotion and face mists are everywhere I look.  Given all the rage- and the brilliant results I have seen in my own skin health- today we are exploring the very potent and beautifying and potentially healing powers of jasmine essential oil!  Continue Reading…


Why I am so deeply enmeshed in pushing the boundaries of holistic and artistic and scientific home design is this: your home is a creative catalyst for all kinds of magic.

It truly is.

For more than ten years I have taken baths in crystals, used homeopathy, kitchen beauty, jungles of plants and the tools of feng shui on deeper and deeper levels to shape and then uplevel everything around me.  I’ve found solace and healing in art for a lifetime. I have seen how much a shift in attitude and self-love can heal the incurable.

This is the power of lifestyle and environment. It may start with a sage wand, but it goes far beyond sage.  Far beyond money and love corners and far beyond the confines of the walls of your home.

It’s also everyday magic, and an ingredient indispensible to big changes in life! Continue Reading…


Feeling pulled in too many directions and hoping to find your way through it all?

The gift of being muti-talented, in demand in some way that makes it immensely difficult to keep up with yourself or finding yourself so full of stuff handle that you don’t know where to begin…

Yes, it’s a gift.

Especially when you are being pulled toward lots of problems to handle at once.  It’s a temporary gift (no one would want this as a lifestyle!) but, granted, a great one because it means that you are on the verge of a big breathrough once you get through…!

Same with the multi-talented, multi-passion-fueled life.  You are in a space of so much opportunity!

I know that being confused, overwhelmed or immersed in so many things to handle at once does not appear to be a “gift.”

It usually appears at first as chaos, a creative block or a totally robotic push through the day.

On the other side of all that heaviness, though, is tremendous lightness and opportunity.  Today’s feng shui is all about making the most of the times you feel you are being pulled in lots of directions at once. Continue Reading…

I used to think success breeds more inspiration unequivocally. As a small child I would look at the greatest artists and think about how their monumental work must – it just must!- fuel them forward. It must be that every great work sets the stage for the next. I saw it in my mind like a great big snowball of greatness.

But, then, as I grew up a bit and started to actually know lots of artists and live more closely to the art world itself I noticed that many artists on the rise poured so much passion and motivation into making their mark and getting their work to the world and becoming recognized and financially established that once that acclaim came, that big payday and the huge recognition, they sort of flamed out.

The art stopped flowing, the breakthroughs stopped breaking through…


I didn’t get why or how this happened until, years later, I started to witness the same phenemonon in so many ways in so many different areas of life.

Part of that “loss of motivation” I’ve heard from many who’ve been there is that they were no longer as hungry and no longer trying to prove themselves, so the game of breaking through was over. Now… what would be the reason to challenge yourself so rigorously?

Of course, that’s one exceptional scenario of how motivation can flow out of life.

Considering that not all of us are famous artists affected by fame and huge success, yet many of us still have blank-minded days or weeks of no motivation… there is a bigger picture.

But the same scenario still applies.

That artist who lost motivation lacked a reason to create that was compelling enough to keep the momentum going after the success arrived.

Do you have a compelling reason- a why- a mission- to keep on creating?

That’s the first question as we kick off some deep motivation that has nothing to do with whipping yourself into a frenzy and everything to do with creating a life that is grounded in peace and power! Continue Reading…