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(roots and crowns) 

When what you want is at odds with what you’re told is realistic, well…

That’s where life gets really tricky.

Do you settle for something less than what you want?


Do you move forward and create your own view of what’s realistic for you?  

If you picked the first option and sort of dropped the bar down, I understand because I stand a handful of very very troubled years trying to live in this way.  I felt “less than,” I wasn’t truly passionate about anything, I didn’t have any creative impulses and I actually struggled more than anyone should that’s aiming lower that they want!  Also, I attracted the most horrendous relationships with people who were miserable, and that’s no surprise.

Strangely, life became infinitely easier when I decided that even if I failed I was going to go for what I wanted. Everything fell into place, all the right people arrived and I now can’t imagine living any other way.

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Apparently, the color of the year selected by Pantone has stirred up a bit of controversy because it is called, “Living Coral” and natural coral has been bleaching and expiring due to incredible human pollution and climate change. So “Living Coral” is not as accurate a portrayal of the present as is “Endangered Coral” but, I will say, the focus on the ideal of glowing peach/red/pink Living Coral has inspired me to double-down on living with, and sharing ways to, bring radiant life back to Nature.

While we are going to get into the feng shui of this luminous Coral, first, let’s talk about living coral itself and how we can support it in thriving again.

It’s the color of the year with a rich and meaningful call to action! Continue Reading…

Decluttering, very simply and inexplicably powerfully, changes life.  It changes fortune, flow, energy, prosperity, wellness, wellbeing, happiness… and, it changes space quite instantly!

Here is one of my favorite reasons to clear more clutter— it makes us way more powerful!!!

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Your intention is ultra-powerful.

It’s your energy focused on what is wanted.  It’s an energizing commitment to that focus and flow. It’s incredibly rewarding.

If you’ve focused your intention on something and it’s not moving at all, I know the feeling.

It’s discouraging, it can make you feel like you’re broken where intention is concerned or maybe you’re not lucky or blessed enough.

You are none of the above.  This is the best starting place for today.  You aren’t broken, unlucky or unblessed.

You are amazing!!!!

After spending a year in the depths of strengthening my own intention and getting re-focused in a way that’s taken my days to a whole new realm of energy and flow, purpose and effectiveness, and then committing to stay the course because it’s a practice— albeit a fun one—  here are five things that may help you to live with more powerful and impactful intention! Continue Reading…

I love the simplicity and awe-inspiring nature of Nature.  It’s untouched, easy, unshaped, adaptive and strikingly beautiful in its perfect order.

Nature doesn’t clutter itself very much.  Even within a crowded forest, tree tops can give each other enough space to flourish.

We, on the other hand, don’t often live lives that are as easy, adaptive and orderly.

We impose structures on our days, we challenge our instincts, we ignore the urge to sleep with another cup of tea, coffee, energy drink…

The farther we get from Nature, the farther we get from our true nature.

All this striving and doing and going and working and juggling is usually done in the name of “living our best lives,” you know? But, as you may well know already, being exhausted, burned out, stressed and rushed is hardly a “best life” or a picture of “success.”

I didn’t dream as a kid of being a stressed out, upset, toxic, frazzled, prolific but cluttered artist.

I dreamt of being free, living in a garden, making art and feeling delighted every day, having an impact with my work. 

Despite my dreams, my life 15 years ago looked like the first example— and it wasn’t sustainable. It took a great big sonic boom in my life to start connecting again to my true nature and get to my actual dreams coming true.

The result of disconnection from life is clutter.

The antidote to all this clutter to deeply connect to life again.

Not only will it help you to feel better and think more clearly, it will also help you start clearing what doesn’t belong in your life!  Continue Reading…

Celebrating the seasons changing can be like having four extra birthdays in a year.  There’s something incredible to look forward to in each season, even it’s not your favorite one… yet!

If you’re not a big Winter fan (historically speaking, I would rather sleep through the whole thing in a well heated house under 10 blankets!) or you feel you get lazy in the Summer… or any other season has a less-than-smashing outlook for you, a seasonal ritual can be super-exciting.

Something as easy as embracing more of the Danish Hygge— cozy, warm and connected energy– changed my view of Winter into a vision of plushness.   Filling up my kitchen with bowls of juicy fruit and veggies in the Summer made me less lazy in all the heat.

Seasonal rituals for self-care honor our connection to nature, and it’s our connection to nature that’s all-powerful.  As I’ve become even more passionate (is that possible?!) about sustainability, up-cycling, composting and even more DIY eco-beauty, I’m reminded that all of these more fundamental– and basic in a great way—  lifestyle choices are incredible for generating prosperous energy.

We could talk for hours about the scientifically-proven, life-changing power of getting connected to Nature and all of it’s benefits— from stress reduction to creative awakening, feelings of satisfaction to deeper sleep and so much more.

Instead of talking, let’s just get started!

Tapping into well of Nature’s greatness starts by honoring the seasons and flowing with the energy around you. When you start doing this, year-long excitement unfolds! Continue Reading…

What would your life look like if your energy was dialed up to the highest amplification of your talent, your interests, love, self-expression, momentum and magnetism?!

What would it look like if once you were on full-tilt of engagement you could expand to an even bigger scope, a more resounding, wider, brighter, bigger vision, energy and impactful action?

And then, what would it look like if you did it again.  And again. And again…



Pretty exciting, right?

In feng shui in my way, the abstract idea of infinite possibility becomes the profound reality of every day.  The energy gets turned up higher.  Your voice becomes more resonant with your truth.  You become like a tuning fork, bringing the world around you into a higher, lighter and more awakened state.

And, of course, you feel great while you’re doing it.

It’s also simple,  though it requires just one big thing:

Your commitment. 

Are you ready to turn the magic in your life all the way up???!!!

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All the pillows in this post are from Alyse Studios. I love their handcrafted glory. They are my vibe.  I have been popping in to see if I can catch some favorites.  I am ready for pillows.  I made a space for them with a giant new sofa and fluffy rug that’s waiting for a dose of handmade rainbows.  Yes, I can go out and find something that will do… but that’s not how I do my life choices these days.

I am a collector.  I will wait it out for what I want.  I am in no huge rush.

Things come much faster to me now than when I was a gigantic task-focused ball of stress.

In the season of de-cluttering, it felt like a time to talk about honoring your process and letting go of who you “should” emulate, what you “should” want and how you “should” go about getting it done.  Continue Reading…