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What do you say to yourself when you’re stressed, challenged, taking risks or just going through the average day?

While I’m tempted to say, “Oh, I am my own best friend!” I’ve caught myself lately criticizing my appearance, talking about myself like “I’m a mess…” and a whole lot more.

When I hear those things I’m reminded of a whole old pattern of behavior, a whole matrix of beliefs and a lifestyle that was once about breaking myself into pieces in order to stay motivated to change these things and excel. I know that saying it out loud sounds awful, but it’s really common.  It held me back completely, and I’m so glad to be free of the heaviest of it.

There’s always a next level to release, heal and grow from in the process.  And this past week I see how valuable it is for me to release, heal and grow from all this resent self-bashing.

So, how are you talking to yourself right now? What purpose is it serving? Would you listen to a friends say these things to you? And… are you ready for all the rewards that come when you let this self-bashing stuff go?! Continue Reading…

Natural beauty has definitely transcended trend— now, more of us are voting with our dollars for less chemicals and more consciousness in our lotions, potions, hair products and makeup.  Big companies are responding by stripping some toxins, putting an end to animal testing, adding “botanical” extracts and playing up the natural twist…and I think that’s a step in the right direction.

It’s not quite there yet completely.

There are many companies that have been more consciously creating beauty products that are wildly effective and free of all the toxic stuff we don’t want from their very start, and I love to champion those brands,

Because these products are not often cheap because they’re made with all organic oils and often hand crafted, I like to round up some of my greatest finds every so often to help you sift through the noise.  I try so many things in a year, when something stands out, it’s worth sharing! Continue Reading…

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, known to millions as Fully Raw Kristina, has been an inspiration to me over the years. Not only does she make eating more raw food (even if I don’t think I will ever reach fully raw) a totally artistic delight, everything she creates is so full of rainbows of love, it’s a joy to see. After finding her through a video on how her eyes changed color eating all raw food (seriously! how cool, right?) I was hooked, and it’s so much fun to share some of a chat we had recently as she expands her mission to get more people to experience more raw plants and all their high-frequency benefits.

I was most impressed by her belief that “food loves you back” — food is love, and there is so much self-loving greatness that she shares! Continue Reading…

Welcome to my convertible standing desk. It’s one of the greatest innovations in my work day.

Standing much more is life-changing.

It’s made me more flexible, more productive, more energized and more creative.

And today, we are talking all about that power of standing up at work.   Continue Reading…

(Biobloom Hemp Fields) 

Anything to do with weed has been a controversial subject.

I personally don’t like the idea of “getting high” while smoking it recreationally because it is extremely unproductive for me in general and I feel it lowers my personal energy field tremendously (I don’t even drink alcohol at all for the same reason, and haven’t for a long time). That said, it’s legal where I live, even recreationally, and I am excited about it’s therapeutic benefits.

After an outpatient surgery a few years ago, it was an incredible painkiller for three days in place of opioids. I believe in its medicinal powers. The more I’ve learned about it over the years, the incredible healing powers of this plant are stunning in medicinal applications.

I’m excited for what the future holds, for the research that’s being done and for the many ways that it can help people in the future as its usage expands in therapeutic ways.

Today,  I wanted to share more on the substance from the plant (and also from hemp grown for this purpose) known as CBD (Cannabidiol). It’s something I’ve used every day for quite some time. There is no “high “involved at all. There have been no noticeable side effects in my experience, especially in the way that I’ve used it as a cream, and, it has proven to be an incredible anti-inflammatory, an incredible healing agent, it’s brought with it deeper sleep and also increased calm focus. Continue Reading…

Are you fighting your true nature?

I can tell you I spent a lot of time explaining myself, arguing my case, justifying my choices and I did it to the point where I had to justify things to MYSELF in order to feel OK about them.

I also spent bountiful hours creating schedules and making plans and chasing after things that were contrary to who I am. Making relationships right that required I change who I am at my core, making jobs right that meant tossing away everything that I hold dear in my values, making situations right that were wrong…

I felt that there were things about me that fundamentally needed change: I had to learn to be the earliest riser, I had to wear tons of makeup because, you know, Los Angeles, I had to be open to sacrificing my time and tolerating partnerships and “romances” that were 100% wrong, I had to be more easy going… I had to be more daring… I had to… had to… had to…

Sound familiar?

When I broke down a lot of those glass ceilings, I could finally be me. And a whole lot of my brilliance returned, even though I still am not wearing full makeup during the day, waking up at 5am or any of the above.

Accepting your true nature is the greatest of prosperous gifts you can give yourself.  The time and energy you save and the joy and manifesting magic you recover are all priceless!  Continue Reading…


While I’m a big proponent of daily habits that create higher vibes there is something potent about a powerful immersion to create a big leap in growth.

Immersion is defined by Merriam-Webster as  “complete involvement in some activity or interest.”

It’s also a word used to describe being dipped in water, or heading to a foreign country to learn a new language.

Swimming in life, learning the new, completely involved in something that you love or want to know.

Yes to all of these things!

Today, let’s talk about immersions that can jump-start or speed up a whole new paradigm emerging in life. This is the kind of change-making that is wildly exciting! Continue Reading…

(energy muse palo santo cones)

When isn’t it a season of wealth?!

That’s true, but some seasons in my universe of feng shui are more specifically geared to wealth because the Cash Camp eight week immersion in $$$ feng shui is coming, so, you know, it becomes a big theme.

Each season of Camp, be it clutter, money or love shines a light on my own life. I can’t teach what I don’t do, and I can’t see better if I am not living in alignment with the principles, so each Camp season calls for me to take stuff to the next level in my own home and energy.

It’s always a change to go deeper and expand wider.

So, today I thought it would be fun to share a few ways of feng shui that I’m deep in right now to get ready for a new wave of expansion! Continue Reading…