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colorized succulents

Bob (my dog) and I play a game together when we go for walks every day.  We take new roads, literally following his little nose, and look for wild things.

There’s not enough wildness in the city, but we find these wild patches of succulents, wild birds that somehow made it into the city (like a giant crow, a hge owl) and wild flowers sort of bursting from the cement pavement.  It’s not elaborately wild, but it’s something fun to find.

I just finished reading a book I didn’t know would change my perspective as much as it has.  “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World” by Martha Beck.  I’d somewhat accidentally purchased it a way long time ago it seems, as I admire her writing but I was looking for books on history at the time.  Somehow I clicked in my Amazon searches, it arrived, it lingered because I didn’t really know what it was about… and I finally pulled it off the shelf.

Who knew she spent so much time in the wilds of Africa?! Who knew she was so clued into the paths of ancient magic?!  Who knew I would read this whole book in three days, stopping only once because I wanted to prove that I could indeed bend metal with my mind (I have a fork beside me, I am still working on that one) as she had done.

I’m not going to ruin your experience of this book that I hope you buy, but I am going to share today one of the themes of my own life that’s been a huge shift, something echoed profoundly in this book, something that pulled me in so deeply.

Oneness. Continue Reading…

beach tent

When’s the last time you decided to just play around?

Play is extra.  Not for kids.  It’s pretty universally agreed on some level or another than kids are allowed to play… but once you’re old enough to be adult on some level, play is reserved for many to a non-thing.

I know. I stopped playing and it was a crazy place to be in… where everything waas serious.  That was noble, responsible, “the right thing to do.”

After all, adult play in Los Angeles to the casual observer seems to be commonly partying, oblivions of drinking and sometimes drugs and messy nights and every version of debauchery…or obsessive video games and other obsessive escapes that were also numbing.   And for those I saw who quit that life, they did it and turned… serious.  It was a misery sentence, either way.

Serious is a lot of things, and none of them are beneficial to a creative life.  Serious implies penalties.  Serious implies gravity.  Serious implies that fun is frivolous.  Serious sucks the life out of life…

But… what would happen if you could actually play again…and have it be a part of life that’s indispensable?

I’ve found that surfers have figured out a lot about play in Los Angeles.  Athletes, too.  And artists.  There were pockets of people who hiked for fun (not for a brutal workout) and explored art-making (I couldn’t even get a spot at the local pottery place to try making some pottery on a wheel!) and went to sober raves in the mornings to dance around before work at sunrise.  There were all kinds of ways to play… in Nature, in art, in imagination, in life…

Once you get into play, it’s indespensible.

And today, the power of play lights things up!  Continue Reading…

believe in yourself

Do you believe in yourself? 

Do you believe you can be/do/ have whatever you want and need to in life? 

I came to the stunning conclusion while reading Jason Wachob’s new book “Wellth” that a lot of what doesn’t happen or hasn’t happened for me, for friends, for clients… all stemmed from one simple thing: not truly feeling (viscerally feeling) that whatever it is was actually possible.

It’s one thing to say… ” I want… ” Or “I need…” or to repeat it as an affirmation.

You might even be in the “doing” of stuff… actually dating like mad to find your “soulmate”, applying like crazy for your dream jobs, making your art that you dream of seeing in galleries…

But if you don’t believe in the soulmate, the dream job, the art worthy and able to make it to galleries… how could it come?

I went on my own “belief quest” of 2016, researching the most cutting edge science in how we believe things on a brain level, demon-hunting trauma and all kinds of elusive blocks in life with EFT (Tapping) and advanced therapy, wildly cracking my own codes of limiting beliefs with brain-rewiring modalities that are insanely cool… And out of all this, I came to one big conclusion…and it’s revolutionized my life.   Continue Reading…

leave in conditioner

While most everyone knows that dry hair looks like straw and feels like it, too, the conventional wisdom I’ve grown up with was that you have to sort of hack up your hair constantly to make it shining and healthy.

Instead, you can stop stripping it of all it’s natural goodness, feeding it well and protecting it with lots of moisture.

When my favorite beauty guru Chantal Moore shared a delicious leave-in conditioner with me it sparked my love of the Curly Girl Method all over again! If you have wavy or curly hair, THIS method of caring for your hair without daily shampoo is a massive breakthrough.

If you just want shinier, healthier, smoother strands, you might want to skip all products with silicone and all shampoos with sulfates, get a good trim, start taking a food-based multivitamin, drinking lots of water, wash hair half as often, skip the heat styling as much as possible and use natural conditioners to leave in… like this one that Chantal sent me today…!  Continue Reading…


Negative stuff helps no one at all.

In fact, the more you play around with negative ideas – from jealousy to self-destruction to revenge to replaying scenes where you were hurt, to thinking bad thoughts about people to criticizing yourself and others- the more you’re broadcasting bad vibes even if you aren’t aware of it.  I’ve left many rooms when I felt the bad vibes coming from people who greeted me with smiles and left me feeling a chill inside.

What you feel is real.

You can’t control the energy or happiness of other people, but you can contribute immensely to the world in massive ways by staying in a space of “good vibes”!  Plus, you’re likely to be healthier, wealthier, happier and more in love than you’ve ever been before.

Good vibes are life-giving energy.  Good vibes actually bring life to life.  And that’s reason enough to tune yourself out of negative juju and into as much love as you can imagine is possible…and more! Continue Reading…

energy muse crystal mandala

(energy muse)

I’m always a big fan of intuition.  Next level, tapped in, wildly-unlimited intuition.

That’s not a mental process, per say.

In fact, science has proven that to do things like create great art, it’s vital to bypass or shut down certain mental processes to open up to the mysterious flow of art-electricity.  Scarily enough, it’s why many great artists have been prone to great substance abuse problems in my mind- it’s an artificial way to shut down the mind and open up to this creative wildness.  Unfortunately, it’s also a downspiral into oblivion, an invitation to mental, physical and spiritual breakdowns and not at all worth the sacrifice of self for art.

All that said, it’s not a “mental skill” to make great art or live intuitively. It’s an energetic state of being.  Think too hard and you’ll get stuck.

We tend to rely on our mind a lot in life, but it’s a limited thing when you’re trying to tap into genius, to open up to art electricity or get really intuitively tuned in.

Think about it: our conscious “mind” only really knows what it’s experienced and processed and the subconscious “mind” seems to know all kinds of statements absorbed from life as commands that run on their own. Both are limited.

And, while there is definintely such thing as a “gut feeling” (and a whole secondary “brain” in the gut itself!) that guides us all, when you’re feeling off-center and really need your intuition the most, it seems it can be the hardest to tap into.

So, if you need to tap into your own intuitive truth to find your way through situations and come up with answers and tap into your own genius… these hard-won ideas may help you to move beyond your mind and into a more unlimited field of intuition.  Continue Reading…

gorgeous decor from my scandanavian home

(my scandanavian home)

I can’t say enough about the poewr of nature.  In the past months alone so much science is pouring into the world to support every heartbeat of the truth I’ve always felt- trees are wise, connection to Nature brings us life-force, we are cellularly linked to plants and crystals in our geometric structure on the tiniest atomic level, we heal faster with nature, we are calmer with nature, being grounded is the key to being calm and mindful… And the list flows on and on.

Of course, the feng shui of it all means that more and more nature should flood your home to bring you lots of empowered, calm, peaceful sanctuary vibes.  This inspiration- from branches to decorate to dyes made with skins and peels of produce and more- will open the door to more ways you, too, can harness Earth power at home!  Continue Reading…


Living in love, living with more love, the energy dynamics of love… and even the magnetic fields of your heart…  all are the concepts that pervade much of modern wisdom about conscious living and loving and wellness.

But it feels a bit flimsy to some who are used to thinking, being rational and trusting science over fluffy ideas like “our hearts communicate with one another.”

Even the radically conscious people I know who are dedicating their lives to healing arts and spiritual development have a hard time with some of the more love-centric concepts of gurus and sages.

Until now.

HeartMath is proving that there is scientifically vaildated truth to the notions of  living with love, following your heart and the notion of our total connection to one another.  These are all measurable facts!

HearthMath is all about linking your mind and your heart.  It’s all about leading with connection and opening up to a realm of superpowered living that can only be achieved when we make this profound and natural connection to LOVE.

If you’re looking for more ease, love, synchronicity, flow and intuitive guidance, HeartMath will blow you away!  Continue Reading…