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We can spend days non-stop talking about the immense power of nature in practical and magical ways. The most vital of all parts of Nature is that it serves as the foundation of our lives.

The Earth is the home we all share.

If you want to elevate your life in fantastic ways, start with the key:

Be more Earth-friendly and sustainable. It’s incredibly important. This alone will radically transform your life.

Now, weave more Nature into your home.

Here are some of my recent-favorite gorgeous ways to elevate a home with Nature power.

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In a world of distractions, focus is at a premium.

One would think that having to spend more time at home than ever would eliminate distractions, right?

To a degree it has for some who once spent time running errands that have become less vital.

For instance, I once had a distinct aversion to grocery deliveries and pick-ups, preferring to spend several hours on shopping each week. I never thought that I’d say this but I don’t really miss the in-person experience of the grocery aisle and I’m grateful to have the option to shop at home.

But, that was not the end of my own distraction. There were also notifications that pop up, social media scrolling, emails to answer and… more.

For someone who considers herself to be a pretty focused person, I was confronted in the last year with how much I was cheating myself of the kind of efficiency and creative prowess that powerful focus brings to every day.

You don’t need to be perfectly focused or “switched on” 24-7, all day long, to focus every day in a way that makes life far more effective, productive, fulfilling and abundant. But, having more time in that zone of focus is utterly magical for your manifesting power and creating breakthroughs!

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Every year since 2012 I’ve been doing a birthday post. This year, the celebration has nothing to do with me and everything to do with US, collectively.

I woke up to these dahlias at the door and my day has been amazing ever since!

This last year taught me just how much I need other people. And, it’s shown me that there are so many bright lights, there’s so much love and so much synergy in my life.

Given that I spend the first half of my life convinced that no one would ever understand me or have the capacity to help me, this is a huge celebration!

The major breakthroughs I’ve experienced eclipse the growth I’ve experience in any year before this. Even in this solar year full of a pandemic, raging fires, mayhem and more– this larger connection to love has been the engine of the kind of expansion that’s been mind-blowing.

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One of the things that I first read about my Buddhist practice was a passage from ancient texts explaining that everything has the potential to attain enlightenment. From your phone to your sneakers to a piece of paper to YOU– all of everything can be elevated. All can be enhanced.

And, you don’t need to believe in Eastern philosophy because science has also proved this extensively.

Everything is energy and that means, on a very fundamental level, everything can be transformed.

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Right now, I have furniture coming, frames, art being hung, things moving, books re-organizing and all kinds of creations happening all around my house.

I had to do it now.

It’s not a “reasonable” or “rational” time. The biggest season of The School of Intention Feng Shui Training is on the way, a bustling Feng Shui Cash Camp is in session, there’s a ton of things to do on top of that and…

I had to do it all now.

I spend all night working on it, and I slept better than I have in weeks, and feel elated right now.

That’s two good indications that this was no time to sleep on what I want and need and, dare I say it, deserve.

So, when I’m asked… why are you doing all these un-related, non-essential things right now at the “worst time ever”… my answer is:

“Why not do it now?”

Let’s talk about this posture of action today and how it can help you to break down patterns that have held you in place, launching into more love, more abundance and more wellness right now.

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Whenever I’m really prepared for anything, my confidence is at an all time high.

Think back to your days in school. (Or, maybe you’re in school now.)

What did it feel like to get called on by your teacher when you actually did all the reading and put thought, energy and time into your assignments?

It’s a good feeling.

And, when you didn’t read or do the work, what did that feel like?

Anxiety? Panic? Any number of mixed emotions.

Preparation can make a life-changing difference.

When I started to realize that preparation would make my life so much more calm, grounded, powerful and confident I realized that I could prepare more for a lot of things every single day.

Today, let’s look at preparation as a form of self-love, because I strongly believe that it is!

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I had a brilliant catch-up chat with a friend I met in my former life in the art world. When we met I was dreaming of a way to bring the true purposes of art to more people — the life-changing, story-telling, healing, mind-blowing, exhilarating, nearly divine quality of art. I was working in and around such epic art at the time, but my role was hardly as inspiring.

It reminded me of the circuitous, unplanned and incredibly exciting path to sit here today writing this post.

I had no idea I’d be doing this as a career, and I’m equally astonished when a new road opens up. Like The School of Intention– the Professional Certification in this unique method of Feng Shui that was not something that started in my mind. It started in pure creative momentum.

Whatever comes next in my life and work, I know it’s an extension of this energy.

Art and creativity are like that. They’re the forces that open doors, expand possibility, transform things and make life feel magical.

Today, let’s look at a few ways to use the power of art to create positive movement and more clarity in your life!

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Even if you can’t see the progress yet in a measurable way, if you keep moving forward and keep building and keep feeling good about it, the progress is happening!

Today we’re going to talk about one facet of abundance and building life in fun ways that can’t be underestimated in my experience–

Your positive actions in all ways will bring you rewards!

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