Is Your Home Attracting What You Want?!

De-Cluttering Your Life To Create Incredible Amounts Of Wealth!

Use Red Envelopes In Feng Shui To Multiply Your Good Fortune!

The Awesome Feng Shui For Building Wealth That You Haven’t Heard!

10 Feng Shui Ways To Attract Wealth!

Wealth is this season!  The Cash Camp is coming, the brilliance of prosperity cures are flowing, the sunshine of Spring is almost here…and it’s so exciting.  And: Easy.

In some forms of feng shui, nine oranges are thought to bring you luck.

I think you’re more powerful than an orange, and way more consisent and genius, too.

It can be easier.  Really.  Much easier.

You can have days that are much easier, a lifestyle that’s much easier, a schedule that’s much easier.

Simplification is a form of feng shui magic.

More isn’t more most of the time, more is often just clutter.

Today let’s see how you may be able to simplify and find a far more prosperous flow in your life!  Continue Reading…


We’ve all had times that feel like a mess.  It can feel like life conditions are a mess.  Emotions can feel like a mess.

But you aren’t a mess. The mess is not you.

One of the joys of feng shui is the simple principle that your space and life are interconnected.  In Japanese Buddhism I learned the term, it’s called Esho Funi, which states the same. The mirror effect.  It’s not a new idea, but the power in it can’t be overstated.

If you feel like anything is a mess, more order in your space will bring more order to your whole life… right now.  Continue Reading…


So, you want something. Or, you need it.  And no matter what you do, it hasn’t arrived.

I get you, I do, very well.  Our timeline doesn’t always match the timeline of the Universe.

If you’ve decided to spin out in a panic because, well, things are not going as planned and you do not know what to do and you’re not sure what comes next, I can tell you from personal experience that these spinning out periods have all proven to be giant wastes of time.

You may actually not get exactly what you want tomorrow in exactly the way you want it.  But, if you show up and give it 100,000%, really relishing the moments, all of them, you’ll be in a great space to make the practical magic happen.  Instead of what you “want” you may just get something far better that you couldn’t consciously conceive! Continue Reading…

It’s a season wealth on my mind as the Cash Camp and Spring Awakening approach and I feel myself re-tuning my own energy toward more of the creative thrill and awe in every day.

Given that everything feels so buzzing and bright, it’s time to talk about how we act like tuning forks… and how we can tune into anything we need and want to make and manifest it right now in ways that are incredibly empowering.   Continue Reading…

(oh how I want to go on THIS tour to see these birds!) 

We all want to be loved, accepted, treated equally, cheered on for our successes and supported when we fall. The thing is… not all of us have “groups” that we belong to that will celebrate our living our truth, they may be threatened by our ideas or disagree with our choices if we decided to step out of the fold and be ourselves.

Consequently, wanting to be loved and accepted by our group (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc) often rivals allowing ourselves to be powerful, creatively free, self-expressed and all that magic stuff.

Conformity has it’s benefits, but not when you’re conforming to standards that oppose, limit or put a lid on your genius. The greatest of wealth and success and fully being “all you can be” all begin by being yourself. Your vibe- as it’s been said— will attract a tribe that get’s you, even if your current tribe doesn’t! Continue Reading…


Here we go!

Year of the Earth Dog.  Magic, power, strength and luck all made by your creative genius self!

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Welcome to Creating Genius!
I spent the last year creating this e-guide to balancing and unblocking life by pulling together the best of a decade of space-changing and life-shifting feng shui! It’s 50 days and 50 ways to use feng shui to shift your space and your routines to move from “stuck” to creatively inspired and alive.

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Gather up your magic & make gorgeous dreams come true!

xoxo Dana


Yes, your intention. Blazing bright.

A long time ago I made THIS video about Gordon, who can move me out of a deep sleep with his mind.

This is just how powerful we are.

Not too long ago, I did the Rice Experiment and saw on a cellular level just how insane our intention can focus on desired results and achieve them.

If you’re in a space where things are off or absolutely everything is tumbling down around you, it helps to know that you still have that radically strong intention. If you’re having a bad day, a terrible month or a crazy season, you’ve still got it.  It just gets harder to access that superpower when you’re tempted to look at the walls coming down, the arguments, the chaos or the bills piling up…

I know.

Every so often my faith is tested, sometimes bringing me to my knees.  I think it’s universal. No one is immune to it, and yet, I know it’s not what we like to focus on, but it’s where the real “blocks” are dismantled and the real next level emerges. Continue Reading…


Whether it’s a New Year, a New Moon, a birthday, the start of a new job, a new home or your decision with crystal clarity that a new cycle is ready to begin at any time— a fresh space greets a fresh start!


Because your home is a mirror. It’s like the 24/7 Life Coach reminding you to keep your eye of the prize, stay grounded and always look for gratitude and inspiration.

Your home— crisp, clear and energized— is your own cheering section.  It’s also motivation, creative momentum and a magnet for love and wellness and money if you decide to set it up as such.

Yes, home is that powerful.

Times of change and re-booting are all about new energetics, creating a new container to hold all your magic and usher in more.

Let’s get into the creating of feng shui fresh starts right now!  Continue Reading…