Energy Clearing Is A Daily Practice Of Self-Love And Abundance!

Are You Good At Thinking About Self-Love But Have A Hard Time Doing It?

The Rice Experiment Has Blown My Mind & Proven The Power Of Love

10 Big Ways To Know That You’re On A Path To More Love In Life!

Are You Ready For More Love In Your Life?!

There are few things as monumental that I’ve seen lately as a canyon completely blanketed in bright orange poppies, mixed with splashes of purple and gold.

I have been blessed with seeing many monumental things in the last few months, like gold-covered many tin sculptures by Murakami, unforgettable room-size art installations by Yayoi Kusama and stunning sculptures by Ai Wei Wei and none of it can touch the poppy fields in all their glory.

Wild. Free. Delicate and Strong all at once.

When I caught my first glimpse of the painted hills from the freeway it took my breath away.

That is the power of Spring Awakening. The power of color. The power of Nature. The feeling of growth.

I’ve been flying out of bed to scout locations for photo shoots, edit videos, learn new skills, meet new people and… I’m even using new toothpaste, creating new routines, new face masks and new body scrubs!

The freshness is endless, the growth is boundless and it all feels so good!

Let’s get into some of the energy-shifting Spring habits that have been magnetically brilliant!

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Grounding Room Sprays and grounding aromatherapy can help you to welcome in more LOVE in all ways to your home and life!

They are both easy to make and incredibly rejuvenating!

Essential oil safety tips are here.

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A Love-Filled Bath — full of crystals, salts or any other favorite additions you have– is a profound energetic self-care ritual!

I love Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine, but you can use clear quartz if you’d like, too, and program it with your intention!


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Crystal essences can help you to harness the energy of even the smallest crystal, multiplying all it’s great vibes!

This simple crystal essence can reinforce the energy of SELF LOVE, SELF FORGIVENESS and OPEN HEARTEDNESS. From there, the path to deeper love and a more connected and radiant life is clear!!!

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xoxo Dana

Energy is very simple.

Good vibes make us strong. Bad vibes make us weak. It’s one of the greatest scientific breakthrough lessons I learned from Dr. Bruce Lipton who studied this using human cells as a medium of exploration.

They are both pretty straightforward.

Good vibes. Bad vibes.

You and I both know the difference.

It’s when we explain away the bad vibes, feel guilty or obligated to go against our best intentions or get distracted by noise and chaos that the bad vibes persist. When we ruminate on them, talk about them and fear them, they persist.

Instead, you can simply choose to feel much better.

There are epic Feng Shui rituals in the FREE Love Feng Shui video series coming soon (grab them HERE) to fill your home and your days with the highest energies, but, before we even begin, here’s a little ritual you can do starting today to keep your life clear of anything but the energy you want!

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My energy is everything to me. I’m willing to bet yours is, too, for you.

In that strong energy place (not to be confused with 24/7 “bouncing off the walls exuberance” which is thrilling, but not sustainable!), we tend to believe what we want is already ours. We are creators. We are effective. We are our own magic wands

I nearly quit doing this work several times because, as much as I love it in every cell of my being, I would get incredibly burned out in an energy deficit.

I didn’t realize that is was equally possible to get burned out by exuberance as it was to be burned out by negativity.

Also, having prized my mind so much and all the learning I had done over the last 14 years, I didn’t realize just how much my energy was my magic resource. In marathons of love-filled creative joy I would start running out of effectiveness and even my best ideas (from my mind) fell flat. I knew it my energy was important, but, now I know it’s the most important thing for me.

In fact, when I looked back at all my clients who have made all kinds of huge breakthroughs, it was all started by a shift to stronger energy.

When your energy is strong, the rest becomes easier. And, luckily, energy is everywhere. It’s infinitely renewable, so if you feel you’ve lost some, you can gather more back. And, all that vibrant energy is ours to create with.

I’ve made many shifts in the last five years that have done wonders for my energy, and some of my favorite habits are here for you today!

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African Violets are epic, multifaceted energy clearing flowering plants that are also amazing symbols of Love and Money in your home.

If you’re very sensitive or empathic, they can help you from taking on too much of other people’s energies.

If you’re looking for love, they can be a symbolic gesture to call in your soulmate.

How’s that for benefits!? And we’re just getting started!

Happy Growing!

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Flashing back to an exciting photo shoot with Laura Grier, a genius of color and creative photography in adventurous ways, I was reminded of how powerful mirrors actually are.

While there are lots of ways to use mirrors in Feng Shui, I find the most powerful ones are for personal rituals to double, multiply and enhance an intention.

That said, the greatest and most magnetic intention I have is ever-expanding self-love.

This is my favorite ritual to practice and expand that love in action!

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I can’t wait to hear what happens for you as you dive in!!!