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I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want some real-world feedback that things are working out.

I want that feedback all the time!

I don’t want to work for six months on something that it leading me into distractions.  I don’t want to make bad decisions that create drama.  I want to know everything is going on track.

That want for certainty would drive me to psychics, card readings, every kind of expert…

And, not one of them would ever satisfy my need for certainty because they weren’t certain either, no matter how skilled.

I knew that at some point I was going to have to suck it up and trust myself.

Rather than looking for absolute proof that the future was all perfect, something that is way too hard (impossible!)  to accomplish, I started getting deep into the right now: what was happening now, how I felt now, what I wanted to do now…

It started working.  I started feeling more “certain” without certainty.  I started feeling I was in the right place at the right time.  I started believing that everything was always working out.

The feedback that I was looking for— the signs that I was on my right track— always show up when I show up.   Continue Reading…


Prosperity and wealth aren’t absolute states that you reach and then… “Boom! Problem-solved, the money has arrived and I’ll never have to think about it again!”

If you know people who have made and lost big fortunes, you know very well that money isn’t some absolute that just sticks around once you have it.

Abundance at it’s core is a state of being, and that state of being feels differently for all of us: whether it’s a sense of inspiration, safety, power, infinite creativity, confidence… or all of the above.

If you’re super abundant and lose money, you know there’s more you’ll make.

If you’re not in that abundant state of mind and some money is lost, it’s deep panic time.

Lots of us have focused on what we have— and what we don’t have, more specifically— and gotten used to this lack and desire being the motivator.  There’s never time to work on feeling “abundant” because there’s always something missing, you know?

While it’s awesome to have a North Star of goals guiding you that are full of riches, when you’ve gotten used to “not having” things as a form of motivation, it becomes it’s own habit.

I have called it my personal habit of becoming a “phoenix rising from the ashes”, over and over and over again.  Lack motivated me.  Crisis motivated me.  The last dollars in my bank account motivated me.  And, no matter what tricks and tips and systems I learned — and I learned them with passion from some of the bigger names in the “prosperity” game— I was always sort of back to lack no matter how much money came my way.

If you’ve had a hard time moving into a place where abundance is your state of “normal” today’s feng shui is all about creating a lifestyle that’s powered by prosperity!  Continue Reading…


It’s the been biggest balancing act ever for me to stay centered in myself, and I can’t say I’ve mastered it by a longshot, but I’ve come a long way from being endlessly swept up in the tides around me and I’ve seen the difference it makes.   My life is almost unrecognizable from the days when I would be carried into a million different directions.

Between the dynamics of daily life, phone calls, happenings, working intimately with so many people, and even the news— it was very easy to sort of ride a wave of what’s happening and not really notice when the air is running out of my tires, when the well of inspiration is getting dry or the focus of my thoughts has become something that has nothing to do with me and nothing positive at all.

Staying centered has been the difference between being the creator of my days and bouncing around like a pingbong ball trying to catch up with myself.

It’s the difference between being cause and being effect.

Because it wasn’t intuitive to me — I only saw people getting swept up in drama— I resisted the idea that I could ever be “calm in a storm.” But, out of necessity (stress, pressure, disorganization, falling behind all the time and feeling like I was sinking), I decided to make this idea of being centered a priority.

Such amazing things have happened as a result that now if I feel myself getting swept up in a tide of something in life, I remind myself of all that I stand to gain if I stay centered.

If you’ve had a hard time figuring out how to stop life from pulling you in a million directions, it might be easier than you thought.   Continue Reading…

There are a bunch of things about growth of all kinds that intrigue me, whether it’s growing plants, growing creatively, growing spiritually, growing wiser, growing wealth or growing anything else.

The biggest one:

Things are either expanding or contracting, growing or declining.


We need to choose to grow because growth is active, it’s not just a lucky break.


It’s important to expand the container or our lives, letting go of the stuck or outmoded stuff so there’s space for more to arrive.

It’s like deleting files on a computer that’s pretty full, or old pictures on a phone. You won’t be able to capture new moments and save new data unless you either 1. let go of the old onces you don’t need and/or 2. possibly even add new memory (space) to your device.

Both ideas serve us tremendously in the spirit of expansion— letting go of the outdated  + expanding our capacity to contain more in our lives.

One not-so-secret energy that fuels this growth?

JOY.  Continue Reading…

If ever there was an addiction to have, this is is!

And today’s feng shui is all about everything working out for you.

If you believe it is… it really is!

Continue Reading…

Welcome to my most favorite way to eliminate distractions and fill every day with purpose.

If it isn’t a resounding yes, it’s a no. 

It can work in so many ways to help you decide, navigate, and clear the path ahead.  It can take needless burdens out of your days and bring new direction where you’ve felt unclear.

What’s wildest is that it’s shown me that I’ve deliberately opted in any ways for complications and stress, and helped me to get beneath the roots of what’s been holding junk of all kinds in place despite how many times I’ve proclaimed that I’m ready for a change.

Liberation from old paradigms is just a decision away…!

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What matters most?

That’s been where my mind, body and soul have been oriented lately.  I’ve been more quiet, more off in long walk, with family staying at the house, with a family friend that may as well be my family quite ill in my prayers, with a whole universe of priorities shifted straight.

I’ve had my life re-aligned more times than I can count and I’ll tell you, it’s disarming how powerful it is when my mind, body, soul, emotions, creative energy and everything electric in my life is focused on what matters most.

Not minutae. Not figuring things out. Not comparing myself to other people. Not regret or self-criticism or other super-depressing self-sabotage.

Just love.

Cuddling with dogs, love, sleeping, eating, seeing friends, planting my feet on the ground in the grass and breathing, my spiritual practice, the unfiltered messages and personal truths I’m blessed to be able to speak freely, the days I can share with the people who matter most.

I get that there’s always a lot of other stuff that “has” to be done in a day, but what we’re focused on is what sets the tone and lines up life in a powerful way like a lightning rod.

I’m talking about the kind of natural focus that pulls your whole life into sharp detail.

You don’t have to search for meaning- you are meaning.  You don’t have to wonder abut outcomes- you’re in the best place.  You don’t have to question yourself because you can’t imagine making any different choices.

What matters most is what matters most.  This is the stuff that makes life magic.  Continue Reading…


We’d all love to be incredibly motivated, incredibly excited, incredibly thrilled, incredibly on fire with ideas, opportunities and more.

And, that’s not always the case.  Not for me.  Not for anyone I know.

Not every day is a creative level 10.

We can all get repetitive, think too much, get derailed by life, find ourselves searching for things to do, get overwhelmed, and much more.

Let that go for a few days, a week or more and here we have what is a creative block.

Now what do you do?

There are so many exercises that can help you pop out of the rut.  There are so many techniques that can help you move from this place. (HERE are some ideas!)  There are lots of fun things to try, and many that work!

But, today I wanted to share something far more fundamental and deeper, so you don’t need to constantly be reaching for a creative block cure all the time.

It’s easy.  It’s so easy that it’s easy to miss it.

And, I come back to it all the time.  Continue Reading…