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Do you feel like you have the ground solidly under your feet and you’re ready for anything?!

What I mean by that is– if a major opportunity came your way today, would you be set to take the ball and run with it?

Or, if you met the partner of your dreams, are you really ready for that relationship that you wanted?

While things sometimes arrive before we’re “ready” and I welcome those moments with open arms, the act of getting ready– physically, mentally, energetically, and in all ways– can be the thing that speeds all that manifestation to you!

Let’s talk about getting set up for success on an energetic level today– your home, your energy, your mindset, your habits that are all part of your energy– to possibly spark more alignment and magnetic creative power in your life right now!

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Sometimes I feel like I just don’t have the desire to quiet my mind. The white noise of so many things swirling around in my head makes me feel that maybe it’s productive to have so many thoughts and distractions.

I’ve come to learn that those are the times I need to clear my mind even more!

Clearing your mind allows you to connect to your energy in its truest and most present form. You’re really focused when your mind is far more clear. High energy that can be stressful or scattered downshifts to a more centered and empowering calm. Intuition soars. Ideas fall from the blue. It’s an amazing place to be.

A little more mental clarity can be the life-decluttering that sparks a personal revolution!

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A shift in energy around you can help you to refuel your creativity and move past creative blocks, and it’s often a simple Feng Shui ritual that does the trick!  

Feel free to customize this to make the most of what you have on hand to wake up your genius powers to manifest!

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Enjoy it all!




Time is a big topic. How you spend it, how you think about it, how you talk about it, how you plan it, if you plan it… there are so many facets of this concept of time.

I have to tell you straight away that when I see a complicated system to schedule every action in a day I shut down completely, so that’s not what we’re talking about today. Instead, I want to focus on the metric that we don’t always factor in when we talk about productivity and time management and that is: FULFILLMENT.

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We’re about to start a cosmic season of feeling incredibly powerful, unstoppable and magnetic in so many ways: Taurus Season!  

While this month of Taurus Season officially kicks off April 20th, Venus has already arrived in Taurus to bring the earthy, grounded, sensory rich, beautifying and rewarding themes to life!  

While it’s always a perfect time for self care and deeper commitment to your joy and your biggest priorities, now may feel like an even more perfect time! 

It can be a time to transform life with extra presence and personal magic infused into everything you do: 

Moving your personal projects forward in deliberate and fulfilling ways.  Igniting your creativity with more joy.  Connecting to Nature and your true Nature to align your life in the best ways.  

And, Taurus energy resonates strongly with money and abundance, so it may be time to reap the rewards of your hard work or initiate plans to amplify your prosperity!  

If you’ve wanted to get something finished or cross big items off of your to-do list, the slow and steady but deeply potent pace and energy of Taurus Season can help you to get it done.  

It’s time to align life and make big breakthroughs, and the Feng Shui to harness this energy of self-love, joyful power and abundance is so welcome this Spring! 

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For years without much interruption I used the practice of free-writing three pages in a journal as a start to my days. Morning Pages. Sometimes I did it when I didn’t feel like it and many mornings I found it the one thing I craved the most.

It’s an exercise from The Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron.

She describes the pages as a lifelong habit for many, a sense of pace-setting and renewal, opening up your mind and heart as you scrawl onto a page quickly whatever comes to mind without giving it much thought.

My pages would look like scribbles at times and like a manuscript at others. It seemed like they mirrored the moment.

Then, I became more full of creative projects, more full of things to do, and more abundance of outlets for self-expression make the pages less frequent until they sort of faded out for the last year or two.

I haven’t ever been without these pages for so long, and it’s a curious thing to see how they’re calling me back.

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Creativity is personal. What excites me may leave you feeling totally unmoved.

That said, there are infinite ways to activate creativity that you can customize and shape into your own routine.

Today I’m sharing some broad categories of creative activation that you can pull from to create your own inspiration ritual to expand your creative power!

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A big change can often be initiated by the smallest of actions.

Lately, I’ve been experiencing waves of fresh energy from little projects done with love. And, as I feel the energy rising around me, it is impossible to ignore the ways this energy been helping me come to life in fresh ways.

Here are a handful of small home energy projects that might inspire you make a little shift or two of your own that has epic results!

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