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roses and lavender

I’ve got breakthroughs on my mind these days: very personal and very overdue breakthroughs.

While I love hearing about all kinds of goal achievement, it’s the highly-personal achievements that perhaps no one else would understand to be significant that are the greatest of all breakthroughs.

In my own life, there’s been one fundamental thing that has moved me forward in these incredibly personal ways:

Trusting myself completely.

If you’ve picked up judgements, invalidations of what you know to be true or categorization and held onto them, they can put a wall between you and your inner truth.

Today, we’re dismantling that wall!

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Gratitude works wonders.

So do breaks, deep breaths and time off from “doing” things intensely.

I’m about to do some leisurely grocery shopping. At 4pm on a weekday. I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to a long hot bath and bed super-early, and maybe a long walk, too.

After a season of wild action and a year that was intense in a great way, I’m downshifting for a bit. Even at the peak of busy in my life now, though, I rarely find it attractive (or magnetic, creative or otherwise a good idea) to be at my most intense Level 10.

I never used to be good at modulation of my energy. I thought that if I took breaks I would lose my stride. I could go from Level 10 to Level 7, but I could not, unless exhausted, be OK with a leisurely pace or a less-than-intense rumble fueling me.

Leisurely pace is actually my genius zone.

Who knew!?!

Certainly not me, until I gave it a try.

iIf you’ve felt that you’re not living up to your potential because you’re not “switched all the way on” all the time, I hope this is helpful.

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This year in The Cash Camp, the eight week online immersion in Wealth-Building Feng Shui, there’s an overwhelming theme that is echoing through the group:

Financial Freedom. Living with more freedom. Feeling prosperous.

What a big season this will be!

And, as with all things, it’s a shift in energy that creates a massive change.

Self-care (particularly great ideas are on the list above) can light up the fire of more energy and prosperous momentum.

From there, a few more energy shifts may help you create your own best path to richness in all ways!

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Why not now?

There are some things I understand it’s best to be ready for if you are planning to actively seek them out.

But, sometimes they happen whether or not you feel you’re ready… and if you’ve always wanted that thing— like a big love relationship– you are likely to rise up to the occasion!

That said, many people (myself at one point, completely) have said how much they want something but… it’s not the right time.

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Yago Hortal

When I describe my favorite and most ideal days, they are the days where everything falls into place, creativity is on the next level and I’m feeling completely unstoppable!

When most of my clients and Camp members talk about what they want, this unstoppable energy is high on the list of desired ways to live!

The first way to become unstoppable is to remove the stops from your days! And today’s Feng Shui is all about de-cluttering life to get to this superpowered place!

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There are more that a few things I know about myself, my talents and my life experiences and how exceptional they are.

I know, that’s not humble. Maybe it seems arrogant.

I mean, five years ago I might not even entertain the thought of this, never mind writing down and posting it for the public.

Five years ago, despite how ostensibly well I was doing, I also had no sense of personal boundaries, I made excuses for everyone that I allowed to continually take advantage of me in life and work, and I felt hungry to prove my value in a way I can only describe as— driven toward an unknown destination.

I did’t know what I was place in life going to reach that would switch me out of this cycle, but all my anger, energy work, healing modalities and more was of no service to me in this state of slow drain.

Nothing could help me until I helped myself with this one. But, one day, when I was yet again disappointed by another person trying to make my Feng Shui work their own (the endless attempts at plagarism) I got it, loud and clear:

I had to own my own brilliance and believe in myself in an unshakeable way. I need the kind of self-value that didn’t depend on anyone or anything else.

When that became my focus, the world turned and so many blessings started to rain down.

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(green my life)

I’m getting so inspired by this series of videos on herbs and spices for wealth that I’m going to keep going!!! Today, the star is ROSEMARY!

Rosemary is mood-boosting, joy-filled and amazing to use to clear heavy or negative energies from your home!

It’s time to Feng Shui your home to attract, create and build more wealth! 

xoxo!!! Dana

Lifestyle shapes life.

And what we do all day becomes our lifestyle.

It’s one thing to give up something– coffee, dairy products, sugar, etc— and it’s another to start something new. Similar but, in my experience, different.

Both have their inherent “change-factor”- the status quo is being shaken up.

While it may seem easier to start something new (add in a new habit, a new mantra, a new vitamin) it has been my observation and my personal experience that it’s often tricker to add in something to the status quo.

It requires time (even if it’s 30 seconds!), it requires remembering to do it (!) and… there’s sometimes a learning curve, too.

In Feng Shui, there are so many ways to shift the energy to help changes happen with ease and flow. I love using these energizing tools to make shifts in so many other ways, too!

Today, as I have a few new habits to integrate into my own life, I’m excited to share my best energy-shifting methods that have made change-making a thrilling endeavor!

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