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banana cashew pancakes

What do you do with your browning bananas?

Typically I freeze mine, but in a spree of inspiration, and a desire to have breakfast for dinner, I decided to whip up these 4-ingredient  banana pancakes that are truly stunning! You will not believe that they have no grain, and not even nut flour or coconut flour in them!   Continue Reading…

albert einstein


The best part of this Einstein awesomeness are the words:  “we created them.”

Something to think about.  Because in those three words are all the solutions you need.

xoxo Dana

fabric bolt


I’m sitting with a stack of big cut swatches of silk on a chair beside me, waiting to be stretched and stapled onto my very outdated Ikat dining room chairs.  This is a big day for my home decor!

It takes very little to transform a space with fabric- and the result is usually a giant transformation.

I used to fear fabric. I had no idea how, what or where to do with it… but one day, that changed.  Framing a piece of fabric renovated an entire room in my house and created what was a whole new feng shui’d powerful surge of energy.  I couldn’t fathom why I had waited so long to do something so easy and inexpensive!!!

Here are four ways to change space with new textiles.  The best part: None of these ideas require any skill at all…! Continue Reading…

puppies on couch

Waking up every day and creating a new reality is not something I invented, it is how the mechanics of life work in a very pragmatic way.

From the minute we are consciously awake, we experience the day through all of our senses: what we see, feel, hear, taste and touch.

My little fur guys have habits just like we have habits.  They know what they like to see, feel, taste and touch and that’s what they move toward with joy and without hesitation.  They are, in a sense, lifestyle geniuses!

Do you like what you see, feel, hear, taste and touch every day?

What about right now?

We also create the day in thoughts that inform the brain as to how to behave and how to feel, in words that carry with them intention that helps to organize the world around us and in actions that physically move things around.

If you aren’t psyched about the way your life looks, the answer isn’t to blame other people or curse your fate.  The answer also isn’t to sit stagnant and feel the stress of things not looking exactly the way they “should” look.

To create a new reality, you literally need to create it!

Are you ready to create more days that look, taste, sound and feel more like you at your best?

Here are three questions and some feng shui for your home to help you start to shake free of the energy patterns that are no longer serving you!   Continue Reading…

yellow splash bedroom


Color brings lots of feng shui fortune to space, but if you are either color shy or color apprehensive in your space, a statement color can bring you the energy you want without painting all your walls and completely redecorating! Continue Reading…

panic attack cure

If you have ever had a panic attack or anxiety, you may want to practice this little tapping regimine and have it in your back pocket in case you need it.  To clarify a bit in case you need it, the Fourth & Fifth fingers are the ring finger and pinky finger.

For those of you just tuning in, I am obsesed with Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book full of miracle energy treatments (many you can try on yourself) at the moment, and this technique is an invaluable one for any of you who have ever had a panic attack.

Panic attacks are way different from pure anxiety.  Panic attacks hijack your system to a degree, and they seem to come on from outer space.

I grew up as a witness to sheer panic, almost every day. My mom was plagued with panic.  She would sometimes not leave the house for days, and as a teenager suffered from a phobia so deep that she didn’t leave the house for a year.

Even if the panic isn’t your panic, it can seep into your life.

I know that having been raised in a culture of phobia has made me acutely interested in every way to overcome that lingering panic feeling floating in the air.

Try re-training your energy patterns. That’s what these emotional patterns are- patterns of energy.

In your home, doing some space clearing by burning sage, cleaning your corners or lighting some beeswax candles can also support your energy re-patterning.

Be calm & feel more free. These simple techniques and many more in Energy Medicine can help you to un-do everything that is keeping you from being fully YOU!  xoxo Dana


lester monzon

Hustle And Flow. That’s what Lester Monzon creates in my eyes.

Ariana Huffington’s quote about hustle and flow says it all to me:

“Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen.”

Lester Monzon’s art is to me what all of life is- a structured grid of rules and rhythms that requires improvization and faith in the seemingly unstructured web of color, light, ideas and energy to bring it to life.

And this art… and its ideas of hustle & flows superimposed by me… are the visual inspiration of the day to make all of the dance of life really come to life! Continue Reading…

grounded trees

There’s a force of Nature that consumes me when I get deep into the forest.  Or, in this case, lounge under a momumentally-rooted, immense tree on the side of the road in Beverly Hills…

The fast feng shui of the day is all about creating new habits that move your life forward by getting close to this force of life that is inherent in all of us, and fuzzed-over by techology, worry and too many distrations! Continue Reading…