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mind over matter

What I find so fascinating is that anything is possible that we believe in possible.

My friend- a famous doula in town- told me that women in many countries have healthy babies way into their 50′s because no one has ever told them it was impossible.

Now: that’s a statistic.

There is a phenemonal stoy about this in the ancient Japanese text, The Gosho.  I certainly don;t want to bastardize the story so lets just say I am giving you the gist.  Please keep in mind I do not like hunting allegories, but hte story makes its point:

A soldier was out in the fields and spotted a tiger similar to the one who ate his mother.  Almost instinctively, he shot an arrow at the tiger.  The arrow penetrated thorougly into the mass- though it wasn’t actually a tiger, it was a bolder he mistook for a tiger.

Because he was certain that the stone was a tiger that he was determined to vanquish, the force of his will put the arrow right into the core of this rock.

Try as hard as he might, he could never get an arrow to go through another stone…After all, stones are solid and impossible to penetrate with an arrow.

Funny how the force of your will and the willingness you have to accept possibility can create absolutely magical consequences.

So, next time you say something is impossible, remember that you may be making it impossible all by yourself. You also can make it POSSIBLE.

xoxo Dana

door knobs anthro

This week, as I prepare to complete (!!!) my big move, it was all about simple transformation.

A whole beautiful mess of dreamy knobs greeted me at the Anthropologie store at the Grove in LA this week.  The geodes- perfect for an antique dresser in need of a lift. The sparkling- for a kitchen makeover.  On and on, I matched knobs with the furniture they would best harmonize with in my mind.  This can create a total space makeover!  We found so many magical makeover goodies as my friend Ariel and I explored the latest bounties in the store.

Glamorous door knobs are the first on my list of 5 simple things this week that really made a massive difference in transforming experiences!

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colorful interior


While we are nearly all a bit timid at times about going too big with color in any aspect of life, more can be much more in your home.  Using art and accessories in a handful of colors that capture your eye, you can take the standard space into the stratosphere! Continue Reading…

andy gilmore digital art

(andy gilmore rocks) 

Making dreams come true is what I am all about, and part of that creative process requires that you grab hold of your special talents and let them lead you.  While it seems very fluid and fabulous to say, often it is the actual “grabbing hold” process that is most slippery. And, it doesn’t need to be!

Imagine you are a giant computer.  In many ways we all are- giant magical computers. At least for the purposes of today, this analogy is going to be our guide.

If you want to give the very best of your talent to the world, you need lots of bandwidth in your mind and you also need to keep yourself “reset”, “updated” and ready to produce things seamlessly.

To maximize your talents- your gifts, your genius- there is a need to acknowledge the concepts of bandwidth and stramlined simplicity.

Let’s put it this way: try to open six brower screens on your computer right now, and ten programs you have on your desktop. Now do a search on every screen open at once.   Now: try running a program on an outdated browser.

I bet your computer slows down quite a bit!

Same goes for your mind and your life.

Your outdated ideas, your too-many-things-at-once, exhaustion, clutter… all stop the best ideas in their tracks.

Here are some ideas to help you create an optimal space to keep your talent flowing into the world! Continue Reading…


Yes you are!  There is so much to say about all of this because I know that much of the world wants you to believe that there are winners and losers. This isn’t true. When you carry this around with you- all the burdens of your failure to measure up to an imaginary standard- it’s like walking up a mountain dragging a boulder. Things become heavy, difficult, fear-filled…exhausting.  And, it is not necessary. It is self-created.  No matter who taught it to you, it’s you who is still holding onto that giant weight. And, you can let it go. I hope you do!  It’s scary to feel light and free sometimes, but its a great habit to cultivate!  xoxo Dana

parrot tulips


Springtime is the great awakening of Nature and all its fervent spirit. The collision of opposing forces – restlessness meeting optimism, fresh starts that come along with long-overdue endings- can create a particular kind of energy we call Spring Fever!  Today I am thrilled to share the wisdom of my teacher and mentor Dr. Gabriele Van Zon of Feng Shui Universal, as she gives us a roadmap to creating balance in this exciting time! Continue Reading…

creative kitchen

(Elle Decor South Africa) 

You can plan and plot and map and strategize the most awesome home interiors, but the real lusciousness of a memorable home shines through when you add your creative spin on your space!  These hyper-creative interiors can inspire you to be far more dreamy and daring! Continue Reading…

shane mc adams

(Shane McAdams makes this amazing art with ballpoint pens!)

I feel there is a silent enemy that has wandered into our lives, one we have accepted as “OK” even though we know it isn’t.

As I type this, my phone is beeping with texts coming in, my computer has alerted me to new emails and the dogs are trying their best to beg for food while I snack on some fruit. I stopped to talk to them, I checked my phone to see if there was an important message, and then my email because, well, I don’t want those emails piling up. And as I tried to type this… I got annoyed, started over three times and had a bit of a dive in my energy. I walked away, got a tea, and sat back down, alone, in silence.

In my current life of multiple plans, a one-woman show of business and creativity, and lots of personal endeavors, I have learned that only one single bad habit can wreck me now: multitasking.

I used to think that multitasking meant doing two “important” things at one time.

That’s not what it is!

Mulitasking may be your own silent bit of an energy vortex, too. It is stealth, disguised as doing things that are joy-producing (a motivational YouTube video in your ears as you go through your morning emails) while it taxes your mind.

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